Coral Fleece Pattern Entry way Door Mat

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100% Polyester,100% polyester
stone,flower,cut file
Hand Tufted
40*60cm, 50*80cm, 60*90cm, customized is available
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang China (Mainland)

Model Number:
blue, purple, grey, pink

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Packaging Detail: 40-60pcs in a poly bag, then in a woven bag
Delivery Detail:In 45 days after received deposit


Coral Fleece Sunflower Pattern Entry way door mat
1.Material:100% polyester
2.Weight:650gsm with backing

Coral Fleece Pattern Entry way door mat  

Coral Fleece Sunflower Pattern Entry way door mat

1)Model Number



100% Polyester


40*60cm,50*80cm,60*90cm and any other sizes as your required



5)Pile Height



sponge+pvc backing


blue, purple, grey, pink


Anti-slip, water absorbability,strong cleaning ability,washable, no shrink

no fade etc.


Bathroom, bedroom, parlor, toilet, decoration, movie house, outdoor etc.


500sqm/design, no matter the size

12)Payment Terms

T/T, L/C

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