Copper Wire Household Electric Wire

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1. pvc insulated copper cable
2.electrical wire
3.electro galvanized wire

"This product is suitable for AC rated voltage U0 / U is 450/750V and below,

where the electrical fire requires instrumentation, telecommunications equipment,

power equipment and lighting circuit fixed laying"

  • Rated voltage:0.6/1kv

  • Cross-sectional area: (1~5)*(1.5~800mm2),3*(1.5~500mm2) +1*(1~240mm2),3*(1.5~500mm2) +2*(1~240mm2),

  • 4*(1.5~500mm2) +1*(1~240mm2)

  • The highest rated working temperature: 90 °C, the highest conductor

  • short-circuit temperature: 250°C

  • Excellent electrical performance, resistance to chemical corrosion

  • They can stand advisable traction when laid

  • Left low smoke halogen-free after burned

  • Retard the burning of the cable

  • Short circuit and the fault will be avoided in a period when cable is burned directly

  • Used in construction, industrial,underground,mining,power station,railway

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Q:With a i3-2100 desktop computer about how much money. To have a separate graphics card. Give a configuration alone, no more than 4000
Yellow is the ground, the other two casually, mainly to see when you plug there is the line of fire, no effect.
Q:Why do some houses in the UK have orange Electrical Conduit Pipe over the power cable?
Insulation of the wire Animal protection A large bright flag to say to people that this is dangerous, which it is
Q:Xbox 360 console, do they all have the same power cables?
No. Older versions of the 360 have a much more powerful brick. The newer ones have a less powerful one and the cable that goes from the brick to the plug is different.
Q:Is it OK to daisy chain the power cable only from a Pioneer amp to a Bazooka powered sub?
Only if you dont value either of them.
Q:PSU Cable for Computer?
(link defaults to 1foot, but id recommend a 6foot cable at the minimum, as 1-3 feet can be very limiting.) If using more then 1000W of power, you will need a cable capiable of it. one above is rated at 10A, and given psu efficiency (rounding way down for very inefficient ones) you should be able to get like 900-1000W+ from it w/o any worry. (that doesnt mean using a 1000W psu.. im talking about pulling 1000W+ from the wall, and unless you have like 3 gtx titans running at 100% .)
Q:How to fix: Dell Inspiron screen brightness decreases when power cable disconnected?
This is standard on laptops. The display takes a lot of power so it is set to dim when there is no mains power. You can go to Control Panel, Power Options and change this. You will need to tell it that this isn't a laptop.
Q:can you hook up 2 power cables to one battery?
That's not massive power being took out of your battery. If you have one 4 gauge with a distributor block (splitter) running to more 4 gauge. It'll still only get the power of one 4 gauge. But if you wire two 4 gauges up to the battery then both wires are gonna get their power and suck out alot of power. Update to the Big 3 and be safe.
Q:Will a PS3 power on without the AV cable?
haha man i feel sorry for you. What you have is a YLOD case(yellow light of dead) it can be many things wrong with it but in your case its the cpu slowly loseing i am geussing he didnt tell you that it has YLOD u will have to watch many youtube vids to fix it or just go to a hardware man or a local computer specialtest he will do it for 20 bucks
Q:I connected my Seagate hard disk(80gb),and my system is not booting.?
If you disconnect the power cable to your hard disk in which your system disk is located, for sure, your system will not boot, it will boot only if you have inserted a bootable cd or other drives, the system will not also detect your hard disk., there will be no activity to your hardisk, because there is no power even the interface cable is connected. Reconnect only the power, when the system has shut down and power ac cable also disconnected.. If your hard disk is new, you need to have a bootable installation cd (such as windows xp), it will boot to the cd, then you can create partitions (if you want), to the new hard disk, then instllation process will continue, just follow if you are prompted..(note that new hardisk normally not formatted and it will not boot or run without installing operating system program on it)
Q:Running power cable through the wall from behind my LCD?
That is against fire code, and could void your home-owner's insurance. An electrician can move your outlet for you for about $70.

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