Copper Nickel Alloy (CuNi1~CuNi44) A quality

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Product Description:

Copper-nickel alloy wire resistance is low, is widely used in low-voltage electrical appliances, electrical machines, wound resistors, instrumentation and other fields

Wire: Dia 0.04mm-8.0mm

Ribbon/strip: Thickness: 0.04mm-0.75mm

Width: 0.08mm-6.0mm

1) Features:

Our products have the following features: Stable performance, high resistivity, high working temperature, allowable high surface load, small specific gravity and reasonable price.

We can also supply other products by processing on your order: Stranded wire, twisted wire, coiled wire, wave-shaped wires and different kinds of standard or non-standard electrical heating elements.

2) Product Specifications:

Ferro-Chrome Alloys (Ferritic Alloys):
OCr21AL4, OCr21AL6, OCr25AL5, OCr23AL5, 1Cr13AL4, OCr21AL6Nb, OCr27AL7Mo2.
Nickel-Chrome Alloys (Ni-Cu Alloys): Cr20Ni80, Cr15Ni60, Cr30Ni70, Cr20Ni30
Constantan Alloys (Cu-Ni Alloys): CuNi1, CuNi2, CuNi6, CuNi8, CuNi10, CuNi14, CuNi19, CuNi23, CuNi30, CuNi44, Manganin.

3) Competitive price:
Lower costs on labor, lower cost on raw material, high facility availability, short producing cycle, low manufacturing cost, strong adaptive capacity to producing variation

Properties/ MaterialResistivityMax.working temperatureTensile strengthMelting pointDensityTCREMF vs Cu
( 20 0 C  μΩ.m)( 0 C )( Mpa )( 0 C )( g/cm 3 )x10 -6 / 0 C(μV/ 0 C)

(20~600 0 C)(0~100 0 C)
NC0030.0320021010858.9<100< td="">-8
NC0050.0520022010908.9<120< td="">-12
NC0100.122025010958.9<60< td="">-18
NC0120.1225027010978.9<57< td="">-22
NC0150.1525029011008.9<50< td="">-25
NC0200.230031011158.9<30< td="">-28
NC0250.2530034011358.9<25< td="">-32
NC0300.330035011508.9<16< td="">-34
NC0350.3535040011708.9<10< td="">-37
NC0500.540042012008.9<-6< td="">-43

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There is no national standards, but the general works of the Party and the supervision unit for the aesthetic requirements of the fire with the mud to block the construction caused by the construction of empty. The material is mainly used for wire, cable hole blockage to prevent the wire, the cable fire and spread from the hole to the adjacent room to reduce the loss of fire. To avoid the expansion of the accident with smoke, fire, dust and other functions. Therefore, the block material is widely used in power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, shipbuilding power, telecommunications, substations, metallurgy and other systems in the vertical level of the wire, cable through the hole block.

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