Copper Core XLPEInsulation LSOH Sheath Flexible Photovoltaic Cable

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Product Description:


It is used for the connection of solar energy’s photovoltaic modules.




Size:1 Core: 1.5~35 mm2

Executive Standard: Q/XL J0206-2014


①The long term permissible operating temperature of cable conductor is 90℃. The Max. operating temperature of conductor is 120℃. The short circuit temperature of PV1-F is 200℃ in 5 seconds. The short circuit temperature of PV1500DC-F is 250℃ in 5 seconds.

②The minimum cable bending radius is 6 times of overall diameter.

③Ambient temperature is -40℃~90℃.


1.Conductor2. Wrapping Tape 3.Insulation 4.Outer sheath



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Q:what causes cable fire?
A very high power surgeon could cause it. Very high current transfer of a short circuit could cause burning of the cable. Power cables have materials which have very high resistance (rubber materials mostly) but could burn in a not very high temperature.
Q:What is the name of this computer psu power adapter cable from psu to 9600 graphics card....?
PCI express 4 pin to 6 pin power adapter it takes the 2 4 pin molex connectors that connect to a fan or a CD rom or hard drive/ect into 1 pci express 6 pin adapter. People use them if they don't have the 6 pin pci express on their power supply they use the adapter to connect extra 4 pin molexes to use for their video card/devices
Q:Hard Drive power cables?
Q:Hi I hope there is help out there... I have a power cable for a dishwasher from Best Buy not colorcoded.?
The neutral or grounded conductor will be the one with the stripe or ridge on it. This will connect to the white wire or neutral connection on the dishwasher. You can follow it down and see that it will be the wider of the two power prongs. Green or bare will be for equipment grounding and will connect to the frame of the dishwasher. Usually this is a green screw.
Q:Which guitar amp cable do I use?
A power cable is a power cable. The end.
Q:Video Card Power Cable Help?!?
You should really connect both, that way its getting the power it needs...though I ran a card on just one for a while and it was fine.
Q:Can a USB to XLR cable power act as a power source for a phantom mic?
But there are many more interfaces and you should pick the one that best suites your needs. Personally I use the M-Audio FireWire 410 which has a lot of other connectors besides 2x XLR like SPDIF and MIDI. cheers.
Q:Question about threading a coaxial cable through brick?
If this is for TV cable the cable company will do this for you. The main question is where are the electric wires in the wall. You don't want to get through the brick and find wires. So if you are bound and determined to do this yourself I would start from the inside. Cut out a square of the drywall, keep it to replace later, move the insulation with gloves and see if you can see the brick. That's when you use a concrete drill bit to drill thru the brick. Feed wire thru all and figure out where the hole should be in the drywall you saved,and make one (feeding the wire thru the drywall square.) Then once you have what you want all done, get some drywall mud, small container and use a spatula to fill all edges-let dry. Then redo as needed. When the seams are filled, get a wet rag and sand it down in circles til it's smooth to the touch, repaint and you are done, (they do have receptacles to put that wire thru if its in a space that will be seen.) But I'd call your cable company.
Q:Why does the power cable for the amp need to be ran away from the RCA cables?
the power noise will bleed through the lines.......which means u would have interference noise in ur system.....and even alternator noise(were buzzing/ringing high pitch whine increases with engine speed) sometimes.......
Q:Can I mix different power cables / transformers for different electronics? The plug does fit in.?
yes and no, you need to know what the device wants, you need to know whether its taking ac or dc power, polarity, and amps. amps is more for laptops, other appliances are usually dumber, and will ignore that. On a standard plug, the round one on the opposite end of the wall end, you need to know the polarity, some where on the adapter you should see a symbol like this +C- (now, that's the best I can do with ASCII characters) or backwards, -C+, this tells you whether positive currents(+) and negative currents (-) are on the inside or outside of the plug. you need to match that symbol with the one on your device. Next: on the adapter, it should say somewhere input: 120 V AC output: 12v DC the numbers will probably be different, but the input and output need to match. if your working with laptop adapters, if you didn't buy the adapter specifically for the computer, double check amps too, if your charging like, an mp3 player that uses the trapezoid usb plug off a Motorola Razor wall charger with the same plug, I don't know, I've tried, didn't work well, kind of worked I guess, I wouldn't recommend it.

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