Copper Core XLPEInsulation LSOH Sheath Flexible Photovoltaic Cable

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It is used for the connection of solar energy’s photovoltaic modules.




Size:1 Core: 1.5~35 mm2

Executive Standard: Q/XL J0206-2014


①The long term permissible operating temperature of cable conductor is 90℃. The Max. operating temperature of conductor is 120℃. The short circuit temperature of PV1-F is 200℃ in 5 seconds. The short circuit temperature of PV1500DC-F is 250℃ in 5 seconds.

②The minimum cable bending radius is 6 times of overall diameter.

③Ambient temperature is -40℃~90℃.


1.Conductor2. Wrapping Tape 3.Insulation 4.Outer sheath



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