Copper Core PVC Insulated Building Wire

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Type: Low Voltage

Application: Construction

Conductor Material: Copper

Jacket: PVC

Standard: GB/T2171-1999

Reference standard: ISO9001

Color: Black or as your request

2. Product Characteristic:

Hydrophobic edge can withstand high pressure without breakdown, effectively avoid leakage, electric shock hazard. Corrosion resistant, anti pest PVC pipe has a general acid and alkali resistance, at the same time, due to the PVC tube containing no plasticizer, so no pest damage. Tension and pressure can withstand strong pressure, suitable for the installation or dark in the concrete, not afraid of compression rupture. Construction simple A:PVC pipe light weight, easy to transport and manual handling, construction and installation of light and energy saving.




Laying place and requirement


Crated voltage

Nominal Section (mm2


Copper conductor PVC insulated wires


Aluminum conductor PVC insulated wires

Fixed laid indoors

Conduit etc.









227IEC05 (BV)









Heat resistant copper conductor PVC insulated wire at 90 0C

Mainly be laid at the places of high temperature environment and can be laid indoors, conduits.




4. Reference Picture


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Q:Attic Insulation and electrical wires?
Heat is the enemy of the insulation on electrical wires. When you put insulation over the wires, you cause the wires to get warmer, this increases the resistance of the wires which then causes line loss or also known as voltage drop. Cut the insulation or put it under the wires, then tape any cuts with the wire exposed. This is the proper way to do it. Most insulators, just roll it over the wires, but it will change the amp rating of the wires. This may or may not be a problem.
Q:Why would an electrical receptacle be wired in this fashion?
That is wired properly. All your black goes to brass and all white goes to silver. Brass will always be on one side and silver will always be on the other. This was obviously wired this way before there were problems. It's fine. **REVISED** I would ask the guy who said the whites need to be pig tailed to give a code reference. There isn't one. Funny that the plugs manufacturer would even supply a second screw. LOL.
Q:10KV power cable can be with 380v low-voltage power cable co-laying which specifications which terms
1. Cable to the household, a sub-16 and so on 2 is the integration of light, the circuit can be equipped with 3 cable terminal, the pigtail, then the equipment 4 light wiring, generally used in fiber to the floor, Households
Q:Does using high voltage in electrical lines save wire vs low voltage?
first. electric sistems may be considered as piping sistems, here the pipe will be the wire, the current is the flow and the voltage is the presure. to determine the size of wire to be used you have to know what is your voltage drop is gonna be, voltage will not be the same in all the circuit. second you have to know how many amperes (current) you are gona make flow thru the wire. i'll make you an example, an engine sparkplug works at 10,000volts, bout only a few amperes (about 0.005) and you need a small wire, the kitchen toaster works at 125 v but about 15 amps., instead of that a industrial blower that works at 4160v and consumes 95 amps uses a 2/0 wire (this is 00 and is a 1 inch diameter wire) wire size is function of the current, what is function of voltage is the wire insulation, since voltage is to pressure as wire is to pipe, wire insulation would be the same as pipe thickness, greater insulation would be equivalent to a thicker pipe. so to bigger voltages, bigger insulation to bigger currents, bigger wire
Q:What is the difference between wires and cables? Please provide a brief introduction
Copper and aluminum single-core wire 50 into the point of the cable 10 or less As for the accessories that should be just as large as the cable will not enter the high cost as long as the good manufacturers like, who want goods, immediately called the manufacturers made. The first two days to go, choose to do business you see who has so much cable at home, ah, are manufacturers direct delivery
Q:What does the cable factory need for technical change?
Yellow, green, red three colors, or called A, B, C three, or U, V, W phase, is the corresponding, three-phase voltage are 220V, line voltage of 380V, if the load is not balanced , Easy to burn the line. Hope to help you busy, man is a hydropower engineer, what questions, though looking for me.
Q:In a house with no basement and an access-only attic, is the electrical wiring usually under the insulation?
1) Nail wood together to frame the house 2) Install heating and plumbing systems 3) Install wiring systems 4) Install insulation 5) Put up the wallboard The wiring is stapled to the sides of the wood. The insulation covers it. A junction box is an electrical box just used for splices no outlet or switch. A house usually starts off with zero junction boxes. If there are junction boxes in your attic, they are likely nailed to wooden members at least a foot above the insulation. That's so the next electrician can find them. The same is true for any crawl space you might have.
Q:1 square wire can load how much power
You remember, a square of the copper core line can not allow more than 8A of the current through it, under normal circumstances, we take 5 to 6 years of current to count, remember too much, and trouble, only Disrupting our memory. This value is applicable in low voltage
Q:Cable model ZB and ZR What is the difference
Fire intensity is not high, can not be arranged high current cable
Q:Why some cable tray to spray, what is the role?
The state does not specify that small plastic lines are generally 100 meters in packaging. The other looks at the size of the disk and the customer's own needs.

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