Copper core copper sheathed mineral insulated cable

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Mineral insulated cables referred to as MI cable, wiring when in use, the domestic habits called Magnesium Oxide cable or cable fire. It is composed of mineral material of magnesium oxide copper conductors of the cable insulation, mineral insulated cables with copper conductor, Magnesium Oxide copper sheathed, two kinds of inorganic material.

Mineral insulated cable in foreign developed earlier, as early as the late nineteenth Century a Swiss engineer Arnold Francois Borel proposed the idea of mineral insulated cable, and obtained a patent in 1896, after 1934-1936 years of France, Britain have been the rapid development of production, the major industrial countries, plus, Macao, beautiful, Su, day one after another the development of production, China is in on century sixty's development and production, at the end of twentieth Century began mass production, in twenty-first Century into the national code for design of fire use and a large number of at home.


Operating Characteristics:


1, to ensure the safety of the person, property location. Such as: Bank, theatre, museum, airport, subway, high-rise buildings and other important facilities.
2, risk and fire, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion and other places. Such as: LPG station, gas station, ships and the marine petroleum platform, large warehouses, substation and all the necessary fire and explosion safety.
3, all high places. Such as: metallurgy, chemical industry, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, mining, nuclear power plant etc..
4, important facilities and permanent building etc..





Rated voltage


nominal cross(mm2)


Light copper sheathed mineral insulated cables with copper core





Light copper core PVC jacket copper sheathed mineral insulated cable


Heavy copper sheathed mineral insulated cables with copper core





Heavy copper core PVC jacket copper sheathed mineral insulated cable

 Note: model, name and scope of use (omitted)





Copper core copper sheathed mineral insulated cable


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Q:my mobo only has a few IDE cables.. ive got 2 hdd one sound card 2 dvd roms that need these.. i have to unplug
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Q:What power connector adapter cable is needed for a NVidia GTS 150 video card?
Power connector cable? Usually, you don't need an adapter cable: you just plug the video card into one of the PCI expansion card slots available on the motherboard, then you plug the monitor's cable to connect the monitor to the computer via the serial port on the video card. Knowing what computer you have doesn't really help: You have to tell us the motherboard's brand model to see if this particular video card is compatible for your computer's motherboard.
Q:can i use a 13A 125V or 15A 125V power extension cable with a 10A 125W one?
The 10 amp and 13 amp ratings are just the maximum amount of current those cables are made for. Your TV will only use 2 or 3 amps, so both cables are fine.
Q:What is the difference between data cables and power cables?
The person meant the look of the two cords.
Q:i have replaced the power box in my dell dimension 4800 and the amber power light its still flashing?
Motherboard possibly. Google it. I just did and found that as one possibility.
Q:LCD TV/Cable Power Issue?
Something is seriously wrong, and you may need to get an electrician on the problem. You need to check the voltage between your set and the cable with a meter. There should be little or no measurable voltage. If you are getting a reading like 115 volts, then I suspect that the wall outlet into which your TV is plugged has been wired backwards, i.e. the black wire is on the white terminal, and vice-versa. The cable is (or should be) grounded where it comes into the house, but if the outlet has the hot wire on the wrong side, this might cause the problem you described. The wrong connection could have occurred anywhere along the line between your main panel and the outlet, so this may involve checking the connections at several outlets and light fixtures - whatever is on the same circuit as your TV's outlet.
Q:How do you run a power cable for an amplifier from the battery to boot in a Honda Accord '56 reg.?
Probably not easy but if ya find the hole in the firewall underneath ya dash somewhere than just poke it through there and run it underneath ya carpet. After that u'll just be able to find ya way into the boot with no problem. I like running the power cable down the centre of the car but that can sometimes be more of a hassle than its worth, so along the side of ur seat is cool.
Q:I lost the power cable to my monitor.?
Hp Monitor Power Cord
Q:Computer Monitor power cable?
they' make the ends specific for each type it can be used on. so if it fits. yes . best to look up the monitor online and see what it is so you know for sure what you have will work.
Q:Do ferrite beads on audio leads and power cables do anything meaning full?
Generally they are fitted to fix a narrow bandwidth issue, so you would need to know what interference issue you are trying to fix. In most coaxial application this is for the roll off between shielding types.

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