Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated Steel Wire Armored Electric Cable

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Product Description:

Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated Steel Wire Armored Electric Cable


Brief Description:

0.6/1kV PVC cables (plastic power cable) is one of high quality products of our company. The product not only has good electric capability, but also has good chemical stabilization, simple structure, easy to use, and the laying of cable do not be limited by the fall. 



It is widely used at the transformer circuit which rated voltage is 6000V or under. 

The product is produced against IEC60502 and IEC60331, . And the product can be produced against the standard of BS, DIN, and the standard required by the clients. 

1. The long-term permissible operation temperature of the conductor shall not be higher than 70°C. 
2. The max temperature of the conductor of cable should less then 160 °C when short circuit. (less then 5 second).
3. The cable is not limited by drop in level when being laid, and the environment temperature shall not be lower than 0°C. 
4. Perfect chemical stability, resistant against acids, alkalis, grease and organic solvents, and flame resistant

5. Light weight, perfect bending properties, installed and maintained easily and conveniently. 
6. Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV, 3.6/6kV. 
7. Number of cores: One, two, three, four, five.

8.Cable laying, bend radius≥10 times cable O. D. 



Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated Steel Wire Armored Electric Cable


Package:In coils, wooden drums, steel drums or steel-wooden drums.


We could producing according to the customers' requirements.Welcome your request for any quotations!


 Data Information





PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable

Can be laid at indoor, tunnel and tube. 

Cable cannot under take mechanism outside force



PVC insulated and PE sheathed power cable

Can be laid at indoor, tunnel tube and serious polluted places. 

Cable cannot  undertake mechanism outside force



PVC insulated steel belt armored and PVC sheathed power cable

Can be laid at indoor, tunnel tube and mining well. 

Cable cannot undertake mechanism outside force



PVC insulated steel belt armored and PE sheathed power cable

Can be laid at indoor, tunnel tube mining well and serious polluted places. 

Cable cannot  undertake mechanism outside force



PVC insulated fine steel wire armored PVC sheathed power cable

Can be laid at indoor, underground and mining well. 

Cable can  undertake mechanism outside force



PVC insulated fine steel wire armored PE sheathed power cable

Can be laid at indoor, underground .

Cable can under take mechanism outside force



PVC insulated thick steel wire armored PVC sheathed power cable

Can be laid at indoor, underground,mining well. 

Cable can under take mechanism outside force



PVC insulated fine steel wire armored PE sheathed power cable

Can be laid at indoor, underground,mining well 

and the places of be terrible polluted. 

Cable can under take mechanism outside force


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Q:The living room to the bedroom cable does not work
Submarine cables and ordinary power cables are used for power transmission, the general power cable in general steel armored after squeezing the outer jacket can be, the submarine cable in the outer jacket outside the cover and mixed with asphalt Steel armor layer to increase the mechanical strength and corrosion resistance when laying. Electrical technical parameters and the same as the ordinary power cable, the main consideration to provide cable laying when the submarine channel conditions and the sea environment. Another large length of the submarine power cable also consider the cable intermediate connector technology is reliable (in case of accidental damage or body failure). The difference between the submarine cable and the cable are said, if the need for submarine cable, in addition to the basic provision of electrical performance and other parameters need to provide laying environmental factors such as buried depth, sea water temperature, sea soil thermal resistance coefficient The
Q:my DL burner ide cable and power cable doesnt match the cables in my new dell computer?
EIDE (Enhanced IDE) is no longer a standard on most computers which uses SATA. In turn, they also use different power connections. The channel cable is dependent on the mother board, but the power supply is dependent on the power box. If there is an IDE channel, but no power cable, you have only two options. 1. Buy a new SATA based drive. 2. But a new power supply. Buying a new power supply to replace the one you have is definitely a void of warranty. You are much better off with a new drive.
Q:Lost power Cable for scanner: HP Scanjet 3400C. Replace with?
The power cable and adapter will probably be unique to the scanner. You'll have to order the right one from HP, or through a computer store. The USB cable should be standard. Most printers and scanners use a USB cable with a Type A connector (flat) on one end, and a Type B connector (squared-off) on the other end. They're easy to find at Staples, as well as at computer stores.
Q:ive jst found that my laptop has stopped working if i take out the power cable from the back,it jst turns off?
I would look into a replacement battery. If the problem continues, then the laptop might not be charging the battery properly. This can be because of the power cord, the connection between the battery and the dock, or even just a short somewhere in the circuitry. If that happens I would recommend getting it serviced or replaced.
Q:What is the name of this computer psu power adapter cable from psu to 9600 graphics card....?
PCI express 4 pin to 6 pin power adapter it takes the 2 4 pin molex connectors that connect to a fan or a CD rom or hard drive/ect into 1 pci express 6 pin adapter. People use them if they don't have the 6 pin pci express on their power supply they use the adapter to connect extra 4 pin molexes to use for their video card/devices
Q:Is the power cable considered a fixed asset?
Is fixed assets fixed assets - machinery and equipment - conductive equipment
Q:What is a PVC Power Cable and what is its application?
Electrical PVC wiring in general refers to insulated conductors used to carry electricity, and associated devices. PVC Power cables may be installed as permanent wiring within buildings, buried in the ground, run overhead, or exposed. PVC Power Cables are used for high-voltage (more than 35,000 volts). Thanks,
Q:6 pin PCIe power cable help?
Q:whats better, a external hard drive with a power cable or not?
As Both ESATA and USB 2.0. The bomb. My enclosures are all pretty generic. Good luck.
Q:My power supply cables won't disconnect from the hard drive, cd drive, ect? HELP!?
Yes sometimes you gotta pull or gently wiggle these power cords off. I have trouble with some systems and i dont know what it is but I will gently take a pair of pliers and pull it off if i can't wiggle them out. Be careful not to squeeze, i just use it for grip because i have fat fingers....Good luck.

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