Copper Clad Steel Wire in Different Sizes

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Product Description:

1. Product Introduction

Copper clad steel wire is a newly compound materials taking high quality steel with low carbon as basis core and processed with copper craftworks. Combined with high conductivity, good brazability, anti-corrosion and fine high frequency capacity of pure copper and high intensity and flexibility of steel wire. Copper clad steel wire resistibility equals with that of pure copper wire, but its tensile strength is two times than that of pure copper, In the communicational cable, with good mechnamic strength, light weight, and never distortion.


2. Product Characteristic

Copper clad steel wire can suffer blizzards and hails, and can work in the wide span, salt spray and easy corrosion environment. Copper clad steel wire improves the transmitting quality, and reduces the costs in avoid of distraction and distortion while transmitting information.Execution Standard: ASTM B 869-96(copper clad steel wire for CATV incoming line), ASTM B 452-93(copper-clad steel wire for electronic products).


3. Product Specification

15% Conductivity CCS.

The diameter(mm)

The thickness of copper (mm)


Standard aiameter

Allowance error

Standard thickness

Allowance error






























































Tensile strength(H) 827MPa(A) 380MPa

Elongation rate (H) 1.5%8%

4. Reference Picture


Copper Clad Steel Wire in Different Sizes

Copper Clad Steel Wire in Different Sizes

Copper Clad Steel Wire in Different Sizes


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Q:Hidden Electrical Wires?
If the house is newer construction, it should have nail guards over the wire to prevent you from nailing into the wires. But that's should have guards. There are devices that you can use to sniff out wires inside the wall. Prices vary. Depending on how long the nails/ staples are that you are using, you should be ok just putting them in where ever, most of the wiring is pulled through the center of the studs, that gives you a nearly an inch on either side of where the wire is pulled through, if its in a 2X4 wall.
Q:outdoor wiring?
you will want to run the wiring in pvc conduit or regular conduit if the wiring is going to be exposed. it all your going to run is the outdoor light you could use 14awg wire.
Q:Directions of Current in Two Wires?
Current carrying wire does not have extra charge but only flow So there is no electrostatic force between them. The magnetic force is present only when current flows through both wires. If it flows in the same direction then they attract. So if the lower wire is fixed and you wish to suspend the above it must repel it to overcome the gravitational force due to earth acting on it. Hence the wires must carry currents in opposite direction.
Q:Circuit breakers with the live wire?
The neutral wire is never connected to to a circuit breaker or fuse. It measures the current passing through the hot wire and opens if the current gets to high. Although the same amount of current passes through the neutral wire, an open breaker or fuse in that wire would let the load be connected to the hot wire but not to ground so you could bet shocked from it.
Q:Wiring the switch to my 2 speed attic fan.?
Wire nut all the white neutral wires together. Wire all the bare ground conductors together. The the hot wire will attach to the terminal labeled common and one each of the other 2 black wires will attach to the high and low terminals. If it runs high while low is selected etc, the swap the last 2 and try again. PS any time there are multiple conductors in an overall covering it is called a cable. You have for example 1 black cable and 2 white cables.
Q:What role does the neutral wire play?
It provides the return current path. Without it positive current would have no where to flow once it enters a device. Here's why: Think about you sink... you need a pipe to bring the water in, this is the hot wire. Without a drain the water has no where to go to, this is the neutral wire. Without a drain there is no net flow of water.
Q:what happen if i use two different Electric wires?
No, the wire colors wouldn't matter if they were wired correctly. First, if you see a yellow wire, that is not a conventional wiring setup. You need to find a black wire (hot) that is switched, and a white wire (neutral) that is at ground potential. There should also be a green or bare copper ground wire. On the fixture, black goes to black, white to white, and the ground wire to the metal fixture if there's a ground connection, or if the fixture screws to a metal box, the ground can be connected to the box instead.
Q:what gauge wiring should i use?
4 guage amp kit This one is the best SoundQuest SQK0 1/0 Gauge Copper-Clad Aluminum Wiring Kit Technical Details * 1/0 Gauge Power and Grounding Wires * Remote Wire, Speaker wire, and RCA Signal Wires * Fuse Block and Fuse * Various crimp style connectors
Q:Is Mechanics wire different than Solder wire?
Solder wire has a lower melting point, allowing you to melt it onto something else. In it's wire form, it will also snap very easily. (not good for fastening things together). Mechanical wire (I'm assuming electrical wire), is designed to withstand high temperatures (and hence, electrical currents), and are usually be bent much more. It's also usually sheilded in rubber (e.g. electrical cords, computer cables, coxial (tv) cable, etc).
Q:physics - wired and wireless communications?
wired is connected by ethernet cables and is harder to hack into, while wireless is over the air and easier to hack, so the main difference is security and encryption. Wireless users have to share the bandwidth, wire have set bandwidth. BUT (big but) wireless is portable while wired is not. Now all this is computer communications.

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