Copper Clad Steel Wire & CCS Wire China Product

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Copper Clad Steel Wire & CCS Wire China Product



1.With the excellent elongation:8%--15%
2.Copper content: 10% & 15%



CCA Wire Characteristics Comparison


CCA Wire

Copper Wire

Aluminum Wire

Copper volume




Density (g/cm3)




Length comparison with copper







DC resistivity




Tensile strength










very good







very good  

very good


   1) Standard carried out: SJ/T 11223-2000, ASTM B 566-93, copper clad
aluminum wire
   2) The wire is divided into two mechanical statuses: Annealed (A) and
Hard drawn (H), and two kinds of copper percentage in volume:
10% and 15%

(3)CCA applications:
   1) Inner conductor of CATV coaxial cable
   2) Inner conductor of 75ohms RF cable
   3) Inner conductor of leak cable
   4) Conductor of computer cable, LAN cable and others data cables
   5) Inner conductor of micro coaxial cable
   6) Strand wire
   7) Conductor of control cable
   8) Conductor of automotive cable
   9) Building distribution wire
   10) Busbar
   11) Fusing
   12) Radio frequency shielding




Copper Clad Steel Wire & CCS Wire China Product


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