Copper Clad Aluminum Magnesium alloy wire

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Copper Clad Aluminum Magnesium alloy wire


Copper Clad Aluminum and Magnesium alloy wire is an electrical conductor which has an outer sleeve of copper metallurgically bonded to a solid aluminum alloy core. The combination of these two metals make it uniquely suited to many electrical applications

The mechanical property of CCAM fine wire can meet the requirement of producing stranded wire, braided wire(on high speed braiding machine).We can produce CCAM wire based on customer’s requirement.

Manufacture Scope:



Inner conductor of Lan cable

Shielding layer of coaxial cable

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Copper Percent in Volume(%)








Length Comparison based on same Diameter and same weight








Tensile strength(Mpa)








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Q:How to wire these speakers?
Q:Lime wire???????????
If your looking for a basic file sharing program Lime wire is a good choice. But be careful! Make sure you have a descent anti-virus program. Also some things that come up when you search for something are not what the title say they are. I found one item that is 1,050 kilobytes that has many different names on it, last I counted it had 23 different names and it is a pain to get rid of and stop. You'll find it under media just to let you know. Hope this helps.
Q:Wiring parallel parallel subwoofers?
First off, your 4 awg wire will work for powering your amp but its right on the edge, I would go with 1/0 if your amp terminals will accept that gauge. Second, you don't have to make all those connections with one speaker wire, that diagram is simply showing you the current path. If you want a really simple way to do this, cut three strips of speaker wire and strip the ends about 3/8 of an inch. stick one end of each positive wire into one of the positive terminals on any voice coil. now run one wire to the + amp terminal, one wire to the other + voice coil on the same sub, and one wire to either of the + voice coil terminals on the other sub. now strip a fourth wire and connect the two + terminals on the second sub. repeat the same procedure for the - terminals. I reccomend using 14 or 16 gauge speaker wire for this. Good luck
Q:Two wires from switch and two wires from the wall. Want to mount wall light. How?
The wire coming down from the wall is probably the power line. The wire going to the switch is meant to switch the hot lead lead only. Check the wires on the switch. There is probably a black and white on the switch. You will want to hook the white wire coming from above to the white wire on the light. Hook the black wire coming from above to the black wire going to the switch. Hook the white wire coming from the switch to the black wire on the light. While you are at it take black electrical tape and tape both ends of the white wire that runs to the switch. This will indicate that it is a hot lead.
Q:Subwoofer wiring help?
Ok, first thing you want to do is, for each subwoofer, wire a negative and positive together. You can use regular speaker wire to do that (well you're supposed to anyway). After that, you will have a negative and positive terminal left on each subwoofer. What you need to do is run a speaker wire from each of the terminals, so you have 6 different wires from 6 separate terminals. Make note of the 3 positive wires and the 3 negative wires. Now what you do is simply twist together the 3 positive wires together, so you have 1 positive wire. Connect that positive wire to the positive terminal of the amp (if it's a 1 channel amp. If it's a 2 channel, connect it to a bridged channel on the positive terminal. Or however you want.) Do the same for the 3 negative wires. Twist them together to have 1 negative wire, and connect it to the negative terminal on the amp. Finished! That kind of wiring is called Series wiring, by the way. The other kind is called Parallel wiring.
Q:how much does 110 wire cost?
there is several kinds of 110 wire, and the price will vary according to the type and the day you buy it I would have to know what you were going to use it for to determine the approximate cost and the proper type. you could use 40 cents a foot as a guesstimate.
Q:2007 Outlander Navigation brake wire?
Are's outlander section for a posts on how to disable.
Q:A 2.2 resistor is to be made of nichrome wire. If the available wire is 1/32in. in diameter.Then...?
R = p*L/A Solve for L, length of wire. L = R*A/p p - resistivity of nichrome A - pi*(1/64)^2 R - 2.2 ohm
Q:2004 Chevrolet Impala rear speaker wire?
your positive is always going to be the lighter color or the one with the stripe running down it
Q:Wiring my sub to ampli. help!?
Well a capacitor is always desired for me...even if not to help the also helps your alternator/battery. Most class D amps can handle 2 ohm mono...actually most of them can handle 1 ohm for wiring. It depends on how many amps your amplifier's fuses are. If your amp is drawing more than 50 amps I'd say 6G or thicker. less than 50amps then 8G is plenty. The wattage the amp says it puts out is misleading...the fuses on the side of the amp tell the whole story. 12g speaker wire should take care of you as well. If the amp were on the larger side (requiring 6G wire or thicker) then 8G speaker wire would be a good idea.

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