Cooling Element/ Heat Sink/ Elemento de enfriador

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Heat sink is a kind of to electrical appliances used hot electron component cooling                                                                                            

devices, much by aluminum alloy, brass or bronze plate, sheet, flake, etc.                                                                                                          

ItemKey Process Name
Principel Discription
1Computing Experience FormulaAccurate calculation, suitable for China's production of turbine and generator coolingVia detecting multiple professional test demonstration and practical operation of the power plant for more than ten years, prove the formula is scientific and the accuracy of the calculated data.
2Fin typeDouble flanging corrugated typecan make the air have strong turbulence effect, achieve high turbulence and high heat transfer efficiency.A single fin stiffness on the whole.By the power plant for more than ten years of actual use, fin is not easy to dust, the wind resistance is small.
3The thickness of the finThick 0.2 mm by the power plant for more than ten years of actual use, the film thickness conduction effect is good, long service life and good stiffness.
4Cooling pipe16 * 1 mm diametercompared with small diameter of copper tube, pipe is not easy to fouling and plugging, and good wear resistance, suitable for domestic water quality and environment.
5Shock, protecting tube o-ringsIntermediate cooler is equipped with shockproof diaphragm and type O rubber ringcooling tube effectively tighten with type O rubber ring, make it has good anti-vibration performance, do not hurt the cooling pipe wall.
6Anti tankChengGuan eccentric hole with special cutting tools can increase processing into a circular groove ChengGuan plate with copper pipe connection and sealing.By the power plant for more than ten years of actual use, can effectively prevent leakage.
7Tube expanding technologyCooler with the disposable pipeexpanding technology copper pipe and fin using porous disposable tube expanding the whole cooler, with good integrity, uniform expansion force, between the brass copper pipe and fin closely to achieve the best cooling effect can be made.


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Q:What exactly is a procurement engineer?
You will probably be responsible for specifying electrical equipment required for purchase for various projects, for recommending various vendors to obtain bids from, for putting request for equipment bid packages together, and then for making recommendations for which vendor(s) to buy from. Seems like you should have asked your employer what your duties would be.
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NASA aren't predicting any 'once in a generation solar storm'. They are merely saying that warning and protection systems should be in place - a perfectly reasonable precaution. In fact NASA are predicting the next maximum of solar activity in 2013 to be less intense than the last in 2001: Solar activity can produce induced currents in transmission lines, very occasionally leading to problems in electricity supply and distribution, so the worst that might happen is a power cut. The Sun does not directly affect your computer or any other electrical equipment. You certainly don't need any lead casing. Having said that, backing up your computer files is never a bad idea. No medium is completely immune to damage, whether heat, damp, power surges or physical damage so maybe you should put your more important files on both DVD and an external drive.
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Q:Are surge protectors really necessary?
Most electronics or electrical devices in the average home only have fuses or circuit breakers as safeguards. They are meant to protect your electrical wiring or prevent fires, not protect the equipment. An electrical surge or spike (they are different things) won't necessarily trip a fuse or circuit breaker, and even if it does, the damage to your equipment may all ready have happened. A surge protector is designed to handle and dissipate this type of event and protect the equipment.
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do not be lazyread a little about electronic troubleshooting like . tracing voltage .tracing currenttracing waveform with oscilloscope. then start repairing electronic boardssurely you will earn more money
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You should never work on a circuit that's live or has electricity in it. Always make sure the circuit breaker is shut off and is labeled as being worked on so somebody else doesn't turn it on. Other than that, do the work according to the electrical code in your area.
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