Cooler Motor/ Motor de Enfriador/ Generador de Enfriaador

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Motor general can make the mechanical energy into electrical energy, 

electrical energy into mechanical energy of all the machines.Especially 

the generator, power machine, motor.Refers to according to the law 

of electromagnetic induction to achieve energy conversion or transfer 

of an electromagnetic device.Motor is also called (commonly known as 

the motor), in the circuit with the letter "M" (the old standard with a "D").

Its main function is to produce drive torque, as with all electrical appliances or mechanical power.

Refers to according to the law of electromagnetic induction motor to 

realize electrical energy conversion or transfer of an electromagnetic device, 

or convert one form of energy into another form of energy.Motor converts 

electrical energy into mechanical energy (commonly known as the motor), 

the generator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy.Motor in a 

circuit with the letter "M" (the old standard with a "D").Its main function is to 

produce drive torque, as with all electrical appliances or mechanical power.


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Q:what is an electrical ark?
You mean an electrical arc. That's what happens when there is a short circuit. Electricity flows through air, ionizing the air. There is a flash, noise, and a physical blast. More appropriately, the arc projects an enormous amount of heat that can cause severe burns to nearby unprotected skin. Industry has evolved a set of practices to quantify the thermal energy generated by arc flash, and to prescribe the protective clothing that personnel must have in order to work on energized equipment.
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That is ok with respect to any possible arc. But there may be other reasons to add insulation. Safety for example. If it's easy to add the insulation, do it. .
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Q:Rated and nominal AC voltage?
Rated voltage could also be the maximum voltage that a type of wire, plug, socket or circuit breaker is designed for. In that case, the rated voltage may be considerably higher than the nominal voltage. Nominal voltage is the standard value that is used when referring to a voltage level. If the nominal voltage is 220 volts, the actual voltage might be 5 or 10% higher or lower. So in French, rated voltage is sometimes used for voltage nominal, but it is also translated as voltage maximum admis I hope this helps .
Q:How do u protect a 220-volt equipment from getting destroyed by electrical voltage fluctuations?
Best thing to do is use a surge protector and if the equipment is costly enough use one voltage stabiliser/CVT/UPS in addition.
Q:what is the difference btwn an electrical engineer and a Mechanical engineer?
electrical engineer deals with electrical equipments(like motor,drive,plc),automation process etc and a mechanical engineer deals with mechanical equipments (like compressor, refregeration,air conditioning engine etc) both of the engineers need to know programming language. but it is not necessary to learn java
Q:do i need a 2 pin or 3 pin plug in canada?
Its a 3 pin plug herenot to worryjust get your stuffyou can buy a converter herealso electricity is 110V. so be mindful of that as well.cheers
Q:What is the AC Voltage at which domestic electricity is supplied in India ?
Power in the US is 120 VAC +- 5% so 114 to 126 is within tolerances per the maintenance people who were fixing a high voltage at my place. I used to measure 117 at my house. People often say we have 115/230 for our single/double delivery voltages. Most equipment with a range printed on it says 110-125. India presumably is nominally 240.

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