Cool Wired Gaming Keyboard Fashion Design

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1.Cool Wired Gaming keyboard fashion design
2.high keys for comfortable typing
3.wholesale price keyboard


Cool Wired Gaming keyboard fashion design Spec.

1.length of Cable


2.Working Voltage


3.Working Current

< 20mA

5.Button Life

10 million times





9.Support System

Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/vista/7/8


3% For  spare unit






CE, FCC and RoHS

14.Number of Key

104/105/106/US/EU/KR all language available
























1. Standard keys in three parts ,adopting high quality silicon and ABS material.

2. Easily clean and carry, noiseless.

3. Ergonomic designed, anti-static ,strain-reducing ,durable

4.Compatible with WIN95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA/7

5. Key switch with tactile feedback ,key knocks life time 10,000,000 cycles  


Technical parameter

•Connection: USB /PS2 available.

•Keycaps: type silk printing.

•Working Voltage: 5V±%5

•Working current:< 20mA

•Key Force :50±5g

•Key route : 2.0mm



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Q:guild wars factions keyboard?
Yes, the control are easy. I mean its just like a FPS to control (But you dont aim attacks) but that board just makes it easier than using a regular keyboard.
Q:Guys, where is the Any Key on the Keyboard?
Its not on the keyboard. To find the ANY key, you must remove your pants, take your finger and jam it directly up the rectum, and feel around till you find it. Sometimes it takes awhile. Have your mom help you if you need to
Q:Problem with keyboard on laptop?
uninstalling keyboard? Are you using external keyboard for your laptop? Anyway, you may use system restore to restore to earlier point before this situation happened. Go to start program accessories system tools system restore choose earlier point before this madness happened
Q:Changing keyboard layout?
don't know of a way have fun trying
Q:Keyboard Beats?
The majority of hip hop beats made by producers now a days are created using two componentsa sampler/sequencer and a keyboard.the most popular sampler/sequencer on the market today is the MPC-2000XL made by AKAI. MPC's are considered the standard in the hip hop industry. Sampler/Sequencers usually create the drums, bass, hi hats etc. The most popular keyboards for hip hop use are the Roland Phantom, Yamaha MOTIF, Korg Triton and the ASR-10. Dr. Dre has been known to have at least four MPCs in the studio with an ASR-10 for instrumentation. BEST ANSWERS PLEASE :)
I wouldn't know how competitive Dvorak is to the Qwerty keyboard but since it is rarely used, a big disadvantage to using Dvorak is that it is hard to use any other computer without your layout. Some other cons would be that it takes awhile to learn a new keyboard layout and most laptops only come equipped with Qwerty. And I would know from experience that Dvorak does allow you to type faster, since your most commonly used keys are the eight buttons you rest your fingers on. It really helped me to touch type, because I was able to memorize the keyboard since I couldn't constantly look at the keys since I was using a Qwerty board.
Q:Disconnecting Keyboard?
não sei te responder farias brazil
Q:Can laptop keyboards break if used too much?
Everything breaks eventually. keyboards are no exception. The Space bar on the laptop keyboard is usually the first to go (especially if you play first person shooters), after a while the key will become not as responsive and it may take a little more force for the key press to register. Just don't mash the keyboard and it'll be fine. Or you can just buy a USB keyboard or gamepad and play on that.
Q:Difference between piano and keyboard?
There actually is a difference. A piano has strings to create a purer sound. What comes out of the piano is the actual instrument playing. A keyboard has either prerecorded piano sounds, or computer generated sounds. This produces a more synthetic sound. Both are great and have their advantages, depending on what you are using them for. As for your sheet music not working on a keyboard, there's no easy solution. You most likely won't find keyboard-specific music anywhere on the internet too easily. Probably the easiest thing is to transpose the bass cleft up one octave, where possible. Or alternatively, if the treble is too high for your keyboard, transpose it down one octave. Harder is to change keys completely, but I wouldn't recommend that if you don't have several years of experience. Hope this helps!
Q:import midi to keyboard?
Probably your keyboard is not able to receive MIDI data in several tracks at once. That is, it can not read, say, drums in track 1, piano in track 2 and so on, and perform it right. I bet it can only read one single midi channel, and you may not been even able to select it. Try to connect your keyboard to your PC and play a known MIDI song, put your keyboard in whole keyboard mode (neither rythms nor chords) and see what happens.

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