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The operation efficiency of production line, and has a lot to do with the configuration of conveying system. For the configuration of conveyor line, consider and guarantee that a brief stop of the after machine  (for example: change the label, etc.) has no influence on the front end equipment, at the same time the front and back equipment should be able to connected well together, to make the whole production line to achieve high efficiency. On our production line arrangement we fully consider the relationship between customer investment and production line efficiency, on the basis of the introduction of foreign technology, which can well meet the above requirement. The system adopts the advanced foreign technology, the mechanical structure for the new design, most components by stamping or bending forming, has advantages of good rigidity, light weight, good interchangeability. For the Transmission way, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, suitable for conveying from 40 ~ 110 mm diameter bottle.

Non-Pressure conveying system relies on and automatic differential speed signal acquisition and real-time feedback control system, can achieve that  multiple rows of bottles smoothly change to the single row in the state of running , not squeeze each other. Electric control system adopts that PLC control the running of full bottle conveying buffer system, automatic acceleration and deceleration of speed, and automatic buffer.


1.Barrel Water Filling Machine
2.Stable conveying
3.Certificate: CE, SGS, ISO
Full Bottle Conveying System

Full Bottle Conveying System

The working efficiency of the production line is largely decided by the conveying system. When there is occasional stop on the downstream packaging system (e.g. label change), the forepart of the production line cannot be effected. At the same time, the transferring system must connect the equipments in the forepart and rear part well. Newamstar’s product is of good rigidity, light weight and good exchanging ability. It is applied for bottles whose diameter is φ40~φ110 mm.

Non-pressure conveying system enables the multi conveying lines become single conveying line during work. The electric control system adopts PLC to control the running of filled bottle conveying, to realize the automatic speed accelerating or slowing and automatic buffering.

Filled Bottle Conveying System

- The design of electrical control is advanced and rational, we can design control mode, select   electrical control components according to clients layout, to improve the conveying stability.

- With centralized lubrication system, ANSI304 stainless steel water collector, drainage pipeline, etc.

- Imported sensor checks bottle quantity on conveyor and adjust line speed by inverter.

- Set the switch according to conveying system layout or customer reasonable requirement, for the conveying stability.

-  Chain technology is of REXNORD,Main electric elements are all from SIEMENS.

-design of electric control is reasonable and advanced. The electric elements and control way could be selected according to the customer’s need.

-The control switch is located according to the conveying system’s layout and the customer’s need

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