Convenient Maintenance High-Efficiency Ore Jaw Crusher Good Reputation Stone Jaw 2015

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Convenient Maintenance High-Efficiency Ore Jaw Crusher Good Reputation Stone Jaw

Jaw Crusher Application:                                                                                               PE series jaw crusher, whose finished products can be widely used in breaking hard, medium-hard, soft ore, such as various kinds of ore, the solvent, slag, building stones, marble,etc. compression strength does not exceed 320Pa. This machine is suitable for mines,building materials,highway,railway,water conservancy and chemical industry,etc




Working principle:                                                                                                                                                         


The motor transmits through belt,drives the moving jaw to do periodic motion towards the fixed jaw by the eccentric shaft.The angle between toggle plate and moving jaw plate increases when mobile jaw moving.So the mobile jaw moves towards the fixed jaw.The stuff will be crushed in this process.The angle between toggle plate and moving jaw decreases when moving jaw moves down,the moving jaw moves leaves fixed jaw by pulling rod and spring,the final crushed stuff will be discharged from the outlet.

Jaw Crusher Parameters:                                                                                                                                          




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The main technical parameter of the jaw crusher:

ModelSpecificationMax Feed Size(mm)Discharge Range(mm)Capacity(t/h)Speed(r/min)Motor PowerWeight(kg)
PE-10001000×1200 850195-280 320-470 200 132 51000


Convenient Maintenance High-Efficiency Ore Jaw Crusher Good Reputation Stone Jaw 2015

Convenient Maintenance High-Efficiency Ore Jaw Crusher Good Reputation Stone Jaw 2015

Convenient Maintenance High-Efficiency Ore Jaw Crusher Good Reputation Stone Jaw 2015

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Q:What's the difference between a jaw crusher and a cone crusher?
Jaw crushers, jaw plates, jaw plates, jaw plates, jaw plates and movable jaw plates are the wear parts of jaw crushers. They are square. The running state in the jaw crusher, jaw attached to a movable jaw plate made of compound pendulum movement, the formation of a stone with a fixed jaw angle extrusion. The jaw plate is, therefore, a relatively easy piece of damage in the jaw crusher.
Q:How to replace the crusher head, pay attention to those matters?
Replacement steps and safety measures of crusher head:1, enter the job site must wear helmets, wear overalls and flat slip shoes. ,2, we must adhere to the pre job, pre job safety certification system, strictly prohibit alcohol, fatigue, personnel posts,3, before the overhaul must cut off the power supply, and in the control cabinet hanging "no closing, someone work" warning plate, after the overhaul is completed, immediately recover,
Q:Small iron crusher various small motor
The major cause of failure may occur in severe splitting noise elimination method, moving jaw stop swinging, rotating flywheel to rod spring relaxation, broken into the cavity crushing cannot or other causes damage on the thrust plate pull rod nut, remove the spring rod, the movable jaw hanging, replacing elbow board crushing plate and jitter clash 1. crushing plate loosening bolts 2. fixed crushing plate 1. fastening bolt fracture crushing plate bolts, such as anti loose spring shortage should be replaced 2. replacement crushing plate fixing bolt flywheel rotation, broken stop, thrust plate from the bearing off the rod spring or tie rod fracture replace the damaged parts bearing thrust plate produced in the crash or other abnormal sound 1. spring tightness is not enough or relaxation 2. thrust plate bearing wear or relaxation of 3. thrust plate elbow head wear 4. discharge opening adjusting device to adjust is not uniform, Cause thrust plate around the work of inconsistent
Q:What's the difference between a jaw crusher and a hammer crusher?
Performance characteristics:1. The jaw plate can be turned and installed2 、 heat treated forged eccentric shaft3 、 advanced retaining plate bolt system is easy to maintainThe fixed jaw plate, 4 wedge positioning.5 、 easy to operate and strong reliability6, the product size uniformity, crushing ratio
Q:How to adjust the discharge size of hammer crusher
Hammer crusher is used to the high hardness of the ore crushing, milling, according to customer requirements for coarse breaking or fine crushing, this will hammer crusher discharge control requirements a little higher. It is necessary to control the discharge size of hammer crusher.
Q:What are the limestone crushers? A brief introduction to the limestone crusher
Limestone crusher with hammer crusher more efficient energy saving and environmental protection, the limestone of low hardness, high calcium content, ensure production at the same time, the power consumption is low, the powder rate is also low, then we must choose the hammer crusher. I hope I can help you.
Q:The working principle of cone crusher
1. The chamber shape of cone crusher is the working space formed by the crushing wall (moving cone) and the roller wall (fixed cone). The design of the cavity has great influence on the economic and technical indexes of the crusher (productivity, energy consumption, particle size and shape of the crushing product and the abrasion of the crushing wall and the roller wall). This unique design makes the final product size is uniform, a cube shape, dynamic cone wear working surface is uniform.2, the crusher work parameters have direct effects on the motion characteristics of granular material crushing cavity, mainly for the impact crusher spindle rotary speed of granular material movement, and then to the crusher working performance (productivity and crushing product size distribution etc.) have an important impact.3, cone crusher cavity stroke has important influence on the crusher performance, when increasing the stroke, the crushing cavity broken layer actual feed compression ratio increase, product quality improvement, calibration of discharge size increase, with the decrease of stroke, the crushing cavity broken layer actual feed compression ratio decreases, product quality worse, the calibration of discharge size decreases. In order to improve the quality of crushing products, the swing stroke of each crushing layer in crushing chamber is also taken as a big value. The improvement of the performance of the domestic cone crusher has become a new goal of the mining machinery processing industry in china.
Q:Is the price of large cone crusher expensive?
Other crushing equipment can be adjusted according to the material and output you handle;
Q:Function and difference between thin oil station and hydraulic station in cone crusher
The movable cone is driven by the motor to drive the size gear to engage, so that the eccentric sleeve rotates, and the movable cone generates pulsation with the rotation of the eccentric sleeve, and the pulsation of the moving cone is independent of the hydraulic pressure station. The hydraulic cylinder at the bottom of the moving cone is used to support the moving cone, and the hydraulic station provides the pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder to maintain a stable discharge size. In other words, the pulsation of the moving cone is related to the main motor, and the size of the broken product is related to the hydraulic station.
Q:What about shock and blockage in hammer crusher?
The shock of crusher equipment can be said to be very normal, but too much vibration will have an impact on the production of equipment, so we will minimize the shock of the equipment. For hammer crusher, the use of belt drive will appear vibration equipment, we will tighten the anchor bolts, make the device firmly fixed on the basis, and pave the way for the rubber pad and other insulation materials to reduce equipment noise between the base and the equipment. In order to change this situation produces vibration, we use a povee motor is directly connected with the way, let the motor and the hammer crusher are connected as a whole, because the vibration caused by the decrease of belt transmission, reduces the noise generated by equipment. Hammer crusher has another reason for the vibration of the rotor imbalance, rotor imbalance is due to the crusher hammer quality caused by the different methods, therefore, to change this situation is to reduce the error of the crusher hammer, let the whole rotor more balanced, this is the most fundamental solution. Hammer crusher is not blocked, but if the stone humidity input is too high, or the number of stone too much, fast grain is too high, it will cause the hammer crusher discharge port plug, under such circumstances, we need to stop equipment for cleaning and dredging, when the humidity and stone note the stone size should be again when input, input and maintain stone stability, not the unsteadiness. These are the most basic, can be seen on the site of one of Rui Pu

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