Control Cables rated voltages 450/750V PVC and 0.6/1kv XLPE control

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The rated voltages 450/750V PVC and 0.6/1kv XLPE control are used for the controlling,return circuit and protecting facilities for the rated voltages 450/750V and 0.6/1kV separtely.The working temperature of PVC and XLPE control cables are 70℃ and 90℃ separately.Type、description and maink applications of cable see table 2-1.
   Our factory developes 0.6/1kV XPLE insulated control cable based on PVC insulated and sheathed control cable for rated voltage 450/750V PVC.The flame retardant and fird resistant PVC/XLPE insulated control cable,and 450/750V PVC insulated control cables are in accordance with the GB9330-88.0.6/1kV XLPE insulated control cable meets the related criterions of IEC60502.1.The electrical properties of flame retardant meets the requirements of class accordance with GB9330 Plastic insulated control cable.The property of flame retardant meets the requirements of class A,B or C of GB/T12666.5-90 Test on bunched wires or cable correspondingly.The property of fire resistant meets the class A or B requirements of the GB/T12666.6-90 Test on fire resisting characteristics of wire or cable.

Type、Description and Appliaction of cable

TypeDescriptionMain Application
Fire-resistant,flame-retardant or ordinary PVC insulated and PVC sheathed control cable.For laying indoors,in trenches,in ducts and in ground.
Fire-resistant,flame-retardant or ordinary PVC insulated and PVC sheathed,steel tape armored control cable.For laying indoors,in trenches,in ducts and in ground,able to bear external mechanical forces.
Flame-retardant or ordinary PVC insulated,PVCsheathed,control cable.For laying indoors,in trenches,in ducts and in ground,with antiinter ference ability.
Fire-resistant,flame-retardant or ordinary XLPE insulated,PVC sheathed control cable.For laying indoors,in trenches,in ducts and in ground.
Fire-resistant,flame-retardant or ordinary XLPE insulated,PVC sheathed and steel tape armored control cable.For laying indoors,in trenches,in ducts and in ground,able to bear external mechanical forces.
Copper-cpre PVC insulated,PVC sheathed copper tape and steel tape armored double-shield control cable.Be applicable for weak electricity control system and strong electromagnetic field jamming area.

Note:ZR-flame retardant    G-Oxygen barrier    NH-fire resistant                                                                                 

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Q:what is the easiest way to replace the power window cables on the motor in the passenger side of a '94 accord
If you are referring to the electrical wires leading to the power window system, then you need to cut wires and splice new ones back into the system along with the plug at the end of the cable.
Q:Where's does the power cable connect to on my SATA hard drive?
I believe that is the power connector. SATA data cables are 7-pin. SATA power cables are 15-pin. The old Molex cables are 4 pin. (Molex being what IDE drives use.) Some SATA drives have Molex ports on them for use with older powersupplies. (Just like some motherboards can use both 20 pin and 24 pin connectors.) If your powersupply doesn't have a SATA power cable, then you'll need to get a Molex-SATA power cable adapter. (See the Newegg link for one adapter.)
Q:What type of high power cable for 3 phase shielded?
220V is phase voltage. Then line voltage will be 3^-2 *220 =381V.The current will be 63A.(41.6/3*220 ).The specification of cable is 3phase 4wire 400V. 50mm^2(if aluminum) or 25mm^2(copper) UG cable . If neutral wire is not required, cable will be 3 wire type.
Q:i need help on where to run my amp power cable from the battery to the amp on a 2006 f150 i cant find any?
ye this is just a common problem on many cars/tucks not just ford. did a custom install on my jeep and had to cut small hole in front left insulation under dash. it came right out into open space under hood and made great place to run wire. if u cant see any holes/spaces to run it then ur gonna have to cut a hole ro have someone do a pro install for you. (ultimately its cheaper easier to diy - need power drill and a big enuf bit to fit wire thru. im sure u can figure it out, just go slow and be carful, mine worked quik and easy and sounds great. good luck w/ all that - hope i helped
Q:Did I just damage my power supply with a 300V power cable?
If you plugged a power cable running 300V then there definitely is a risk that you damaged the power supply. However I think you mean you plugged in a power cord with a rating of 300V. This simply means the power cord is designed to tolerate this much voltage. It would be difficult for a domestic user to have access to 300V - in the UK the domestic voltage is 240V, in the US 120V So no you haven't done any damage
Q:Can I use a USB cable for 12V power cable?
I believe usb cables supply 5 volts. You might want to check that before you fry something.
Q:PCI-E power cable?
A 8300gs does not need power. Anything over a 8600gt needs the external power connector.
Q:is using an extention cord for car amplifer power cable safe?
Listen to ohm!!! Do not try this in your car!!! The difference between home (AC) vs. a car (DC) is not just the voltage. A car will have much more current flowing through the wire then a home. This means that if you were to use a extension cord in a car you could melt it, like ohm said. Just go to a car audio shop and get the correct wire. An extension cord may save you a couple of bucks but if you are risking a fire and possibly hurting yourself I think it is a couple of extra bucks you can spend.
Q:need extra power cables to connect a extra cd rom drive?
These are called Y-Cable. Buy one. Remove the power cable from the old cdrom. Attach it to the newly purchased cable. Now you get 2 new points. Attach one to old cdrom and other to the new cdrom.
Q:Does this PSU have 6 SATA Power Cables attatched to it?
SATA Power Connector: 6 - YES it does have. If your spending $750 on a computer i'd suggest you get a branded power supply, they last longer and will supply your video card with enough juice to get the job done. what kind of video card are you getting? depending on what card your getting 500 watts may or may not be enough, as the new nvidia cards are very juicy :)

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