Continue Casting Steel Bloom Made by Blasting Furnace

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 Continue Casting Steel Bloom Made  by Blasting Furnace


1.Structure of   Continue Casting Steel Bloom Made  by Blasting Furnace

  Continue Casting Steel Bloom Made  by Blasting Furnace

Steel ingot by cogging or breakdown of semi-finished products, is the raw material of all kinds of steel mill.Billet section of square, round, flat, rectangular and abnormity, etcSeveral, mainly related to shape of rolled products.Simple rolled section steel, choose close to finished product cross section of square billet or rectangular billet.rollingThe sector products such as flat steel, Angle steel, select the rectangular billet or slab.Had better profiled billet when production beams, channels, and in rolling processLines and improve the yield.The raw material of round billet is the production of seamless tube.See billet production billet production methods. Billet section size should meet the requirements of rolling deformation and finished product quality, but also roll strength and biting condition of restrictions.General steelBillet section heightH.And the roll diameterDThe ratio of the(namelyH/D)Should be less than or equal to zero0.5.Length of steel billet by finishing temperature,Rolling time and the length of the productOr times ruler.When heated too long accident prone to bump the furnace wall of steel, too short, furnace bottom utilization rate is not high, influence the heating furnace production.For the productionChoose a variety of steel and steel billet, should consider the affinities of billet, as far as possible in order to improve the productivity of the roughing mill, simplify the stock management of workshop.

2.Main Features of  Continue Casting Steel Bloom Made  by Blasting Furnace.

Continue Casting Steel Bloom Manufactured  by Blasting Furnace section size should meet the requirements of rolling deformation and finished product quality, but also roll strength and biting condition of restrictions. General steel Billet section height H. And the roll diameter D The ratio of the ( namely H/D) Should be less than or equal to zero 0.5 . Length of steel billet by finishing temperature, Rolling time and the length of the product Or times ruler. When heated too long accident prone to bump the furnace wall of steel, too short, furnace bottom utilization rate is not high, influence the heating furnace production. For the production Choose a variety of steel and steel billet, should consider the affinities of billet, as far as possible in order to improve the productivity of the roughing mill, simplify the stock management of workshop.


3.   Continue Casting Steel Bloom Made  by Blasting FurnaceImages



Continue Casting Steel Bloom Made by Blasting Furnace

Continue Casting Steel Bloom Made by Blasting Furnace





4.   Continue Casting Steel Bloom Made  by Blasting Furnace Specification




Material standard The editor Range of thickness: 150-240 - mm + / - 5 mm width range: 880-1530 - mm + / - 20 mm Length: 3700-10000 - mm + / - 500 - mm Cross-sectional size: 64 * 64; 82 * 82; 98 * 98; 124 * 124; 120 * 150; 152 * 164; 152 * 170 mm Length: 9000 mm Section of tolerance: billet: 1.0 + / - 2.0-1.0 + / - 1.0 mm slab: width: + / - 2.0 mm thickness: + / - 3.0 mm The length tolerance: + / - 200 mm Section diagonal tolerance: 3.5-8.0 MM Billet section size protrusions requirements: < 1242 mm, do not allow; > = 1242 mm, < = 2 mm 1242 mm, < = 3 mm Beheading (shear) extension deformation: < 1242 mm billet: no control; The slab: < = 15 mm Surface tilt: no more than billet section 0.1 Bending: every 1 m length is not more than 10 mm The distortion: length < = 5 m, < = 11. ; The length of the < = 7.5 M, < = 5. Material % 3 sp/PS chemical composition: C Mn Si S P


5.FAQ of   Continue Casting Steel Bloom Made  by Blasting Furnace


We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely 


①How to regonized your products when the shipment arrive?

We will marked the painting in the end of the steel billet, and send you the MTC with the heart no. same as marked in the steel billets.


②How many days for the SGS inpecting the quantity and weight?

It depens on the quantity usually it is about 4000tons one day..


③What kinds of the grade you can supply?

We can supply Q195, Q215,Q235 and other kinds of the grade as our customers need.


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