Continue Casting Steel Billets Manufactured by Blasting Furnace

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 Continue Casting Steel Billet by Blasting Furnace


1.Structure of  Continue Casting Steel Billet by Blasting Furnace


Continue Casting Steel Billet by Blasting Furnace is the raw material of all kinds of steel mill. Billet section of square, round, flat, rectangular and abnormity, etc Several, mainly related to shape of rolled products. Simple rolled section steel, choose cross section of square billet or rectangular billet. rolling The sector products such as flat steel, Angle steel, select the rectangular billet or slab. Had better profiled billet when production beams, channels, and in rolling process Lines and improve the yield. The raw material of round billet is the production of seamless tube. 

2.Main Features of  Continue Casting Steel Billet by Blasting Furnace.

Continue Casting Steel Billet by Blasting Furnace section size should meet the requirements of rolling deformation and finished product quality, but also roll strength and biting condition of restrictions. General steel Billet section height H. And the roll diameter D The ratio of the ( namely H/D) Should be less than or equal to zero 0.5 . Length of steel billet by finishing temperature, Rolling time and the length of the product Or times ruler. 




3.  Continue Casting Steel Billet by Blasting Furnace Images



Continue Casting Steel Billets Manufactured by Blasting Furnace

Continue Casting Steel Billets Manufactured by Blasting Furnace





4.  Continue Casting Steel Billet by Blasting Furnace Specification

 Continue Casting Steel Billet by Blasting Furnace  rolled steel, after processing can be used for mechanical parts, forging parts, processing all kinds of steel, steel Q345B channel steel, wire rod is the role of the billet. Steel billet is used in the production of semi-finished products, generally cannot be used directly for the society. Steel billets and steel are strictly divided into standard, cannot decide to whether the business enterprise of the final product, and according to unified standards to perform the whole society. Typically, billet and the steel is relatively easy to distinguish, but for some steel billet, and have the same specification and same steel purposes (such as rolling tube billet), whether can be used for other industries, whether through steel processing process, whether through a finished product rolling mill processing to distinguish


5.FAQ of  Continue Casting Steel Billet by Blasting Furnace


We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely 

①What kinds of the quality problem the continue casting billet may have?

1)Slab of purity(Inclusion quantity, shape, distribution, etc);  (2)The surface of the casting defects(Cracks, slag inclusion, porosity, etc);  (3)Slab internal defects(Crack, segregation, inclusion, porosity and shrinkage cavity, etc).   Slab of purity depends mainly on molten steel into the mold before processing,Namely before pouring molten steel make "clean";Cast to the control process at the same time, don't let the inclusions with steel downward.

②What is the quality problem of the continuous casting billet?   The quality of final steel products depends on the quality of casting billet.The quality of casting billet refers to get qualified steel products is allowedThe severity of the casting defects.   We care about, what the quality problem of the continuous casting billet can be addressed by electromagnetic stirring, this will certainly involve the quality problems.

When casting to the control process, don't let the inclusions with steel downward. Slab of purity control starts () electric furnace and converter smelting to refining outside the furnace, tundish metallurgy, protective casting and electromagnetic stirring process control of the whole process. Slab surface defect is mainly depends on the solidification process of molten steel in mould, its shell in the mould forming process, mould liquid level fluctuation, the submerged nozzle design, protective slag performance and other factors.Must control the parameters affecting the quality of the surface within the target value, thus producing zero defect of slab, which is the precondition of hot delivery and direct rolling. Slab internal defects including internal cracks, porosity and shrinkage cavity, mainly depends on the slab cooling process in secondary cooling area and slab support system.Reasonable secondary cooling water distribution, backup roll for, prevent slab such as drum belly is the premise to improve internal quality of slab.Slab internal elements segregation, which is related to the whole process. , therefore, in order to obtain good casting quality can according to the different requirements of steel grade and products, in the different stages of continuous casting, such as the ladle, tundish, mold and secondary cooling zone using different techniques, including electromagnetic stirring, effectively control the quality of casting billet.

③How is the quality affect the rolling producing?.

General rolling process using billet continuous casting billet,Rolling billet and forging stock,Basically on the billet steel rolling productionAll have the same requirements,From the steel chemical composition,Overall dimensions,Billet surface and internal qualityRequirements. The requirement of steel grade and chemical composition First should comply with the relevant standard gauge billet grades and chemical compositionDecide,For different types of steel on the content of residual elements in steel have corresponding requirements,But these requirements is to ensure that wireRequired by the quality.Especially I personally think for rolling mainly to chemical composition to uniform Of course, more than the harmful elements,Or gas content is much,Will be unable to save the consequences in the rolling.forThe shape of the billet size requirements are:The cross section shape and allowable deviation of steel,Specified length.The shortest length of short feetAnd proportion, bending, torsion, etc. These requirements are considered the rolling mill production ability into full play,Guarantee for billet heating and rolling smoothly and considerThe comprehensive factors such as the possibility and rationality of certain


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