Continue Casting Steel Billets/Blooms Manufactured By Blasting Furnace

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Continue Casting Steel Billets/Blooms Manufactured By Blasting Furnace


1.Structure of  Casting Steel Billets/Blooms Manufactured By Blasting Furnace


Continue Casting Steel Billets/Blooms Manufactured By Blasting Furnace is the raw material of all kinds of steel mill. Billet section of square, round, flat, rectangular and abnormity, etc Several, mainly related to shape of rolled products. Simple rolled section steel, choose cross section of square billet or rectangular billet. rolling The sector products such as flat steel, Angle steel, select the rectangular billet or slab. Had better profiled billet when production beams, channels, and in rolling process Lines and improve the yield. The raw material of round billet is the production of seamless tube. 

2.Main Features of  Continue Casting Steel Billet Manufactured By Blasting Furnace.

Continue Casting Steel Billet Manufactured By Blasting Furnace section size should meet the requirements of rolling deformation and finished product quality, but also roll strength and biting condition of restrictions. General steel Billet section height H. And the roll diameter D The ratio of the ( namely H/D) Should be less than or equal to zero 0.5 . Length of steel billet by finishing temperature, Rolling time and the length of the product Or times ruler. When heated too long accident prone to bump the furnace wall of steel, too short, furnace bottom utilization rate is not high, influence the heating furnace production. For the production Choose a variety of steel and steel billet, should consider the affinities of billet, as far as possible in order to improve the productivity of the roughing mill, simplify the stock management of workshop.


3.  Continue Casting Steel Billets/Blooms Manufactured By Blasting Furnace Images


Continue Casting Steel Billets/Blooms Manufactured By Blasting Furnace

Continue Casting Steel Billets/Blooms Manufactured By Blasting Furnace






4.  Continue Casting Steel Billets/Blooms Manufactured By Blasting Furnace Specification

 Continue Casting Steel Billet Manufactured By Blasting Furnace  rolled steel, after processing can be used for mechanical parts, forging parts, processing all kinds of steel, steel Q345B channel steel, wire rod is the role of the billet. Steel billet is used in the production of semi-finished products, generally cannot be used directly for the society. Steel billets and steel are strictly divided into standard, cannot decide to whether the business enterprise of the final product, and according to unified standards to perform the whole society. Typically, billet and the steel is relatively easy to distinguish, but for some steel billet, and have the same specification and same steel purposes (such as rolling tube billet), whether can be used for other industries, whether through steel processing process, whether through a finished product rolling mill processing to distinguish

         There are three shapes of the steel billets: square billet, slab, rectangular billet The Chinese billet, rectangular billet is mainly suitable for rolling hot rolled strip, building reinforced bar, Ordinary wire, high speed wire rod and various small profile. Of the slab are mainly used for rolling plate and hot coil sheet.

The classification of the steel  According to the quality classification    (1)Ordinary steel (P 0.045% or less,S 0.050% or less)POn behalf ofphosphorus,s.On behalf ofsulfur    Pands.Are all of the steelThe harmful elements, a leading toHot brittleness, a leading toCold brittle    (2)High quality steel (P,s.both0.035% or less)    (3)High quality steel (P 0.035% or less,S 0.030% or less) 

 Classified by chemical composition (1)Carbon steel: A.Low carbon steel (C 0.25% or less);Also known asMild steel ,The intensity ofLow,hardnessLow and soft, are often used in the manufacture of chainArticle, Rivet, Bolt, Shaft etc. .It includes most of theOrdinary carbon structural steelAnd part ofHigh quality carbonElement of structural steelMost,Without heat treatmentUsed in engineering structures, some classicscarburizingandOther heat treatmentUsed forrequirementsThe wear resistance of machine parts.  B.Medium carbon steel (0.25 C or less 0.60% or less);There areKilled steel,Half killed steel,Rimmed steelWait for a variety of products.Hot working and good cutting performance,Poor welding performance.Plasticity and toughness lower than that of low carbon steel.Can beWithout heatTo deal with, the direct use ofHot rolled material,Cold drawn material, but alsoAfter heat treatmentAfter use.quenching,temperingIn the afterCarbon steel withGood comprehensive mechanical properties.To be able to achieveThe highest hardness is aboutHRC55 (HB538),sigmabfor600~1100 mpa.So in theModerate intensity levelA variety of purposes,Medium carbon steel is the most widelyApplied, in addition to asBuilding materialsOutside, still a lot for makingTo build all kinds of mechanical parts.    C.High carbon steel (C 0.60% or higher).Often saidTool steel , you canhardenedandtempering .hammer,crowbarSuch as byCarbon content0.75%The steel manufacturing; Cutting tools such as drill bit,tap,reamerSuch as byCarbon content0.90%to1.00%Made of steel.   (2)Alloy steel: A.Low alloy steel (alloy elements in total5% or less) B.Total content in alloy steel (alloy elements> 5 ~ 10%) C.High alloy steel (alloy elements in total> 10%).


5.FAQ of  Continue Casting Steel Billets/Blooms Manufactured By Blasting Furnace

We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely 


①How about your company

A world class manufacturer & supplier of castings forging in carbon steel and alloy steelis one of the large-scale professional investment casting production bases in China,consisting of both casting foundry forging and machining factory. Annually more than 8000 tons Precision casting and forging parts are exported to markets in Europe,America and Japan. OEM casting and forging service available according to customer’s requirements.


②How to guarantee the quality of the products

We have established the international advanced quality management systemevery link from raw material to final product we have strict quality testWe resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.


③How is the packaging and delivery?

Loose by Vessel and the delivery term is based on the the quantity and our factory’s schedule then.



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