Container Houses 20FT/40FT Exported to South Africa and South America

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Container Houses 20FT/40FT Exported to South Africa and South America


Container Houses 20FT/40FT Exported to South Africa and South America

A. Description of Container Houses

1. Roof:                  

-Steel sheet roof--- with color-steel sandwich panel( EPS,glass wool )+ color-steel sheet.

-Water proof, leakage-proof.

-New design can prevent the water flow back.

2. Bottom:             

-Designed as a whole welded steel structure frame with high strength.

-Enough load for living and work.

-Design the base insulation according to personal requirement. Temperature is adjustable to meet the   living requirement.

3. Wallboard:             

- Color-steel sandwich panel (50mm\75mm \100MM).

 EPS/GLASS WOOL/ROCK WOOL /PU sandwich panel.

4. Door system:

- Aluminum frame –exclusively designed only

5. Window: 

-Plastic steel\aluminum window with fly screen- exclusively designed

-The thickness of color-steel sandwich panel can be chosen by customers.

-Plastic steel window with curtain screen Floorboard

-PVC covering floor or laminate flooring (can be chosen by customers)


B. Specification of Container Houses

Our houses are widely used for accommodation, temporary offices, villas, warehouses, schools,shelters, guard boxes, shower  rooms, bus stations, workshops and so on.

-Good quality and beautiful design.

-Quick installation, easy disassembly and transportation.

-Durability, elegance and safety. Low after-service costs. thermal & sound insulation.

-Water and fire proof

-The components of the house can be used repeatedly.

-The hoisting method is simple, so it can be placed you want, you also can use fork-lift truck to move it easily.

-More than 20 years life 

-Additional after service for the installation.

- Thermal and sound insulation. EPS \ PU\ Rock wool.\glass wood and so on 

C. Installation   

-Quick installation and easy disassembly.

-We can offer the installation guide drawings.

-We offer experienced engineer for installation guiding on client’s site.


D. Products details :

Size :2.44m*6m*2.9m

Container Houses 20FT/40FT Exported to South Africa and South America


E. FAQ of Container Houses


1.    Q: How much is this house?

A: Please provide with your house drawing and project location, because different design, different location effect the house materials quantity and steel structure program.

2.    Q: Do you do the turnkey project?

A: Sorry, we suggest customer to deal with the foundation and installation works by self, because local conditions and project details are well knowb by customers, not us. We can send the engineer to help.

3.    Q: How long will your house stay for use?

A: Our light steel prefab house can be used for about 30 years.

4.    Q: How long is the erection time of one house?

A: for example one set of 20ft container house, 2 workers will install it within 4 hrs.

5.    Q: Can you do the electricity,plumbing and heater

AThe local site works had better to be done by the customers.

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Q:What kind of villa generally?
TOWNHOUSE: townhouse, heaven and earth, have their own yard and garage. Consists of three or more units of residentia
Q:What is the villa residential property management content?
customer service: the occupation registration, customer reception, customer contact
Q:What is the height of the villa house?
Size: Due to the reasons for the apartment and the height of the floor, so this type of door, the height should be more than the usual standard (2100 mm)
Q:What is the thickness of the villa's floor and the maximum load it can bear?
Said the floor of the bearing capacity of the problem, because the national standard provides the carrying capacity
Q:What is the difference between a rural house and a villa?
the villa do not talk about a parking garage, a swimming pool, a small garden, each suite has toilet washroom
Q:How to build self-built villa?
Second, apply for land to build land, it is best miscellaneous. Agricultural land to the first agricultural specia
Q:What are the characteristics of the Spanish-style villa?
Spanish style is a blend of Arab style and European classical style as one of the architectural form
Q:Why is someone called him called "Do not wild?
do not wild, refers to the mountains and rivers of large large manor-level villa, different from the city enclosed small villa in the district
Q:What is a stacked villa?
Laminated villas, also known as superimposed villas. As the name suggests, is the villa in the form of superposition of the superposition of the layer to households
Q:What kind of villa is good?
the second is that the villa to have enough area, it was said that the most proud of living villa is " Under the ground ", then this" ground "of course have a certain range

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