Container Garbage Truck 18m3 Detachable

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Container Garbage Truck 18m3 Detachable 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:HJK5250ZXXS4


Type:Rear Loader

Certification:ISO9000, CCC, CE



Emission Standard:Euro 4






Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Origin:Xianning City, Hubei Province


HS Code:8705909990

Production Capacity:3000 Units/Y

Product Description

1.Basic Information
Vehicle dimensions (mm): 8380*2500*3100          Total mass (kg): 25000
Rated load (kg):13405                                                  Curb weight (kg):11400
Chassis model:DFL1250A11                                     Engine model: ISDe245 40
Displacement (ml)/ power (kw): 6700/180               Hook arm lifting force(kg): 20000    
Effective volume of container (m3): 18                       Maximum speed(km/h): 90
2. Main Application
The collector is widely used for the garbage disposal in places with concentrated population such as urban streets, residential areas, schools, hospitals, squares, etc. One collector may be equipped with more containers (generally one collector with eight containers), with self-compression and self-discharging functions, hydraulic operation and convenient dumping. It is the main garbage collecting and transferring vehicle at present.

Chassis modelDFL1250A11Engine modelISDe245 40
Displacement (ml)/ power (kw)6700/180Rated load (Kg)13405
Effective volume of cabinet18m³Hook boom lifting force (kg)20000
Vehicle dimensions (mm)8380*2500*3100

Container Garbage Truck 18m3 Detachable

Container Garbage Truck 18m3 Detachable

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Q:Where is the engine number of the truck?
The question is a bit difficult. No models or manufacturers have different positions. No way to give you specific location, engine numbers are generally in the engine on the top, frame number in front of the glass below, the engine above a little beam, I do not know, it seems that in these locations. Don't throw any eggs in the wrong place.
Q:What does "truck 6*4,6*2" mean?
Teach you to understand the driving form, common truck drive in the form of 4x2, 6x2, 6x4, 8x4, "X" before the digital representation of the vehicle wheel number, "X" behind the digital representation of the number wheel, dual wheel is a wheel, one axle has two wheels according to the count.
Q:The maximum size of the blue gondola
The biggest truck can hang blue is the length is less than 6m, the total mass of less than 4500kg.
Q:What's the difference between a truck engine and a car engine?
General truck engines, whether gasoline or diesel, have a longer piston stroke, and focus on low speed, high torque output, which is beneficial for heavy loads rather than high speed driving.Car engine piston stroke is shorter, focusing on high rotation, high horsepower output. It's good for high speed, not heavy haul.Broadly speaking, the difference between diesel engines and gasoline engines is the above two points.If you count the cost and practicality, can be large horsepower engine car is.
Q:What's the advantage of a truck adjusting arm?
The 1. compact structure, flexible action, transmission component, all components of compensation by meshing tooth pure automatically maintain a constant gap between; the brake and the brake hub, the safe and reliable braking.2. convenient installation and use, excellent performance and reliable, high quality and inexpensive, with the manual adjustment function;3. no longer need to manually adjust the brakes, automatically adjust the brake clearance; further improve the safety of the vehicle brake. At the same time, a large number of maintenance time is saved, so as to improve economic benefits;4. brake cylinder push rod stroke is short, quick and reliable braking; reduce the loss of compressed air, prolonged air compressor, brake pump and other parts of life in a compressed air system optimization; braking performance.
Q:Why are passenger cars and freight cars rear driven, while sedans are mostly precursors?
Buses and trucks are used because the rear axle drive, in parts of car and truck in the center of gravity of the vehicle, when the vehicle is loaded with a focus on the quality after the site is particularly prominent, such as the use of the front axle drive, from the angle of mechanics is obviously wrong, so the passenger and freight cars are using the rear axle drive;
Q:Does pickup truck mean "pickup truck"?
Pickup is an important part of the car market. Pickup truck (pick-up) is a type of car with a front and a driver's cab with an open wagon compartment. It is characterized by the comfort of the car, the power and the ability to load and adapt to the road.
Q:Now what can hang the blue truck!
The biggest truck can hang blue is the length is less than 6m, the total mass of less than 4500kg.
Q:B2 driver's license, can you drive the big truck in the eight round?
B2 permits driving large trucks. Nowadays many large lorries are divided into heavy and large ones, but they are all large truck types. Large trucks are heavy and medium-sized vehicles. Heavy truck drivers is greater than or equal to 6m, the total mass is greater than or equal to 12000kg. Medium truck drivers is greater than or equal to 6m, the total mass is greater than or equal to 4500kg and less than 12000kg.
Q:Why does a truck make a big noise when it brakes?
Large trucks and vans are used for air brake brake assembly, brake braking element assembly is used the brake valve and brake relay valve, when the truck brake pedal when the pump chamber for rapid pressurization, brake pump as a support for stroke, promote the brake holding the hub, the frictional force generated enormous, in order to achieve the purpose of braking.

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