Constrution pile driver drilling machine PD4000 screw pile driver for sales

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Product Description:

Welcome to visit to our website,This is Angelia Peng,glad to service for you.

For a better Knowing more our product ,Please kindly check the following information:


Product Description


Company brief introduction:

We are professional manufacturer of ground screw machine in Shandong China, our PD4000 model is based on the loaders. Our PD4000 is widely applied in pile solar system, street lights, all kinds of awning etc. PD4000 is a new type of spiral pile drilling equipment with our independent innovation.


Product introduction:

PD4000 self-propelled hydraulic pile driver is a kind of pile construction machinery

The ground hole drilling machines is flexibility, convenience ans strong adaptability, could be operated safety and comfort.

The electric driver is a kind of spiral pile drilling equipment with independent innovation, which is broadly applied in pile construction for billboards, fixed umbrella, street lamp, solar panels, fences, flagpoles, traffic signs etc.




1.Four wheel drive, easy and smart to operate

2.Large torque motor, with strong power

3.Joystick control, Easily operation 

4.Optional different screw driving unit, which could meet a variety of customer needs in different screws.

5.Wide view cabin, which facilitate the operator to observe the working environment

6.Equipped with a inclinometer, to facilitate the operator’s adjustment; 

7.Equipped with high-low speed gear shift, improve work efficiency;

8.Unique and new design based on the wheel loader, easy to operate and maintenance is simple and convenient

9.Optional electrical gear shift with combined joystick, and electronic inclinometer, which can meet customers different needs.

10.Widely applied in pile solar systemstreet lights, all kinds of awning etc.



1.Push the Swing chassis lock lever forward, lock the swing chassis

2.Adjust the vertical through the Inclinometer

3.Installs the spiral drill rod, start the piling job



No. 1:

Q:What's the function of it?

A: It is a machine for pile hole drilling, it drill the ground screws into the earth, after that you can fix many uper ground constructions on the drilled screws.

No. 2:

Q:What's the usage of it?

A: It was widely used in solar project, road lights or signals fixing, sunshade or pavilion constructions, etc.


No. 3:

Q: What's the warranty and service?

A: Warranty is one year or 1000 working hours whichever comes first. During warranty period, we'll post the parts with express, normally takes 4~5 days to arrive. And also we will offer relative training or services to help the user better use it.


1. It has two different kinds of driving unit, one is for ground screws which is turning type, another one is for ground posts which likes hammer. With these two driving units can suits different working requirement.

2. Rock breaker is available as an option, can be used for hard, rought terrian. 

3. The machine body adopts 4 wheel drive, and two speed, which is smart and increase the efficiency.

4. Machine is equiped with angle guage, which helps the operator adjust the direction in time and guarteen vertical drilling.

5. Besides all the advantages above, compared with other similiar machines, we offer very competitive prices and best service to customers. To achieve biggest purchasing safisfaction is always our persue.

Color and brand

Standard color is orange, but just with a reference color code, we can make it ideal appearance as you excepted.

Our brand name is "TAIAN", but OEM is acceptable and welcomed.

Product Overviews

Constrution pile driver drilling machine PD4000 screw pile driver for sales--------Hydraulic rear supporting reg,

This make the machine more powerful and steady when drilling


Constrution pile driver drilling machine PD4000 screw pile driver for sales--------4 Wheel loader machine ,

This make the machine more easy and smart to operate 

Constrution pile driver drilling machine PD4000 screw pile driver for sales--------Hydraulic pressure pump,

This make the drill rig more easy  

Constrution pile driver drilling machine PD4000 screw pile driver for sales--------Inclinometer

This can be to facilitate the operator’s adjustment

Constrution pile driver drilling machine PD4000 screw pile driver for sales--------combined Joystick 


Constrution pile driver drilling machine PD4000 screw pile driver for sales-----Packages photos


Company view

We are professional manufacturer for Pile Drilling Machine,and we have enough experience for business and service.

welcome to visit us.

Angelia Peng
Taian Tengyu Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Mobile:+86 15215381757
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Q:How did the pile of clay work after the pile driver finished?
Friction end bearing pile -- the pile whose load is mainly loaded by the end of pile.Method according to construction methodBored piles: bored piles, immersed tube cast-in-place piles, hand dug bored piles, and explosion enlarged cast-in-place piles.In addition, the hole forming methods are: manual digging, mechanical drilling (positive cycle rotary method, reverse cycle rotary method, auger drilling method, drilling rig drilling method, etc.).
Q:The principle of pile driver
The principle of a pile driver is the use of impact force to pile into the formation of the pile machinery.Construction of piling machine is composed of pile hammer, pile frame and ancillary equipment etc.. The pile hammer is attached to two parallel vertical guide rods (commonly called Longmen) at the front of the pile support and hoisted with lifting hooks. The pile foundation is a steel structure tower with a windlass at the back of which is used to lift the pile and hammer. A guide frame consisting of two guide rods is used in front of the pile to control the direction of the pile driving so that the pile can be accurately penetrated into the formation in accordance with the design orientation. The tower and the guide frame can be used to batter pile deflection. The guide frame can also be extended downward along the tower and used to fetch water along the embankment or pier. The pile can move and move. The basic technical parameters of a pile driver are impact weight, impact kinetic energy and impact frequency. According to the motion of the pile hammer power source can be divided into hammer, hammer, diesel hammer, hydraulic hammer etc..Piling machine type: piling machine and rotary drilling pile machine, with spiral to the underground digging, then pouring pile.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of pile driving methods
Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the above methods:Hammer method:The method is simple in construction, small in investment and convenient in construction, and has been widely used before.But there is a cut that doesn't go around. It's too noisy and doesn't work in hard soil or soft soil. It's being phased out.Static pile:Use the static pressure to press the pile into the ground, no vibration and no noise during construction. Applicable to weak soil and adjacent to the construction of structures that are afraid of vibration.But when there is a sandwich of medium thick sand with thickness greater than 2m, it is not suitable to use the static pressed pile. And there is soil squeezing effect.Vibration method:The vibration hammer is lifted to the top of the pile, pile head is connected with the vibration box pile cap or hydraulic pile clamping device for clamping, the exciting force generated by the vibration hammer pile to soil vibration, friction force between soil particles is greatly reduced, the pile under the action of self weight and mechanical force into the soil.The vibrating pile driving equipment has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and high efficiency. Suitable for heavy steel sheet pile, steel pipe pile and the length within the 15m slender reinforced concrete precast pile in the sand in the highest efficiency, poor little clay.
Q:Which is better, a hydrostatic pile driver or a diesel pile driver?
Depends on what project you do, if there is no noise requirements, diesel hammer piling machine is better, a price at about 500000, back to Ben faster. The hydrostatic press is a bit heavy.
Q:Piling machines need to how much money??
Hello, this is not necessarily, because the configuration is not the same, so the charge is not the same!
Q:Grounding of pile driver for help
Five core power cable, PE core wire may reach 16 square, in pile machine within 30 meters hit a 3 meter long galvanized angle (angle 50X5X3000), the head of a hole on the M10 (or M12) galvanized bolts, connecting 16 square BVR yellow green color line to the pile machine (repeat grounding), angle head (to prevent the hammer head welding deformation angle) a piece of iron, if you want to reuse (pull out in place again), can be connected with the hanging wire rope or a hook hole in angle steel.
Q:HD50 cylinder type diesel hammer, HD62 hammer, HD80 hammer, walking pile driver, crawler type pile driver
HD50 refers to the 5 tons of diesel pile hammer; HD62 refers to the 6.2 tons of diesel pile hammer; HD80 refers to the 8.2 tons of diesel pile hammer; walking pile driver is walking pile frame supporting diesel pile hammer general "walking hammer" or "walking type diesel pile hammer" or "walking type diesel pile hammer";
Q:The CPU for evaluating AMD is called bulldozer,
Bulldozers and pile drivers are the English translation of a new framework introduced by AMD two years ago and last year. The original name is "Bulldozer architecture". Literally, it means "bulldozer". Piling machine is the second generation of bulldozer, and also literal translation. It has nothing to do with good or bad.There's nothing wrong with the power consumption of the bulldozer architecture, so it's easy to have bad associations with the bulldozer, and nothing else.The performance of bulldozer is equivalent to the core I3 series processors core I5 to this level.
Q:Pile driver, pile, cylinder, oil seal installed, there is no positive and negative
Yes, no, you can take pictures before changing the seal, then change the seal.
Q:What are the prospects for a small pile driver and a foundation pile driver? Will it make money?
like Hunan Huilong piling machine is generally divided into: Machine lock rod rotary drilling rig, caterpillar rotary drilling rig, crawler wheel screw drilling machine, rotary drilling rig.

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