Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp

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Guangdong China (Mainland)

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Scaffold Ladder Clamp
Scaffold Ladder Clamp,Scaffolding beam clamp
High protected painted / galvanized scaffolding couplers
Q235 steel
For fastening steel tube and beam in construction
Safety brand scaffolding beam clamp
Life span:
5 years

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Scaffold Ladder Clamp is in bare package, suitable for shipmen. One container can load about 26 tons Scaffolding Beam Clamp .
Delivery Detail:after deposit 10 days


Scaffold Ladder Clamp
1.Galvanized clamp
2.Drop forged ladder clamp
3.Size : 48.3*45mm
4.Hot sale in African market.

Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp

Details of  Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp

1. Scaffold ladder clamp is made of Q235 steel which has high stength and superior ductility.

2. The production technique is drop forged which assure scaffold ladder clamp presicion specification and strong structure.

3. Galvanized surface clamp has excellent anti-rust property & a longer working life.

4. Diverse type and size of scaffold ladder clamp  are provided.

Specification of the  Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp :

clampCasting Fix clamp48.3*48.3mm0.85
Casting Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm0.9
Casting Sleeve clamp48.3*48.3mm0.9
Drop Forged Double clamp48.3*48.3mm1
Drop Forged Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm1.1
JIS Press Fix clamp48.3*48.3mm0.58
JIS Press Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm0.58
BS Press Fix clamp48.3*48.3mm0.85
BS Press Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm1.05
Inner Joint clamp48.3*48.3mm0.77
Putlog clamp48.3*48.3mm0.62
Board Retaining clamp48.3mm*40mm0.62
Beam clamp48.3*45mm1.52
Press Sleeve clamp48.3*48.3mm1
Limpet clamp48.3*45mm0.3
German Double clamp48.3*48.3mm1.2
German Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm1.4

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Q:A 3.0 m long steel chain is stretched out along the top level of a horizontal scaffold at a construction site,?
I'd look at this situation this way: The picture of chain lying on scaffold at the start has the center of mass (CM) of hanging part of chain at y/2 = 1.4/2 = 0.7 m from top of scaffold. At the finish, the entire chain is hanging in air with its CM at a distance = (1.6 + 1.4)/2 = 3/2 = 1.5 m from top of scaffold. So the change in CM position during the entire downward movement equals: 1.5 - 0.7 = 0.8 m. In first picture described above, the gravitational force on the hanging chain = (32)(1.4) = 44.8 N. In last picture entire chain hangs vertically off scaffold, gravitational force = chain weight = (32)(3) = 96 N. The average weight of chain pulling downward during the chain's movement = (44.8 + 96)/2 = 70.4 N Work done by the force of gravity on chain = (70.4)(0.8) = 56 J ANS
Q:Industrial/Scaffolding piercing problem?
the holes will heal themselves. the imprint will eventually fade completely. the soft cartilage thing...i don't understand. never heard of that before. maybe see a doctor if it's extreme.
Q:how much will scaffolding cost?
I had a detached 4-bed house surrounded (soffit and barge boards to do) by scaffold to a high standard for £180 in Kent. Two weeks hire, assembly and dismantle included (they left it there for 3 weeks in fact). Pay more than 200 outside and you're being ripped-off...
Q:A 115 kg scaffold is 6 m long. It is hanging with two wires, one from each end. A 540 kg box sits 1.8 m fro?
this is a torque question with two unknowns i.e. the two tension forces in the wires. to find the tension in the right one, let the pivot point be at the connection of the wire (the left one) and the scaffold. Then the following calculation: let T=tension in right wire r=the lever arm length the angle is 90 so no need to worry about the angle as sin90=1 sum of the anticlockwise moments=sum of the clockwise moments 6T=540x9.8x1.8+3x115x9.8 T=2151.1N (upwards) draw a diagram it helps you to see the question more clearly
Q:What percentage of fall-related deaths result from workers falling from scaffolding?
Apparently around fifty workers die each year from falling from scaffolding in the United Kingdom. Now, I don't know the stats, but if you think about all the old people who fall, the number of general unfortunate accidents and riding/cycling and other sport related deaths, I would imagine that the percentage is pretty low. I assume the general percentage would be about the same in the uk and us?
Q:On the high-profile model erection of fastener-type steel pipe and door scaffolding mix, combined with work and professional knowledge, not less than 2000 words of the paper
Norms written very clearly, seriously look to know.
Q:Exterior scaffolding step, pitch, span, respectively, what is the meaning
Steel scaffolding scaffolding, door scaffolding, bowl button scaffolding, disc-type plate-type scaffolding are the current domestic application of a wide range of scaffolding, of which the proportion of steel pipe fastener scaffolding larger door scaffolding is mainly used for decoration And indoor construction, bowl button scaffolding and bobbin scaffolding due to the two systems bearing capacity is mainly used for thick concrete thick heavy support, such as subway, stations, bridges and so on. Four scaffolding system as follows: steel pipe fastener scaffolding door scaffolding bowl button scaffolding plate button-type scaffolding scaffolding scaffolding scaffolding is the most versatile, the most widely used, the largest capacity, the most stable structure of the scaffolding system.
Q:What is the meaning of the structure of the weight of the fastener-type scaffold per meter of the pole, and the weight of the concrete that is at the top of the pole?
Scope of application ◆ Concrete surface, mortar surface, brick wall, stone surface, wood and other water-absorbing base can be applied Technical parameters Specifications: 0
Q:Who can give a calculation of the amount of scaffolding, and now offer the market!
Steel scaffolding in the fastener-type single-shelf should not be more than 24m, fastener-type double-row frame should not be tested for good Yao Wang Qi pseudo-sickle more than 50m
Q:Brackets Cast-in-place beam support must be used with bowl button scaffolding, can not use fastener scaffolding, there is no mandatory, or standard file requirements!
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