Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp

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Guangdong China (Mainland)

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Scaffold Ladder Clamp
Scaffold Ladder Clamp,Scaffolding beam clamp
High protected painted / galvanized scaffolding couplers
Q235 steel
For fastening steel tube and beam in construction
Safety brand scaffolding beam clamp
Life span:
5 years

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Scaffold Ladder Clamp is in bare package, suitable for shipmen. One container can load about 26 tons Scaffolding Beam Clamp .
Delivery Detail:after deposit 10 days


Scaffold Ladder Clamp
1.Galvanized clamp
2.Drop forged ladder clamp
3.Size : 48.3*45mm
4.Hot sale in African market.

Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp

Details of  Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp

1. Scaffold ladder clamp is made of Q235 steel which has high stength and superior ductility.

2. The production technique is drop forged which assure scaffold ladder clamp presicion specification and strong structure.

3. Galvanized surface clamp has excellent anti-rust property & a longer working life.

4. Diverse type and size of scaffold ladder clamp  are provided.

Specification of the  Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp :

clampCasting Fix clamp48.3*48.3mm0.85
Casting Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm0.9
Casting Sleeve clamp48.3*48.3mm0.9
Drop Forged Double clamp48.3*48.3mm1
Drop Forged Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm1.1
JIS Press Fix clamp48.3*48.3mm0.58
JIS Press Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm0.58
BS Press Fix clamp48.3*48.3mm0.85
BS Press Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm1.05
Inner Joint clamp48.3*48.3mm0.77
Putlog clamp48.3*48.3mm0.62
Board Retaining clamp48.3mm*40mm0.62
Beam clamp48.3*45mm1.52
Press Sleeve clamp48.3*48.3mm1
Limpet clamp48.3*45mm0.3
German Double clamp48.3*48.3mm1.2
German Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm1.4

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Q:is there a scaffold piercing like this that exists?
Well for the piercing, you'd just get a normal industrial piercing and change to that type of bar when it has healed (fully!). As for the bar... I have never seen one like that, so you'd have to get it custom made - that could be expensive. You'd have to get in contact with a manufacturer of body jewellery and see what they can do. Good luck :) Edit: That bar, however, looks like it would be very hard to get in, so you'd definitely have to check with a piercer to make sure the piercings are healed well before you put the new jewelry in.
Q:Seeking the current building construction specifications Daquan electronic version of the hair
Pay attention to check, remember to adopt a ,,,,,
Q:Bump on my ear after scaffold piercing?
the lump is basically skin. it's called a keloid. you will get them quite a lot with your scaffold. i got mine done like 3 months ago and i got a small tiny one right now, it is a part of the healing process and it is caused by touching it; not physically touching it but clothes rubbing it. it's perfectly normal to get them. to get rid of it use tea tree oil, get a q-tip put it into warm water and put a drop or two of the oil on the tip and just gently tap it on your lump. after like few days you will see that it will become smaller. hope i helped (:
Q:determine tension in a wire holding a scaffold?
call L the tension in the left wire and R the tension in the right wire the sum of these tensions must equal the weight of the scaffold and box, so we have L+R=(420+95)g=5047N the torques due to the tensions and weights must sum to zero if the scaffold is not to rotate; let's sum torques around the left pivot point, if we do, then: the torque due to L=0 since there is no moment the torque due to the box = 420xgx2.2m=9055.2Nm the torque due to the scaffold = 95 x g x 3.5 = 3258.5Nm (assuming the scaffold has a uniform density, its weight acts at the center of mass) the torque due to R is 7R and is in the opposite sense from the torques from the weights; therefore we have 7R=3258.5+9055.2 =>R=1759.1N and the torque from the left is 5047-1759.1=3287.9
Q:How can I model scaffolding for my students?
I don't think that scaffolding is something that you model in order for your students to do. Instead, it is somethign that you do to make sure that they are learning new information based on what they already know.
Q:what is scaffold in tissue engineering?
it's the structure that the tissue attaches or grows on. This scaffold supports the tissue and causes the shape. An ear would be an example of scaffolding by allowing an implantable framework to be placed under the skin on the back of a rat. Tissue will then grow and attach.
Q:Fastener scaffolding to the top of the top step What does this mean?
Misunderstanding 1: refrigerant for a year to change a lot of users feel that air conditioning used for some time, it must change the refrigerant, in fact, this view is not correct
Q:Is it normal for Your whole ear to be extremely sore after an Industrial / Scaffolding piercing ?
If it's top to bottom, then yes. If it's on an angle, then yes, just keep cleaning it.
Q:Who has a scaffolding new specification construction construction fastener type steel scaffolding safety technical specification JGJ130-2011. The The E-mail .. The The
Can not. I said buddy, you do not think about this thing, or think about how to do business it
Q:How much of the meter should be used in a square meter?
Professional class you can not ask anything here, the basic are everywhere blind copy to you, you'd better go to the mechanical and electrical professional website.

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