Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp

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Guangdong China (Mainland)

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Scaffold Ladder Clamp
Scaffold Ladder Clamp,Scaffolding beam clamp
High protected painted / galvanized scaffolding couplers
Q235 steel
For fastening steel tube and beam in construction
Safety brand scaffolding beam clamp
Life span:
5 years

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Scaffold Ladder Clamp is in bare package, suitable for shipmen. One container can load about 26 tons Scaffolding Beam Clamp .
Delivery Detail:after deposit 10 days


Scaffold Ladder Clamp
1.Galvanized clamp
2.Drop forged ladder clamp
3.Size : 48.3*45mm
4.Hot sale in African market.

Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp

Details of  Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp

1. Scaffold ladder clamp is made of Q235 steel which has high stength and superior ductility.

2. The production technique is drop forged which assure scaffold ladder clamp presicion specification and strong structure.

3. Galvanized surface clamp has excellent anti-rust property & a longer working life.

4. Diverse type and size of scaffold ladder clamp  are provided.

Specification of the  Construction Scaffold Ladder Clamp :

clampCasting Fix clamp48.3*48.3mm0.85
Casting Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm0.9
Casting Sleeve clamp48.3*48.3mm0.9
Drop Forged Double clamp48.3*48.3mm1
Drop Forged Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm1.1
JIS Press Fix clamp48.3*48.3mm0.58
JIS Press Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm0.58
BS Press Fix clamp48.3*48.3mm0.85
BS Press Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm1.05
Inner Joint clamp48.3*48.3mm0.77
Putlog clamp48.3*48.3mm0.62
Board Retaining clamp48.3mm*40mm0.62
Beam clamp48.3*45mm1.52
Press Sleeve clamp48.3*48.3mm1
Limpet clamp48.3*45mm0.3
German Double clamp48.3*48.3mm1.2
German Swivel clamp48.3*48.3mm1.4

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Q:Which of the following is the best definition of scaffolding?
Assisting the development of disadvantaged learners with early intervention experiences
Q:I would like to download the technical specifications for the construction of fasteners for steel construction scaffolding
There are requirements, the specific look at the drawings design, such as the use of 12J3-1 Atlas requirements as shown in Figure.
Q:I have decided to get two piercings, industrial/scaffold, and a tongue piercing?
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Q:A uniform 300nt. scaffold is 8 meters long. it hangs from two ropes, one at ech end. A 700nt painter stands...?
Let's mark left end as point A and right end as point B Let tensions in left and right rope are SA and SB respectively. Let G is weight of painter and Q is weight of scaffold. Let center of weight of painter is a=2m from A. Length of scaffold is L=8m Center of weight of scaffold is at its middle point b=L/2=8/2=4m from point A Two conditions of equilibrium: 1° there is no rotation ---> the sum of moments (torques) in any point of scaffold is zero. For point A: ΣMA = 0 (let's consider clockwise direction as positive) G*a + Q*b - SB*L = 0 ....(1) 2° there is no translation ---> the sum of all vertical forces including forces of tension in two ropes is zero ΣFy = 0 (let's consider downward direction as positive) G + Q - SA - SB = 0 .....(2) From (1) SB = (G*a + Q*b) / L SB = (700*2 + 300*4) / 8 = 325 N and from (2) SA = G + Q - SB SA = 700 + 300 - 325 = 675 N
Q:Scaffold/Industrial Piercing Hypertrophy Scar Tissue..?
i'm not real sure what your asking,but i had an industrial and mine got ripped out from the top and i have a scar a small dent-looking thing in skin where it ripped.but it's been almost six months now since it got tore out and the bump is finally gone..
Q:My mom is making me choose between and industrial/ scaffold ear piercing or a six pack of colored contacts?
Piercings like that take a year or more to heal properly, and I don't think it is worth that. On the other hand, colored contacts are incredibly stupid and I don't see why you would want them, much less need them.
Q:Is it acceptable to erect a scaffold slightly out of plumb or level? Why or why not?
No, they fall over or collapse when loads or stress is applied.
Q:scaffolding/industrial piercing?
You're not supposed to change jewelry until the piercing has healed. It can irritate and infect the piercing. I'd say it's just irritated right now. But I'd keep a close eye on it. If there's any puss, go to a doctor. Not back to your piercer. Your piercer should know that you can't change jewelry until it's healed, and they might've really screwed up your piercing. So if there's puss, definitely see a doctor. But right now just take some anti-inflammatories and do sea salt soaks and antibacterial soap washes. You can also buy tea tree oil and add a few drops to the sea salt soak. Tea tree oil is great with helping the healing process, and it can be found at any drug store or walmart! Just clean it, and keep a close eye on it. Industrials need to be babyed during the healing process since they're one of the most difficult healers. Good luck!
Q:a 200N uniform scaffold of length 8m is supported by two ropes?
The total force acting on the two ropes is equal to the total weight. T1 + T2 = 200 + 350 + 950 = 1500 N Counter clockwise torque = Clockwise torque Let the pivot point be at the left end. Counter clockwise torque = T2 * 8 The weight of the scaffold is at the center. The distance from the left end to the worker = 8 – 3.25 = 4.75 m Clockwise torque = 350 * 2.5 + 200 * 4 + 950 * 4.75 = 6187.5 T2 * 8 = 6187.5 T2 = 6187.5 ÷ 8 = 773.4375 N T1= 1500 – 773.4375 = 726.5625 N 0 …… 3.25 … 4.00 .… 4.75 ……… 8.00 T1↑ …350↓ … 200↓ … 950↓ ……… T12↑ I hope this helps you understand how to solve this type of problem!
Q:Is it ok to twist my scaffold piercing whilst cleaning it?
You should definitely twist it. If you don't, the hole could heal around it... so when you eventually go to twist or change it, it's going to break the scab that has formed onto the jewelry and then you'll be going through the healing process all over again. You wanna make sure the hole is healing, but not around the jewelry. It shouldn't stay swollen for too long. Just keep cleaning it. If it stays swollen, it might be irritated. Try to not sleep on it, not touch it without washing hands first, etc. If you're worried you could use a warm sea salt compress in addition to your normal cleaning. 8oz water + 1/4tsp salt. Works wonders for infections/irritation, and supposedly helps with with the healing process even if you're not having problems. It can't hurt. But make sure you use sea salt or kosher salt, not table salt.

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