Construction Scaffold Couplers British Type for Sale

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Construction Scaffold Couplers British Type for Sale


1.The scaffolding coupler is always used to connect the steel pipe as scaffolding system.

2.The often used coupler is swivel coupler and righ angle coupler .

3.We can provide types of scaffolding coupler according to your requirement.

4.Couoler can fix the 48.3mm scaffolding steel pipe tightly and make the whole scaffolding system more steadily.

5.Material:Q235 steel

6.Overall Size:48.3mm*48.3mm

7.Surface Finish: Galvanized/ Painted



10.Manufactuering as per customer requirements

Construction Scaffold Couplers British Type for Sale


(1)Excellent Anti-Breaking—Cold Pressed Steel

(2)Outstanding Resistance Deformation

(3)Strong Anti-Dropping Ability

(4)Longtime USe

(5)Qualtity Guaranteed

(6)OEM Service


Construction Scaffold Couplers British Type for Sale

Construction Scaffold Couplers British Type for Sale

Construction Scaffold Couplers British Type for Sale


Surface finishGalvanized
Weight1.1kg around
Package25pcs/bag,steel pallet
As per customer requirement
MarketAfrica, South America, the Middle East and Asia


Q: Are you a factory or trading company?    

We are a state-owned corporation in China,dealing with various kinds of building materials.We have our holding subsidiaries.

Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?    

Our factory is located all around China.

Q: Can I get some samples?    

Sample is free, customer only pay freight for the first time. 

Q: Delivery?

10-30days. (5-15 containers)

Any question,feel free to contact us.

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Q:Is that true that employees shall not work on scaffolds during storms or high wind?
it's certainly not a good idea.
Q:Eyebrow Or Industrial(Scaffold) Piercing?
The only problem i experienced was having a slight scar and my eyebrow hairs growing in a slightly off direction. Did i feel punk rock when I had it, yes. But, i wouldn't do it again. i have one mazing eyebrow, really hot. And another that's a little different/assymetrical. I would reconsider. I always wished i had my tongue pierced or my lip, like between the lower lip and chin. That is so hot on a a gal...or a guy.
Q:Ten points! What is it meant by 'scaffold' in this context?
building a basic structure
Q:People Who Have A Scaffold/Industrial Piercing..?
I had mine done yesterday.. and it truely didnt hurt. it felt like there was alot of pressure on my ear and it felt kinda hot, but it wasnt intense pain. i hate pain, but it was very tolerable
Q:What is the role of the small crossbar of the fastener type steel pipe scaffold and what is the setting requirement?
First of all, color steel tile is actually a class of color steel plate, but the color steel tile is mainly used for roofing of the building materials, are generally single-color steel plate, the common .. and so on, and this is what we often say color steel watt. For the color plate, he is a very large category, a single layer and sandwich two, the use is also very much, with roof, wall, wall panels, ceiling, other building materials, the use of very wide The From this point we can understand that color steel tile is a kind of color steel plate, and color steel plate is all kinds of color steel building materials in general, and the fact that this is also the official, with the development in recent years, color steel plate also The development of diversification, color steel tile is a kind of sandwich color steel plate is also a kind of color steel plate is becoming increasingly diverse and multi-functional, and one of his safety is also greatly enhanced, all kinds of Fire resistance, high strength color steel plate type is also increasing, such as polyurethane color plate, glass wool color plate, and so on. Color plate is in the ordinary people is difficult to catch up with the speed of development in the high-speed. Also believe that in the continuous development of color steel plate will be the same wonderful. Thus more rapid development.
Q:Is there any secondary construction division exams over the years? (Municipal) can pass a thank you
Fastener steel scaffolding 1) bearing capacity. When the scaffolding geometry and construction in line with the relevant requirements of the specification, under normal circumstances, scaffolding single tube column bearing capacity of up to 15kN ~ 35kN (1.5tf ~ 3.5tf, design). 2) easy assembly and disassembly, erection flexible. As the length of the pipe is easy to adjust, fastener connection is simple, and thus can be adapted to a variety of flat, facade buildings and structures with scaffolding. 3) more economical. Processing is simple, a low investment costs; if carefully designed scaffold geometry, pay attention to improve the use of steel pipe turnover, the amount of material can also achieve better economic results. Fastener steel pipe frame equivalent to about 15 kg per square meter of building steel.
Q:What are the specific requirements for the formwork of the fastener type steel pipe?
If the wall did not do modeling, then this approach is called waste, purely no money, with more. The general reason for doing so: wall moisture, but also need to paste the wallpaper, can play a barrier role, the same practice and upstairs. There is the need to do the wall shape will do so. Simply for the province of gray and leveling this way, that is too much money, because the surface of the gypsum board is still to be gray, but only a little water layer only
Q:What is the meaning of the structure of the weight of the fastener-type scaffold per meter of the pole, and the weight of the concrete that is at the top of the pole?
Scope of application ◆ Concrete surface, mortar surface, brick wall, stone surface, wood and other water-absorbing base can be applied Technical parameters Specifications: 0
Q:What are the specifications of the outer steel pipe for construction?
You can Google Oriental Rainbow's official website, there are rainbow days cat flagship store and the day cat mall and other links section will have the price and product display, it is recommended that you choose the Eastern rainbow waterproof products and standardized construction team, the East Rainbow is The most high-quality waterproof listed companies RPUF-371 sprayed rigid polyurethane waterproof insulation integrated system "Rainbow" spray foam polyurethane waterproof insulation integrated system is a rigid foam polyurethane foam waterproof insulation integrated material and protective layer composition
Q:How much does a scaffolding piercing hurt?
I got my nose done if u look for answers and it says it hurts it honestly dose not pinch it self it's feels like that and ur eyes might water bit it doesn't hurt x

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