Construction Machinery Wheel Loader Hot Sale

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China main port
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10 PCS/month

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Rated Loading Capacity: 3000KG Type: Front Loader

Product Description:

Product Description:



Feature: Wheel Loader

Condition: New

Model Number: 937H

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Brand Name: CMAX

Warranty: 1 Year

Application: Building, Construction, Industrial


Main Features


1. The 937H Wheel Loader is equipped with Dongfeng Cummins Engine.
2. This Wheel loader adopts 3 forward and 3 reverse power shift transmission.
3. The combined seal cylinder adopted by this wheel loader obtains high seal performance and more reliability.


 Construction Machinery Wheel Loader Hot Sale 


Images of Product


Construction Machinery Wheel Loader Hot Sale

Construction Machinery Wheel Loader Hot Sale

Construction Machinery Wheel Loader Hot Sale




Q1: How to control the Wheel Loader 937H?

A1: The control system has two control modes for the user's selection: wireless remote control, and panel control.

Q2: How do we guarantee the quality of our Wheel Loader 937H?

A2: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. At the same time, we provide extensive follow-up service assurances as required.




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Q:What are the specific uses of loaders?
In addition, the soil can be pushed, flat ground and other mechanical traction operations. As the loader has the advantages of fast operation, high efficiency, good maneuverability and easy operation, it has become one of the main types of earthwork construction in the construction of the project. That's all. Maybe there's not enough detail in some places! The price of each brand model is different, and the function of each loader can be found on the China mechanical and electrical data network! I won't say anything here! Because too many pure handwriting, non copy paste, forget to give points, I hope you can have a more in-depth understanding! Thank you
Q:What is a dependable machine to dig a hole 18 inches wide and a loader at the same time?
Five acres doesn't warrant a full grown Diesel tractor. Take a look at some of the compact tractors like Kubota or Yanmar. You can probably find a good used or reconditioned one with loader and backhoe in your price range.
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Q:can you download games straight of the usb loader channel?
No you can't do it straight off the USB loader.To get a game you either need to install it through a disc install or adding a game manually through your computer.I will warn you that copying games that you don't own the disc for is piracy.just email me if you want more info
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Q:Is bootroot.loader.dmg a virus?
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