Construction Hoist/Lifter/elevator SC200/200

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300 unit/month

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1. detailed information of construction hist

Pay-load capacity(per cage)(kg)2x2000
Lifting speed(m/min)0-33; 0-45; 0-63 m/min  
Max lifting height(m)150m
Power supply voltage/frequency380-415V/50HZ;440-460V/60HZ or according to local
Cage inner dimension(l*w*h)3 X 1.3 X 2.5m
Mast section(l*w*h)(m)0.65 X 0.65 X 1.508 m

Standard Section Height(m)

1.508 m
Number of motors/cage3
Rated motor power(KW)18.5*3
Weight of mast section(KG)195
Transducer power (KW)75


2 . Features of SC200/200 construction hoist 

  1. It is equipped with fully safety devices to guarantee the safe working,

  2. Stable running and comfortable adaptability.

  3. The transmission system adopted three drive motors and three sets of reduction gears

  4. It has simple electrical control system, convenient to be maintained and low failure rate


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Q:What are the requirements of the fire function of the elevator?
1, in the first layer of firefighters with a dedicated landing button or switch factory shift bite to help save the trip to seek leopard 2, forced landing time <60 seconds 3, bottom of the anti-water or drainage measures
Q:Vertical elevators between the two kamels distance 11m must be installed in the middle of the security door?
Yes, according to the regulations must be added security door.
Q:What is the elevator called?
1. Fire switch is definitely used when the fire, usually not allowed to use. 2. Press this switch to enter the fire state, any of the external call (that is, the call of the station) and the call (the car within the election layer instructions) to eliminate all the official flower ditch dumpling evil spear. 3. The so-called back layer, that is, automatically run the elevator directly to the pre-scheduled fire base station, is generally the first layer, put people out.
Q:District elevator no signal tube should be how to do?
1. The problem has nothing to do with the property company 2. You can collect the views of the owners to the mobile company reported to install the signal receiver & lt; wear flat bark strong Ducson Platinum Brush & gt; 3. Many owners do not want their own roof to install Signal receiver, you can collect the views of the owners or ask the owners to call the phone to the mobile company 4. Remember to ensure that the emergency call with the monitoring room communication links.
Q:Always dream of the elevator falling
There is no rule. Dreams should be, not solution. On the enjoyment of the word 1 Google space to find - what is the dream? And dream is the product of the individual itself?
Q:What does the elevator class A grade B grade C mean?
It is the qualification level, A level can be manufactured, installed, maintenance, transformation of the elevator, B can be installed for the blessing of the younger brother Xi Xi Ding false pseudo-sickle, maintenance, transformation of the elevator, C can be installed, maintenance, elevator. Technical Supervision Bureau to declare, by the special inspection to review, review a lot of content, such as the number of certified personnel, the installation of elevator maintenance and maintenance of various elevators, maintenance, safety, systems and so on.
Q:The relationship between load bearing and area of elevator
Elevator car area related standards see GB7588-2003 its parameter table as shown
Q:What is the meaning of a stock lift?
That is to say a hand to get a stock, from the lowest to get the highest price or the highest to the lowest, there are many times to buy or sell the opportunity but no operation.
Q:How can the elevator handle?
First floor, a look at the outsiders do know the layman on the fills, but also the idiot of the experts to teach others if it is a power outage, then immediately from the big numbers to a small number of times, so that the elevator can be a buffer every time that is a power outage , But also to press, your hands OKorder and OKorder guilty cunning armor for the anchor machine no electricity, and still there, press the phone can not answer the phone in addition to this sentence if the elevator is broken, it should be inside the elevator Of the sirens notice outside, or call (but the elevator inside the signal is not very good). The other is fart if the elevator off the person, you should press the elevator inside the alarm and the above intercom call to inform the outside and duty room, no one can use the phone to answer, no signal can beat the door, where the elevator flow Are relatively large, so do not worry about others do not know the elevator inside the air is flowing, do not worry will suffocate, because it is not sealed
Q:There is no exhaust fan in the elevator
There are two fans on the top of the elevator car. However, some businesses in the decoration of the elevator car when the top closed, so the basic fan does not work.

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