Construction for XLPE Insulated Corrugated Aluminum Sheath Cable with 64/110kV

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Product Description:

Wind energy cable


It is used for wind-generated electricity transmission system, voltage up-to 1.8/3 kV or below.

2、Type & Specification


300/500 V、450/750  V、0.6/1 kV、1.8/3 kV






300/500 V:

1~61 Cores:0.5~2.5

450/750 V、0.6/1 kV:

1 Cores:1~400;2、5 Cores:1~25;3、4 Cores:1~300;3+1 Cores:4~185;6~36 Cores:1.5~4

1.8/3 kV:

1 Cores:10~400;3 Cores:10~240


Q/XL J0230-2014、GB/T 29631-2013

2. Type and Sizes

   Voltage:   300/500 V、450/750 V、0.6/1 kV、1.8/3 kV



     300/500 V:1~61Cores:0.5~2.5 mm2

450/750 V、0.6/1 kV:1 Core:1~400 mm2;2 to 5 Cores:1~25 mm2;3 to 4 Cores:1~300 mm2;3+1 Cores:4~185 mm2;6 to 36 Cores:1.5~4 mm2

1.8/3 kV:1 Core:10~400 mm2;3 Cores:10~240 mm2

3. Characteristics

  ① Rating voltage is 300/500 V,450/750V、0.6/1kV、1.8/3kV

  ② The minimum permissible bending radius of cable is 5 times of overall diameter.

  ③ Installation ambient temperature should be no lower than -30℃.



1.Conductor  2.Conductor lapped covering 3.Insulation 4.Filler 5.Cabling lapped covering

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Q:Computer host configuration of about 1,000 yuan (preferably 1000 below) - probably as follows;
Cable trench as a power construction project should be cable trench construction construction design, cable trench construction program, according to the previous design requirements and programs in order to develop cable trench construction quality acceptance procedures
Q:110 voice patch panel directly to the telephone line can be connected to it
See home improvement or tooling, home improvement we will be buried in the trench below the pipe. Also need not particularly out of the picture, not so high demand. All the lines of the tooling must take the bridge, that is, from the ceiling to go, must be strong and weak to separate a distance, the line can not exceed 40% of the tube (tooling home improvement) to no longer clear the label is not OK, simply can not repair. And this is the national norm. Of course, the construction process of a lot of strong power or take the ground, but this is inside the floor. Can be drawn directly.
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The structure of the PV cable is shown in the table. The difference between the ordinary cable and the PV cable is analyzed: The common cable can be seen from Table 1 that the conductor and the PV cable used are consistent. ordinary cable insulation and sheath can be seen from Table 1 different from the photovoltaic cable. Ordinary cable is only suitable for use in general environment. the advantages of photovoltaic power cable: high temperature, cold, oil, acid and alkali salt, anti-ultraviolet, flame retardant, environmental protection, photovoltaic power cable is mainly used for harsh environment, the service life of more than 25 years.
Q:How high voltage armored power cable is grounded
Insulated isolation of the double shield control cable is the outermost armor layer should be grounded at both ends, the inner shield one end of the ground, is conducive to the rapid release of induced current.
Q:TV tiger when the set-top box when tv / ay look for a look on the platform
. the first two said two cables, KW is KVV that PVC insulated jacket control cable. . the control cable for industrial and mining enterprises, energy and transportation sector, for the exchange rated voltage 450/750 volts below the control, protection lines and other occasions, the use of PVC insulated, PVC sheathed control cable. . the performance difference: the power cable in the main line of power systems used to transmit and distribute high-power power, control cable from the power system distribution point of electricity directly to a variety of electrical equipment, power equipment, power lines. The rated voltage of the power cable is generally 0.6 / 1kV and above, the control cable is mainly 450 / 750V. The same specifications of the power cable and control cable in the production, the power cable insulation and sheath thickness than the control cable thick.
Q:Which has, know the power of the electrical, choose the cable formulas. And explain it
Basically are refining, the wax is also used, the high cost of particles
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Shaft bracket spacing is not necessarily a certain, and the bridge to the thickness of the model.
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I do not know, I do the task, although we also engage in cable
Q:What is the wiring principle in the home improvement circuit?
Section 4 "Downhole Cable" Article 466 No cable should be laid in the total return airway and the dedicated return airway
Q:PVC pipe line 6 points and 4 points which big ah?
The bearing capacity of the square millimeter in the wire decreases with the increase of the wire diameter, for example, 1 mm square meter

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