Construction for XLPE Insulated Corrugated Aluminum Sheath Cable with 64/110kV

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Product Description:

Wind energy cable


It is used for wind-generated electricity transmission system, voltage up-to 1.8/3 kV or below.

2、Type & Specification


300/500 V、450/750  V、0.6/1 kV、1.8/3 kV






300/500 V:

1~61 Cores:0.5~2.5

450/750 V、0.6/1 kV:

1 Cores:1~400;2、5 Cores:1~25;3、4 Cores:1~300;3+1 Cores:4~185;6~36 Cores:1.5~4

1.8/3 kV:

1 Cores:10~400;3 Cores:10~240


Q/XL J0230-2014、GB/T 29631-2013

2. Type and Sizes

   Voltage:   300/500 V、450/750 V、0.6/1 kV、1.8/3 kV



     300/500 V:1~61Cores:0.5~2.5 mm2

450/750 V、0.6/1 kV:1 Core:1~400 mm2;2 to 5 Cores:1~25 mm2;3 to 4 Cores:1~300 mm2;3+1 Cores:4~185 mm2;6 to 36 Cores:1.5~4 mm2

1.8/3 kV:1 Core:10~400 mm2;3 Cores:10~240 mm2

3. Characteristics

  ① Rating voltage is 300/500 V,450/750V、0.6/1kV、1.8/3kV

  ② The minimum permissible bending radius of cable is 5 times of overall diameter.

  ③ Installation ambient temperature should be no lower than -30℃.



1.Conductor  2.Conductor lapped covering 3.Insulation 4.Filler 5.Cabling lapped covering

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