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Continuous use up to 
...1300F (704C) 
Single Exposure up to 
...1600F (871C) 
Good Moisture, Chemical 
...And Abrasion Resistance 
High Temperature Stability 

Conductor: Solid or stranded thermocouple wire per 
ASTM E230 & ANSI MC96.1 

Insulation: Braided fiberglass with high 
Temperature impregnation* 
(24 to 30 AWG Served Glass) 

Construction: Parallel conductors 

Jacket: Braided fiberglass with high 
Temperature impregnation* 

Operating temperature: +1300F (+704C) continuous 
+1600F (+871C) single exposure 

Limits of error: Conforms to ASTM E230, IEC 584 
And ANSI MC 96.1 

Shanghai Tankii Alloy Material Co., Ltd.

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Q:6000 watts of electrical appliances to be large wire bearing
This depends on whether you use the three-phase power or single-phase power, and if it is three-phase power and not a long time full load operation, then 2.5 square copper wire enough; if it is single-phase 220V power, the best Or with 4 square copper wire more secure. Because 6KW 220V power supply current is about 28A or so, and 380V supply current is about 16A [according to Ohm law].
Q:Running electrical wires and cable wires?
Unless you're installing this TV in a motor vehicle, you're in the wrong category. Why not look for a better place to ask your questions.
Q:Will the HDMI cable only output video, and let the speaker output audio?
GB wire insulation tape off the pipeline line card is another tool hardware building materials stores have
Q:0.5 square feet can bring the number of watts
110 patch panel is generally used in the main voice, but you have to monitor the security can be used.
Q:Electrical wire voltage on the sheath?
Wires have a whole bunch of specifications. The metal, copper or aluminum…what is the current carrying capacity under a given set of circumstances… The insulator, the jacket For example a wire designed for a heating appliance like a range will not necessarily resist UV, oil…exposure The voltage rating is generally a function of insulation thickness The particular material, rubber, plastic, ceramic, glass, is more related to heat endurance Hope this properly answers your question Guru
Q:what is causing an electrical wire to heat up on a JOHNE DEERE LT155 RIDING MOWER?
You really need the electrical diagram or schematic wiring showing the wires running from the battery through the starting solenoid to the starter motor. The ignition switch controls the solenoid. When you turn the ignition switch to start, the engine cranks by making the solenoid connect the big red positive 12 Volt battery wire connection on one side of the solenoid to the big red battery wire on the other side of the solenoid going to the starter motor. So get the operation and maintenance manual for your mower and see what electrical components are shown. If you can disconnect at least one of the diode's wire connections and measure it's resistance with an ohmmeter (Digital Multi-Meter, DMM is a volt, ohmmeter, ammeter), it should not read less than hundreds of ohms no matter how you measure it.
Q:Electrical conduit and wiring?
14/2 romex wire can not be ran through a conduit,unless the outer casing has been striped off.Usually a THHN type wire is run through the conduit to a junction box and then connected to romex wires.The chart in my code book shows a maximum of 39 number 14 THHN wires in a 1 conduit.This is a 1987 edition code book and I think the codes for this has changed so now you wouldn't be able to put in that many wires.I would guess that you are not going to pull that many circuits for it to be a problem though.
Q:can I put a wire nut and electrical tape on a BX wire?
its fine just don't put the hot and neutral wire together also make sure that the junction box is accessible if it not then its a code violation and if you sell the house you can get sued for it.
Q:Knob And Tube Wiring - Electrical/Older Home?
Yes that is what knob and tube wiring looks like. The insulation that broke is the reason the system must be replaced ASAP. Also remove all of the aluminum wire, it is an extreme fire hazard. Have a qualified professional electrician do the work. This is vital for the safety of those in the house and the neighbors. KT is a fire waiting to happen and it may void your fire insurance if it is not replaced. You need an electrical upgrade now, also check the main panel and the meter and service drop. Upgrade to a 200 amp service and panel when the work is done. Any smaller is not a reasonable solution to the modern use of electricity. Turn off the power to all damaged wires and have them replaced. Call a qualified professional electrician to do the work today.
Q:can someone help with electrical wiring?
yes, if you install what's called a pigtail, which is a short length of cord rated high enough for the fixture [#14 would be sufficient], and has a grounded male pug on the end. The bare wire end needs to be secured in the fan wire junction box with the proper cord holding connector, Use wire nuts not electrical tape, and if you have an old extension cord that is 14 gauge or larger, go ahead and cut it up. Other wise you can buy a pre-made pigtail in the electrical dept of a home center. [You are basically just putting a cord onto the duct fan.] Good luck.

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