Constantan-type with high strength a quality

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Product Description:

Continuous use up to 
...1300F (704C) 
Single Exposure up to 
...1600F (871C) 
Good Moisture, Chemical 
...And Abrasion Resistance 
High Temperature Stability 

Conductor: Solid or stranded thermocouple wire per 
ASTM E230 & ANSI MC96.1 

Insulation: Braided fiberglass with high 
Temperature impregnation* 
(24 to 30 AWG Served Glass) 

Construction: Parallel conductors 

Jacket: Braided fiberglass with high 
Temperature impregnation* 

Operating temperature: +1300F (+704C) continuous 
+1600F (+871C) single exposure 

Limits of error: Conforms to ASTM E230, IEC 584 
And ANSI MC 96.1 

Shanghai Tankii Alloy Material Co., Ltd.

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Q:What is the design of the Chinese-style exhibition hall?
According to the current standard of China's wire and cable models - . BVVR is the wire model, said the recording of ethylene insulation, recorded vinyl jacket soft core copper sheath line, is the market to see a long two or three Wrapped together in the wire, if BVV is hard core, if BLVV is aluminum core ****. . KVVR is the cable model, and is the control cable model. R represents the soft core, and no L represents the copper core.
Q:What is the commonly used communication cable connection casing?
The depth of the poles is determined by the height of the rods and the geological conditions. In general, the depth of the buried is 0.1 +
Q:75 square meters of cable diameter is the number (GB)
75 square meters of cable diameter should be about 5mm. Cable (electriccable; powercable): usually consists of several or several groups of wires. Safety requirements: When the cables cross each other, the high voltage cable should be under the low voltage cable. If one of the cables is in the range of 1 m before and after the cross-pipe protection or partitioning, the minimum allowable distance is 0.25 m. When the cable is close to or intersecting the heat pipe, the minimum distance between parallel and cross is 0.5m and 0.25m, respectively. When the cable is crossed with the railway or road, the pipe should be protected from the rail or the road 2m. The distance between the cable and the foundation of the building shall be such that the cable is buried outside the building; the cable shall be pipe-protected and the protective pipe shall be outside the building. Directly buried in the ground between the cable and the grounding of the grounding device should be separated between 0.25 ~ 0.5m; buried directly in the underground cable buried depth, generally should not be less than 0.7m, and should be buried in the frozen soil layer.
Q:What is the use of fiber patch panels, where to apply?
1. Birds are just standing on a wire can not form a loop so there is no electric shock. 2. Birds feet from the distance even in the high voltage line will not form a step voltage.
Q:What is the meaning of PG + digital markings for electrical wiring?
Try not to go together. The ups line is a backup power supply. Is considered in the emergency inside
Q:"A USB device is not functioning properly and has exceeded the power limit of its hub port." This device connection should be interrupted. " The
Cpu with Intel e6600 what the motherboard on the use of medium can best find an acquaintance there is the kind of quotient or the business is easy to kill people
Q:50pe threading tube how to connect, such as to be buried 50 meters PE pipe, the connection between each pipe how to do, with what materials or tools.
If there is a group of two groups of weak lines, in order to prevent interference, should be more than 200mm distance, the specific requirements should be based on the scope of electromagnetic fields.
Q:What equipment does fiber engineering need? What are the brands?
5 kg (slightly less corrosion resistance, life than hot galvanized steel pipe life is short, low price economy) The Galvanized tube white shiny and reflective, very few snow-like, two-port clean zinc-free tumor
Q:75 flat cable, copper and aluminum, each can withstand much current
This problem is mostly due to the fact that the data lines are not original. However, sometimes obviously with the original data cable, but it will appear this situation. The reason is as follows: "This cable or accessories are not certified, can not work" reasons: One reason: the data line interface IC is not working properly, the data cable is damaged, need to replace the data line. Cause two: data line interface IC work properly, but the IC and the phone of a pair of code can not work properly, may be the interface of the cheat for a long time use, there are dirty, clean up and try again! Cause three: data line interface Gold and the circuit board welding Weld problem, the data line is damaged, need to replace the data line. Cause four: the use of high imitation lines, the general upgrade of the new system may lead to such a prompt, please replace the original original data cable. There is a "do not support this accessory" error reasons: one reason: just access the data line on the prompt, this problem is generally poor contact, the solution: to see if the data line gold finger dirty, and then view the phone jack Whether there is dirt, washed with cotton alcohol. Cause two: If you use the computer to charge, insert the front USB interface, this prompt is generally caused by insufficient power supply, please insert the back of the chassis, or charge charger. Cause three: the charger is not original, the voltage is insufficient, try to replace the charger.
Q:10KV high-voltage cable and heating pipe cross the safe distance
And the thermal pipe ditch parallel to the distance of 2 meters, the special circumstances can be reduced and reduced by half the value; cross-distance 0.5 meters, separated by a partition or cable pipe can be 0.25m see GB-94 Table 5.3.5 2006 version of the basic out or the implementation of this, to the local power supply management advice prevail

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