Cone crusher used on mining, metallury and cement plant

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Cone crushers are main equipments for intermediate/fine crushing the ores and rocks with different hardness in mining, forging, constructing, chemical industry, power stations and road laying. They have features of advanced structure, high output rate, easy adjustment and their products have even grains.


According to the structure, cone crusher can be divided into spring cone crusher, hydraulic single-cylinder cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic high energy cone crusher.


As the leading company of manufacturing cone crusher, NHI has most 60 years history on cone crusher manufacturing. NHI drafted out the standard of cone crusher. On the basis of successful experience in the design, combined with advanced technology, NHI began to design and manufacture the high-energy cone crusher since the early 1990s. After researching, development, design and manufacturing, carried the empty load test, micro- load test and mining industries test, NHI got complete successful result. All the equipments are well operated with advanced performance, and meet the design requirements. At present, NHI has finished the design of four significations, two types (standard and short head) and twenty-four kinds high-energy cavity cone crusher to meet the user’s requirements on a variety of processes, a variety of production and different size. For the past 60 years, NHI has provided more than 1,500 sets of cone crusher for domestic and foreign users.


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