Concrete Rinsing & Separating Maching from CNBM

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Product Description:

Introductions to Concrete Reclaimers


üCH Series

üSTF Series




Introduction to CH Series:



Sand and stones separated at one time

Very Clean and Contains little water & cement.

The  drum won’t be blocked easily by stone-out system.

Reliable  and easy maintenance.



The discharge capacity is not large enough. Eg, CH-100 is about 10m3/h (without dosing screw hopper).


Introduction to CR-150:

  Concrete Rinsing & Separating Maching from CNBM


Capacity  reach to 20m3/h.

10m3 waste concrete could be recycled within 30mins


No ramp, easy foundation, Small Space

3 trucks washing at one time



The sand and stones not separated at one time


Agitator Slurry Recycle Type:


The standard design of agitator slurry recycle system has 4 mixing tanks, 1 settling slope tank and 1 clean water tank.


The slurry pumps for batching plant is placed in mixing tank1, the slurry pumps for truck mixers and adding water are placed in mixing tank 3.


Working Process of Agitator Type:


Concrete Rinsing & Separating Maching from CNBM


Drive the truck to the fixed place.

Start the button switch and the Truck pump will start work (normally 3 mins)

The Sand Separator, Stone Separator, Hopper Pump will start work one by one.

Dump the waste concrete into the hopper.

The Sand Separator, Stone Separator will stop work automatically after 10 minutes.



Introduction toFilter Press System:


We provide a complete solution: from the choice of filter press, press filling pump, daily maintenance of filter cloth to the treatment of mud cakes.


The advantages of filter press system:


PLC Automatic Control

The Flap Board to prevent the water dropping to the muddy cakes.

Through the Electric Slurry Valve, the discharge of slurry water can be separated from the clean water.

Smart screen.


Treatment of recycled slurry cakes:


To produce cement bricks and blocks .

To reuse in the batching plant .

To be collected and disposed through Professional Device.



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Q:What are the advantages of HZS series of concrete mixing stations
Concrete mixing plant is composed of ingredients, mixing and electric control system components made sets of fully automatic concrete mixing equipment, and equipped with a separate manual control, automatic fall compensation, sand moisture content of compensation, can automatically accomplish the tank production. The theory of productivity 75 cubic meters/hour, discharging height is 3.8 meters, the storage hopper volume of 8 cubic * 3 warehouse or 4 warehouse, supporting the host is forced JS1500 type and double shaft mixer
Q:The average commodity concrete is mixed with a day to use how much fly ash
That depends on the amount of concrete and the ratio, there is no absolute value. In concrete, the amount of cement is very large, and the price of cement per kilogram of cement is more expensive than the price of ash, gravel, sand and water. On the premise of guarantee the quality of concrete, concrete mixing station of utmost reduce the dosage of cement is to reduce unit cost of concrete price, search is one of the important measures to prevent concrete cracking.
Q:What is the concrete of the mixing station?
What else can you do to sell concrete What is the station
Q:What raw materials and equipment do you need for your own admixture?
The admixture of concrete mixing station using a lot of more phyletic, the effect is different also, early strength agent, retarder, water reducing agent, and release agent, antifreeze, etc., which is a kind of do not know you to call. The admixtures are usually made by professional manufacturers, and the ingredients are not the same.
Q:How much concrete is produced by the js1000 type of the concrete mixing station
According to the national standard, 1 cubic host is the JS1000, the general theoretical productivity of the standard test concrete is not less than 50 cubic meters per hour. But the actual situation is fully automatic, normally can be above 40 cubic meters. The cement productivity would be low by hand.
Q:What kind of sand is needed for a concrete mixer
This is the premise of the 2.3-2.6 (which is better in this range) It can also be used by means of mechanism sand or mixed sand (coarse sand is used in a certain proportion), depending on the price of raw materials, to save the cost
Q:How long does it take to build a concrete mixer station?
The main idea is that the goods are completely incomplete, and the crane, the manpower, the mechanical tools. If everything is in place, then the pure installation will be two weeks to a month. Of course, also see you buy what type of product, container type is compared commonly faster, smaller and faster, under 3000 type slightly faster, 4000 and 5000 slowly
Q:What are the ingredients for the concrete mixing stations?
It is the raw materials for the concrete mixers, the sand, stone, cement, fly ash, mineral powder, various admixtures, water, basically these seven raw materials.
Q:What chemical materials are used in the concrete mixing station?
Do you mean admixtures? You want to make sure that you have a function, what purpose do you want to be able to make clear, usually with a buffer, a dilatant, and a densifier, and so on
Q:How much water does a concrete mixer use every day?
It is also a waste of water to flush the transports. Suppose you flush a vehicle with 1-2t water, rinse it 2-3 times a day, and use 20 cars a day for a medium size of a blender, 40 to 120 t a day. From this perspective, the reuse of washing water is very conducive to environmental protection and water conservation. The rational recycling of water in the mixing stations is also gradually being promoted. Our new hydraulic patent product concrete wastewater and sewage circulation recycling used by many domestic manufacturers, most of new mixing plant began to use the recycling equipment. The wastewater recovery system has made some efforts for the environmental cause of China.

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