Conch Shape Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Mobile Phone

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USB Charge Portable Mini Music Player Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Product Specifications

Product type:Bluetooth wireless speaker
Material/plastic type:plastic housing
1.Portable Bluetooth speakers with FM radio
 2.Built-in TF-smart decoder plays MP3 format files in TF-card
 3.With handsfree calls,
 4.With voice prompt

5.Bluetooth V3.0, 3.5mm AUX audio input,contact PC,iPhone, MP3,MP4,mobile        phones,etc.
  6.The outer eight G-flash
  7.Dual-channel 16 bit DAC audio output
Conch shape, touch design
  9.WIth indicator light
  10. Supports MP3,WMA,WAV format of music
  •   11.Intelligent voice bluetooth speakers

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Conch Shape Mini Bluetooth Speaker for Mobile Phone

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