Concentric Butterfly Valve DN150

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No.Part NameMaterial
1BodyCarbon Steel/Stainless Steel/Cast Iron/Ductile Iron/ Al-Bronze
2DiscAl-Bronze/CF8M/Ductile iron/WCB
4StemCarbon Steel/Stainless Steel314/Stainless Steel316
6O ringEPDM/PEFE/Buna/NBR/Hypalon


DIN PN10/16/25; ANSI B 16.1
BS4504; ISO PN10/16
JIS B 2212/2213
BS 10 table D; BS 10 table E


1. Small in size, light in weight, easy installation and maintenance.

2. Simple and compact construction, quick 90 degree on-off operation.

3. Minimized operating torque, energy saving.

4. Flow curve tending to straight line, excellent regulation performance.

5. Long service life, standing the test of tens thousands opening/closing operations.

6. BUbbles-tight sealing with no leakage ubder the pressure test.

7. Wide selection of materials, applicable to various medium.

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Q:Why would a ball float toilet valve allow air to bubble up thru the water when the tank is full?
Q:Pressure balancing valve adjustment in shower?
the new single handle tub and shower valves all come with a scald guard mechanism.(its code so kids cant turn on the hot and burn themselves). take the handle off and mess with it. it will be grey or black with a bunch of grooves on the outside. keep adjusting it till it satisfies you.
Q:Help! Sticky Trumpet Valve?
I would wager there is no dent, but the valves aren't quite straight. They have to be straight. Don't know what it will cost to fix, they may have to be replaced.
Q:What is the purpose of those new valves on bikes that are longer and skinnier and that you?
first off they are not new ;-) These two standards have been around a long time. valve stems come in two types, schaeder and presta. Now i sometimes get these mixed up but I think Presta is the narrower valve. If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will correct me ;-) Either way there are these two types. Here we are referring to width/diameter not length. the thicker valves are usually on mountain bikes, some comfort bikes. the thinner narrower valves are usually on road bikes, some cross bikes, the type with skinny tires. Most bike pumps these days whether floor pump to mini pump will work for *both* Schaeder and Presta. The valve end on your pump (unless it's a piece of c*^ from Wallmart) SHOULD simply unscrew, reverses and voila! You can now pump up the tires of your MTB and your road bike or help another rider out! Now, on to your actual question ;-) Sorry for the drift. the long valve stems have to do with Aero wheels. These are rims, usually carbon that are designed to be very narrow and literaly slice the wind for faster acceleration. these are usually road bike rims, the skinny tires. Examples of Aero rims would be like Rolf Elan. Because of the design of the aero rim a longer valve stem is needed or it would literaly be lost within the carbon rim. But you don't have to have aero rims to have a tube with a longer stem. The stems on most tires are available in long, short, medium. I like to have the length match, it's just an aesthetic thing. But the function is exactly the same and the difference in weight is negligable. So to sumarise if you have aero rims you *must* choose tubes with a longer valve stem. If you don't have aero rims you can use them if you like, doesn't really matter, it's all what you like. but you do not need a different pump.
Q:egr valve on an 89 corsica?
You have likely got a bit of carbon in the EGR that you can clean after you remove it, I usually spray some penetrating oil into the valve hold my finger over the hole that I sprayed into and turn the valve over, if it leaks the seat is dirty and cleaning the carbon out may help. also push up on the plunger several times to be sure that it doesn't stick alternate carb cleaner with penetrating oil until the valve is free and no longer leaks when inverted. As far as your question the test you described doesn't test the EGR or the EGR solenoid correctly at all. On some the car needs to be in gear to actuate the EGR, all you need to do is check that there is vacuum to the solenoid and that the EGR valve works freely. If the EGR fails to work the check engine light should be on and you can check the code to get a clue as to why.
Q:What does dropping a valve seat mean?
I don't know if cars really have replaceable valve seats or seats that can come loose (maybe they do with aluminum heads). But if a valve contacts a piston for whatever reason the valve and piston can sort of disappear (ie, break up). How many miles are on the car, and if it has a timing belt, did you ever replace the timing belt at the recommended miles (not normally an issue for engines with timing chain). Many engines are interference engines which means that if the timing belt breaks and pistons keep moving, a piston can hit a valve. Although, we had a regular V8 engine do that (valve and piston disappear) with a car from the late 1960's (not sure of actual cause, we replaced it with a used engine).
Q:What is another name for a valve?
Valve comes from latin valva. There is not other name for it in engineering, but some times is referred as a cock, if the valve is used as shutoff valve, it is also known as shutoff cock. For irrigation, sometimes large gate valves are also known as gates. I can give you many names for the type of valves but I can't think of any other name that replaces valve.
Q:where are angle valves used ?
I I hope that I adequately answered your question. Wingman
Q:will fuel system cleaner help with an egr valve?
No it will not help, in any case, it is cheap to replace.
Q:Question about my bicuspid aortic valve?
Yes you might have constantly had this, it is some thing you had been born with. A natural aortic valve is tricuspid, that's it has 3 final flaps, however a bicuspid valve best has 2 flaps. Sometimes those bicuspid valves provide no issues, however in a few individuals they are able to result in center murmur later in lifestyles ( mostly on your 30s or 40s ) in view that they enable somewhat blood to leak again the flawed manner while they're closed. If this will get extreme sufficient, you can also want surgical procedure to suit a man-made valve. This is lovely ordinary at the moment and now not some thing to fear approximately.

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