Computer instrumental cable automatic control system

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Product Description:

It is  used in the automatic control system which the computer is as the main  equipment, suitable for DAS in the industrial control system, MCM,SCM and DCS in  the alarm system. It can connect all kinds of the transducer, transmit the  analog and digital signal of the testing, controlling, interlocking and alarm in  the prodction.

PE or  flame-retardant PE is used as the insulation.When transmitting the signal with  low frequency, short distance or without any special requirements,PVC insulation  can be used.If used in the special site, it should be used the following  insulation, such as EPR, low-smoke and halogen-free polyolefin, PP or silicon  rubber, fluoroplastic.In the table of structure size and prodcut weight, the  reference of the sub shielded, general shielded, sub plus general shielded for  pairs and triple are shown.We can provide the data according to the special  needs.

Implemented standard

British standard BS5308,enterprise  standard


1)       Rated AC Voltage:  U0/U:300/500V

2)       The highest operating  temperature of condcutor:

PE  insulation--70;      XLPE insulation,EPR--90;           Silicon  rubber,fluoroplastic--200;                               low smoke and  halogen-free polyolefin--70;                     low-smoke and halogen-free  Cross-linked polyolefin-90 and  105 two  types.

3)       The lowest environment  temperature:


The  lowest environment tem

Installation and laying tem

Fixed  deploy

None  fixed

Constant tem cable




Fluoroplastic and silicon rubber  cable




4)       Allowable minimum bending  radius:

No  armor,inerlocked or braided armor nosmaller than 6times of the outer diameter of  the cable

Copper tape shielded or steel wire an steel tape wrapped armor: no  smaller than 12times of the outer diameter of the  cable.

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Q:Is there a compatable power cable for Advent AW10 printer?
Here is the support site you could order the part from adventprintersupport-en.custhelp.... You could get from a computer store if there is one near by...
Q:Can you use a graphics card w/o power cables?
I have heard of modifying the cables so they can plug into a gpu, but that is pretty risky. Your card should have came with at least 1 2 Molex to PCIe Converter cable.
Q:What cables do I need for this graphics card?
You don't need any power cables. The board gets power from the mother board. You need a PCI-Express slot on your mother board. If you're asking about video cables to the monitor, it says in the listing... Interfaces 2 x DVI-I - 29 pin combined DVI , 1 x HDMI - 19 pin HDMI Type A , 2 x DisplayPort - Apple mini-DisplayPort You only need one of these unless you are running more than 1 monitor. I would look on your monitor and see what connections you have. (2) DVI-1 is common is older stuff, (1) HDMI is the newest technology and common for HDTV, (2) Apple ports for Apple enabled monitors.
Q:what phone works when you have no power and cable?
plug your phone into the UPS on your computer. This will keep the phone working for a couple minutes, but the internet access may go away too. What you need to keep the phone working is a traditional land line, a traditional phone used for power failure. Even in big businesses that use a PBX or eKSU, we install power fail phones. SOME Vtech phones have a slide out drawer in the base unit where you can charge a battery. This will keep the base unit working without power.
Q:Can I use the PSP Power/Recharge Cable with the PS2 Slim?
No you can't, the PSP AC adapter has a lower volt ammount then the one required to power a PS2 So your going to have to play your PSP while you wait for the replacement PS2 cord to come to come
Q:I got a 6750 graphics card from my parents, recently, but my dog got a hold of the power cable it came with.?
Q:I found my SATA power cable, but can't find where to insert my SATA data cable?
Short Answer: You plug the data cable into the drive on one end (usually a hard drive), and the sata ports mounted on the motherboard. Details: A sata data cable runs between the drive (most likely a hard drive, mounted towards the front of the computer) and the motherboard, which is the huge circuit board that everything else plugs into. If you look at the board, you'll see a section with 2 - 6 little plugs (each about the width of your fingernail, but half the height), with a sort of L shape in the middle of each one. Those are the SATA data ports. Yes, bizarrely enough, they are actually smaller than the power connectors. Near each of this the port number is printed in ridiculously small type, so you may need a magnifying glass or something to read them. Ideally, you want to plug your main hard drive into the lowest port number available, usually either 0 or 1. I apologize if I sound condescending, but I've found it's better to underestimate a users technical knowledge and give them details they don't need than to overestimate their tech skills and leave them frustrated and confused. As for your other questions: Power cables run between the power supply and the drive, so that doesn't necessarily mean your motherboard supports it. However, if this PC is only a few years old, it probably will. If you see the ports I described above, then it does. If it doesn't support sata, you can easily buy a 'sata controller card' for about $30-40 that'll plug into one of the pci or pci-express slots on your motherboard. btw, that model you gave is for the power supply, not the whole computer. The computers model number is usually listed on a sticker somewhere on the outside of the case, usually the back.
Q:Is a so-called high-end power cable going to really make my stereo/home theater sound better?
No. However you can easily make your own high end cables buying iec connectors on line or if your gear does'nt have iec connectors, you can solder new cable in to it. I made my own 12 gauge cable with Wattgate interconnects, nice attractive wrap and 12 gauge entension cord I purchased at Walmart (50 feet made me a lot of power cords- cost me $16 for the extension and $10-12 per IEC connector and $16 for 50' of wrap ). Noticeable improvement? No, not at all- but my cable looks just as high end and as pretty as the fancy $100-300 stuff. If your scared of making your own cables, check out OKorder. There is a seller out there offering some really good looking cable ( I think it's 12g-14g ) priced at around $60. The home theater market is BIG business and there are companies out there with so many exaggerated claims about their products that it's mind-boggling. Well, gotta run, I need to put a line conditioner on my refrigerator so that it keeps my food fresher.... LOL.
Q:Question about replacing the power supply?
The HDD power cable has no clips, the SATA cable usually does though. The ATX power cable especially (20/24pin) will give quite a lot of resistance, just make sure to keep pushing the clip down while pulling up equally, meanwhile, keep an eye on the motherboard, it'll flex and bend as you pull it up, but yes, you will have to pull quite hard to get things out, harder than you would normally think, I was the same as you, I keep thinking if I pull/push too hard or force things they'll break, but components are far more robust and resistant than you think.
Q:what volt fuse do I use in my audio power cable on my car amplifier? ripspeed amp.?
G man and timothy are the only ones who are right. The others do not understand about fuses. The current rating is an absolue so an 8amp fuse will blow when 9 amps goes through it. The voltage is just an indication of the possible use, but it just does not matter in this range. At all. SO sorry your husband is right and it would work fine and give exactly the same protection as the original. You are not changing the specification in any way that matters. If you want the physics, heat produced in a wire equals I (current) squared x R (resistance) x time (seconds) Joules. No voltage element in that equation. SO if the current flowing generates more heat than can radiate away from the fuse wire, it will get hotter until it melts - when the fuse has blown.

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