Computer instrumental cable automatic control system

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It is  used in the automatic control system which the computer is as the main  equipment, suitable for DAS in the industrial control system, MCM,SCM and DCS in  the alarm system. It can connect all kinds of the transducer, transmit the  analog and digital signal of the testing, controlling, interlocking and alarm in  the prodction.

PE or  flame-retardant PE is used as the insulation.When transmitting the signal with  low frequency, short distance or without any special requirements,PVC insulation  can be used.If used in the special site, it should be used the following  insulation, such as EPR, low-smoke and halogen-free polyolefin, PP or silicon  rubber, fluoroplastic.In the table of structure size and prodcut weight, the  reference of the sub shielded, general shielded, sub plus general shielded for  pairs and triple are shown.We can provide the data according to the special  needs.

Implemented standard

British standard BS5308,enterprise  standard


1)       Rated AC Voltage:  U0/U:300/500V

2)       The highest operating  temperature of condcutor:

PE  insulation--70;      XLPE insulation,EPR--90;           Silicon  rubber,fluoroplastic--200;                               low smoke and  halogen-free polyolefin--70;                     low-smoke and halogen-free  Cross-linked polyolefin-90 and  105 two  types.

3)       The lowest environment  temperature:


The  lowest environment tem

Installation and laying tem

Fixed  deploy

None  fixed

Constant tem cable




Fluoroplastic and silicon rubber  cable




4)       Allowable minimum bending  radius:

No  armor,inerlocked or braided armor nosmaller than 6times of the outer diameter of  the cable

Copper tape shielded or steel wire an steel tape wrapped armor: no  smaller than 12times of the outer diameter of the  cable.

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YJ: cross-linked polyethylene insulation V: PVC sheathed 22: steel tape armor 8.7 / 15KV: rated voltage: 8.7 / 15 kV 3 * 300: three conductor cross-section of 300 square copper conductor Another: such as YJLV Is the aluminum core. Here is not marked what the material is conductor, you can default to copper conductor.
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When the armor leads directly to ground to buy the cable terminal, the manual has a specific production process

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