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The product is used for connection cable in the electronic computer and automatic equipment that demands high anti-interference and its rated voltage should be 500 or below. The cable's wire core insulation adopts low-density polyethylene with fine chemical stability.The polyethylene is provided with high insulated resistance,fine withstand boltage.The dielectric coefficient is low,and its dielectric loss is little affected by the temperature and frequency.It can meet the demand of transmission performance and also can guarantee the service life of the cable.
   The cable adopts shield structure in order to reducing mutual interference and external interference among the loops.According to different operating places,the demand of the cable shield seperately adopts:the methods of paired composite shield,total shield of paired composed cable,total shield after paired composite shield etc.
   Type,description and main application of the computer cable see table 1.

TypeNominal cross-sectional area of conductor (mm2)Pairs
TypeDescriptionMain Application
DJYVPPE insulated double-twist copper-wire woven general shield PVC sheathed electronic computer cableFor laying indoors,in trenches and in ducts
DJYVP2PE insulated double-twist copper band general shield PVC sheathed electronic computer cable
DJYVP3PE insulated double-twist aluminium foil and plastic film general shield PVC sheathed electronic computer cable
DJYPVPE insulated double-twist copper-wire woven branchl shield PVC sheathed electronic computer cable

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Q:Buying a Xbox 360 without a Hard Drive, Power Cable, AV Cables, and so on.?
you only want the console weird, without a hardrive? Try a pawnshop a place where people go to give things that are missing or don't want anymore, a place where you could sell anything
Q:Power cable help! I don't want my house to go into flames...?
Don't worry too much about what the cord says. Worry about the power requirements on the appliance label, and making sure you are feeding it with the voltage required, with a capacity within the range. In your instance, you will need a converter transformer that converts your outlet voltage to 100V, and has 550 or larger watt capacity.
Q:can i use a 13A 125V or 15A 125V power extension cable with a 10A 125W one?
The 10 amp and 13 amp ratings are just the maximum amount of current those cables are made for. Your TV will only use 2 or 3 amps, so both cables are fine.
Q:I have a Benq scanner 5000 and have lost its power cable.?
Q:Where can I purchase a power cable for our Toshiba Equium laptop?
it sounds as if the jack plug on the board needs doing. it is a common problem and reasonable in cost to repair.
Q:Can you use a graphics card w/o power cables?
You can but the system will be very unstable, that's even if it boots at all.
Q:Power Failure-Cable TV Won't Work?
Yes, there has to be a problem in the cable system.
Q:What is the wiring principle in the home improvement circuit?
Section 4 "Downhole Cable" Article 466 No cable should be laid in the total return airway and the dedicated return airway
Q:PC works after unplugging and plugging motherboard power cables. Why?
nicely it relies upon, feels like a heating concern... Your power furnish ought to have a fan on it, seem and hear be sure that is going, using fact it sounds like it is no longer, if thats the case you will the two ought to do some extremely tedius artwork removing the ability furnish and replaceing the fan, or purchase a sparkling one... yet once you particular the psu you examined it with works and the pc nevertheless didnt boot, nicely then it must be greater, be sure all followers and what no longer come on and attempt it
Q:pc wont boot with 4pin power cable from psu plugged in.?
change the hdd interface bus u may get solution otherwise replace it.

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