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The product is used for connection cable in the electronic computer and automatic equipment that demands high anti-interference and its rated voltage should be 500 or below. The cable's wire core insulation adopts low-density polyethylene with fine chemical stability.The polyethylene is provided with high insulated resistance,fine withstand boltage.The dielectric coefficient is low,and its dielectric loss is little affected by the temperature and frequency.It can meet the demand of transmission performance and also can guarantee the service life of the cable.
   The cable adopts shield structure in order to reducing mutual interference and external interference among the loops.According to different operating places,the demand of the cable shield seperately adopts:the methods of paired composite shield,total shield of paired composed cable,total shield after paired composite shield etc.
   Type,description and main application of the computer cable see table 1.

TypeNominal cross-sectional area of conductor (mm2)Pairs
TypeDescriptionMain Application
DJYVPPE insulated double-twist copper-wire woven general shield PVC sheathed electronic computer cableFor laying indoors,in trenches and in ducts
DJYVP2PE insulated double-twist copper band general shield PVC sheathed electronic computer cable
DJYVP3PE insulated double-twist aluminium foil and plastic film general shield PVC sheathed electronic computer cable
DJYPVPE insulated double-twist copper-wire woven branchl shield PVC sheathed electronic computer cable

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Q:Where can you find a replacement VOX Valvetronix power cord and guitar jack?
The power cable is just a standard plug. The one in the back of your computer will work. You can find replacements at drug stores, Radio Shack, hardware stores, Best Buy, and of course guitar stores. The instrument cable is a standard 1/4'' jack and the cable is shielded. This you can find at Radio Shack, a guitar store, or Best Buy. Make sure you get an 'instrument' cable. Speaker cable looks similar and will actually work but it's not shielded and you'll get electrical interference messing up your signal.
Q:HP Deskjet F4280 - Power cable sold anywhere?
There's nothing special about the cable, it's a standard 3-wire cable. I imagine the power cable from your desktop computer fits (try it to be sure). It doesn't have to say HP on it. These are available everywhere -- Radioshack, OfficeMax, OfficeDepot, Staples, Target, Walmart, even your local hardware store.
Q:What kind of power cable do I need?
i hav seen this types of cables, but i don't know the name it i thing since u hav the pic, print the pic show it to shop keepers they will provides u with exact 1s with guaranty
Q:Does every power unit have a PCI-E cable built in.?
i might say pass with a 500W capability grant. its basically greater adaptable in case you propose on upgrading this laptop sooner or later. additionally, what photographs card are you utilising? and in case you propose on a bigger photographs card sooner or later, you particularly ought to evaluate 650W. btw a philips screwdriver is a + area screw driving force so its prevalent and that they are basically particular on its shape. which ever photographs you would be utilising, i might inform you to stick to Nvidia over ATI i'm hoping this permits.
Q:Power cable ZRYJV-4x70 + 1x35 What does it mean?
51 laying of cables 511 cable laying should meet the following requirements: 1 cable type, specifications should be consistent with the design requirements
Q:Calculation method of wire and cable outer diameter
(In accordance with the power cable, single-core cable sheath of the nominal thickness should not be less than 1.4mm, multi-core cable nominal thickness should be not less than 1.8mm), the thickness of the jacket, 2. On-line measuring sheath thickness: Sheath thickness = (circumference after extrusion of the jacket - circumference of the jacket) / 2π or sheath thickness = (circumference after extrusion of the jacket - before the jacket Circumference) × 0 .. Insulation thickness of the most thin point: Nominal value × 90% -0.14. Single core sheath the most thin point: Nominal value × 85% -0.15. Multi-core sheath thinnest point: Nominal value × 80% -0.26. Wire armor: Number of roots = {π × (inner sheath outer diameter + wire diameter)} ÷ (wire diameter × λ)
Q:Where is the firewall on the honda fit 2008? Setting up subwoofer?
The firewall is the bulkhead between the Passenger compartment and the engine bay. Look for a rubber grommet in the firewall/bulkhead that has existing wires going through it and use this. Some firewalls have grommets that you can use to pass your power cable through from the battery. Remember to put an in line fuse on th live cable of the correct rating.
Q:What power cable can I use with a server?
You should be able to use a large three prong power cable (with a ground on it) for your server.
Q:Power cord(cable) size?
If you have the ability to increase the voltage to compensate for the volt drop and the cable has sufficient current carrying capacity, then you are fine. The volt drop will cause a little wasted power but nothing compared to cable costs probably. Presumably your boosted voltage generator wont be powering anything else or that will give you problems Edit, Cables are rated in rms voltage
Q:The power cable troughs are divided once and twice
The function of the cable connector is used for the protection of the cable

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