Compressed Garbage Truck Original PLC System

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Compressed Garbage Truck Original PLC System 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:HJK5160ZYS



Certification:ISO9000, CCC, CE



Emission Standard:Euro 4


Engine Type:Isde210 40/Isde180 40







Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.


HS Code:8705909990

Production Capacity:3000 Units/Y

Product Description

1. Basic Information
Vehicle dimensions (mm): 8800*2480*3070        Total mass (Kg): 16000
Rated load (Kg): 5500                                                 Curb weight (Kg): 10305
Engine model: ISDe210 40 /ISDe180 40                 Engine Power (kw/r/min): 155/2500  136/2500
Volume of container(m3):11.8                                    Maximum speed (km/h):100
Load cycle time (s):≤ 22                                               Unload cycle time (s):≤ 35
Maximum speed (km/h): 100                                      Rated pressure of hydraulic system(Mpa):18
Wheel base(mm): 4500                                               Minimum turning diameter (m):  ≤17

Chassis modelDFL1160BX4Engine modelISDe210 40 /ISDe180 40
Engine Power (kw/r/min)155/2500
Total mass (Kg)16000
Rated load (Kg)5500Curb weight (Kg)10305
Wheel base (mm)4500Cabinet volume (m3)11.8
Vehicle dimensions (mm)8800*2480*3070

Compressed Garbage Truck Original PLC System

Compressed Garbage Truck Original PLC System

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