Complete Set of Quenching Equipment (Good Quality)

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Product Description:

Application Scope

Quenching heat treatment of metal workpiece.

Function Structure

Complete set of quenching equipment is mainly composed of quenching machine tool, quenching power supply (medium frequency power supply, high frequency power supply, super-audio frequency power supply) and cooling equipment. The quenching machine tool is composed of machine tool bed, upper and lower clamping mechanism, clamping and rotating mechanism, cooling system, quenching liquid circulation system and electric control system. Customer can select quenching machine tool as per quenching technics. For special workpiece or technics, the quenching machine tool can be designed and manufactured according to heating technics requirement.


      Quenching power supply generally selects parallel induction heating power supply. In order to stabilize quenching frequency to adapt multiple workpiece specifications, tank circuit of quenching power supply need to select quenching transformer. 

感应加热设备 金属热处理 动态无功补偿 PC钢棒 高频焊机 高频开关电源  感应加热设备 金属热处理 动态无功补偿 PC钢棒 高频焊机 高频开关电源  感应加热设备 金属热处理 动态无功补偿 PC钢棒 高频焊机 高频开关电源  感应加热设备 金属热处理 动态无功补偿 PC钢棒 高频焊机 高频开关电源

Technical Features

Ø  Perfect structure design

1.Integration design of switchgear rectifying cabinet and inverter output cabinet, with compact structure and small size.

2.The power supply selects DC chopper mode to ensure the grid side power coefficient≥0.92 and a relative lower harmonic content.

3.High standard electromagnetism compatibility design, electromagnetism radiation meets national standard. Closed cabinet design, meeting rigor environmental requirements on site.

4.The shape of quenching inductor is decided by workpiece and quenching technics, and the inductor is well-made.

 Ø   control system

1. PLC program control or CNC numerical control is optional.

2. AC full digital servo control, numerical control system adopts every advanced control circuits to reduce position tracking error to minimum, and compensate nonlinear error of static/kinetic friction of mechanism system automatically.

3. Quenching machine tool and power supply has perfect protection function with reliable working and low failure rate.

   * Can be customized according to user’s requirement.


* equipment selection

Ø  penetration heatingA kind of heating method that heat treatment layer is less than current thermal penetration depth, and with suitable specific power density.

Workpiece surface superheat is small, with thin thermal transition layer and high heating efficiency (quenching efficiency is 30~40%)

      Ø  power

power density (specific power)The ratio of the power acquired by the workpiece to the heating surface.

                  kW/cm2                       simultaneity heating quenching                          continuous heating quenching
              Quenching method               specific power scope               commonly used specific power                specific power scope                commonly used specific power
               M.F. quenching                0.5~2.0                0.8~1.5                1.0~4.0                2~3.5
               H.F. quenching                0.5~3.5                0.8~2.0                1.0~4.0                2~3.5


For workpiece with complicated shape (gear, keyway, eyelet), select lower limit.

For inner hole, flat surface, simple shape compact structure shaft and big workpiece, select upper limit.


Ø  power


For workpiece with complicated shape (gear, keyway, eyelet), the frequency should be lower.


Ø   power distribution

感应加热设备 金属热处理 动态无功补偿 PC钢棒 高频焊机 高频开关电源
   感应加热设备 金属热处理 动态无功补偿 PC钢棒 高频焊机 高频开关电源
(simultaneity factor)0.8~0.9 


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Q:What is the difference between industrial furnace masonry and ordinary masonry?
Furnace industry is not generally Mason walls, needs to have a professional operation and rich construction experience, high level of industrial furnace is difficult to get.
Q:What is the difference in structure between industrial furnace and boiler?
From the way: industrial furnace (electricity, natural gas, gas, induction heating is considered electricity), boilers (coal, all kinds of hot exhaust gas, a variety of gas, seemingly less electricity).
Q:How many kinds of industrial electric furnaces are there?
This series of electric furnace is made of super light refractory fiber. The electric stove and the temperature control cabinet matching use, the controller may automatically or the manual control electric stove temperature, may press the user request to provide the computer table or the computer control, does the multielement temperature measurement, guarantees the product quality. This series of electric furnaces are periodical operation type electric furnaces.
Q:What are the advantages of a vacuum furnace?
The accuracy of furnace temperature measurement and monitoring is obviously improved. The indicating temperature of the thermocouple and the temperature of the furnace reach 1.5 C. But there is a large temperature difference in a large number of workpieces in different parts of the furnace. If the forced circulation of the rarefied gas is adopted, the temperature range of the temperature range of + 5 DEG C can still be controlled.
Q:Why does the burner of industrial furnace burn occasionally?
The flameout protection system is made up of burner controller, electromagnetic valve and flame detector, and the flame detection mode is mainly based on the two forms of ultraviolet detection and electrode detection. By utilizing the electric conductivity of the flame, the circuit path of the combustion process generates a weak current, and when the signal amplifier is amplified, the flame is induced to exist, and the small power burner adopts the detection mode more, and is economical and practical.
Q:What is industrial furnace masonry?
Pre construction and recording shall be carried out on complex and important parts of industrial furnaces,masonry of all kinds of masonry shall be made with staggered joint masonry.
Q:Brief introduction to repair of industrial furnace
Compared with other equipment, industrial furnace repair has many characteristics: more repair times, more maintenance costs, more non-standard equipment and unsafe factors.
Q:Should the industrial furnace shell cool down?
If the furnace shell temperature is too high, it shows that the lining is not good or damaged, so it should be repaired in time. If you do not repair, take the cooling way, undesirable. Because this will cause a lot of heat loss, resulting in waste of energy, increase production costs, and affect the service life of the furnace.
Q:What's the role of anchor bricks in industrial furnaces?
These layers need to be joined and anchored. Anchor brick is this role. The heat insulation layer at the horizontal section of the flue is mostly a narrow cavity.
Q:Heat treatment equipment (industrial furnace), which products generally contain what kind of, which industries need to use heat treatment industrial furnace equipment.
The main equipments of heat treatment are classified into two major categories: main equipment and auxiliary equipment. The main equipment includes heat treatment furnace, heating device, surface modification, surface oxidation device, surface mechanical enhancement device, cooling equipment, cold processing equipment, process parameter detection and control instrument; auxiliary equipment includes cleaning cleaning equipment, furnace atmosphere heating medium permeability meter preparation equipment, cooling device, quenching medium heavy transport machinery, quality testing equipment, power transmission line and auxiliary equipment, fire safety equipment, dust and other production fixture.

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