Complete Pure water Production Line For Bottle Water Project in Cameroon

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Complete Pure water Production Line For Bottle Water Project in Cameroon

Our Whole Pure Water Production Line for PET Bottle Water have been installed and debugged completely in Cameroon.

It is applied for the prodution of pure water, mineral water, beverage product water and process water, high quality, easy operation and maintenance.

The Project is composed of below parts:

1.Pure Water Treatment With RO System 4000L/H,Include the sand filter,carbon filter,resin filter,precision filter,RO system and so on!

2. "3 in 1"washing,filling,capping machine for bottle water

3. Inkjet Code Machine

4. Automatic Sleeve Shrinking Labels Machine(PVC Shrink Labels)

5. Shrink Stove and Boiler

6. Automatic PE Shrink Packaging Machine

If you interested in our machines,please do not hesitated to contact with us!

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Q:Filling machine production capacity 5000bph What does it mean
Filling machine production capacity 5000bph is 5000 bottles per hour mean
Q:Characteristics of microwave sterilization
At this point the field energy of the alternating electric field can be converted into the heat energy in the medium, so that the medium temperature is rising, so the microwave heating is the dielectric material itself loss of electric field energy and heat.
Q:On the sparse under the dense gradient density filter bed structure features:
backwash water consumption is low: backwash water consumption is less than the cycle of 1 ~ 2% of the amount of water;
Q:What type of sterilization equipment is dedicated to sterilization?
Ozone first acts on the cell membrane, causing the membrane constituent components to be damaged and cause metabolic disorders.
Q:How to achieve heat sealing
Heat sealing is the implementation of thermal sealing, according to the heat seal of the structure and heating methods are different, hot and cold sealing method can be divided into: ordinary hot pressing sealing method, fuse sealing, pulse sealing, ultrasonic sealing
Q:To solve the important way of water resources, the main method of what?
To solve the reality of human society and life are closely related to the water problem, we must use the modern water treatment technology and water treatment equipment
Q:The difference between the refrigerant filling machine and the ordinary aerosol filling machine
and then sealed, and then inflated three steps, the other difference in the equipment manufacturing process is different, Wuhan Jie Ruishi production there.
Q:The circuit principle of the sealing machine
When the switch K is closed, the AC power by R1, R2 buck, diode D1 rectifier.
Q:What is the structure of the filling machine?
Bottled water filling machine principle is the DC filling ah, by time to control the flow of water; structure and the other are almost
Q:What is the water treatment equipment?
Any substance has its own inherent frequency, scale is inorganic salts, the general equipment of the shell are made of metal materials, scale and metal materials, the oscillation frequency is different.

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