Complete Pure water Production Line For Bottle Water Project in Cameroon

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Complete Pure water Production Line For Bottle Water Project in Cameroon

Our Whole Pure Water Production Line for PET Bottle Water have been installed and debugged completely in Cameroon.

It is applied for the prodution of pure water, mineral water, beverage product water and process water, high quality, easy operation and maintenance.

The Project is composed of below parts:

1.Pure Water Treatment With RO System 4000L/H,Include the sand filter,carbon filter,resin filter,precision filter,RO system and so on!

2. "3 in 1"washing,filling,capping machine for bottle water

3. Inkjet Code Machine

4. Automatic Sleeve Shrinking Labels Machine(PVC Shrink Labels)

5. Shrink Stove and Boiler

6. Automatic PE Shrink Packaging Machine

If you interested in our machines,please do not hesitated to contact with us!

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Q:Microwave beef sterilization equipment where there are success stories?
1, high efficiency, energy conservation, heating evenly.
Q:Precautions for operation and daily maintenance
4, often check the pipe, joints can not have water leakage, seepage phenomenon.
Q:What is a tubular filter?
2. Acid, alkali, salt and a variety of organic solvents, non-toxic, tasteless, no foreign body off
Q:Vacuum filling machine equipment introduction
Form a vacuum environment system (vacuum bottle - filling head - filling bottle - filling head silicone tube).
Q:What are the filter media and the filter aid?
Oil system for the consumption of phospholipids, it is necessary to add diatomaceous earth as a filter aid; in the dewaxing, sub-time must be in the lower temperature filtration, the role of filter aid is more obvious.
Q:Where there is a little better indirect ultra-high temperature sterilization equipment
direct ultra-high temperature sterilization equipment to meet a variety of milk beverage production process in the special needs
Q:The difference between rotary liquid filling machine and linear liquid filling machine
For this kind of filling machine Starlight company recommended or not using straight-line filling machine.
Q:What is the electronic cleaning device?
As the solubility of CaCO3 and MgCO3 decreases with increasing temperature, it precipitates from water and continuously deposits on the surface of the equipment such as heat exchangers, which has a significant impact on energy consumption and continuous success.
Q:Introduction of filling equipment
Filling machine is mainly in accordance with the material to distinguish, generally have liquid packaging machines, solid packaging machines and gas packaging machines.
Q:Intermittent pressurized filter
Cake with low moisture content of the occasion, filter press filter, the filter rate is high, the unit filtration area covers an area of small, strong adaptability to the material, filter area selection range is wide, the application is very wide.

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