Competitive Ergonomic Functional Swivel Chair

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400 set
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40000 set/month

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Product Description:

Competitive Ergonomic Functional Swivel Chair

Structure of Offcie Chair Description:

Material: mesh back and fabricseat,adjustable armrest, dual functional mechanism,the back can be tilted and locked from ,high quality imported gas lift,more durable and security,chrome five star basewith PU castors.

Packing: 7-layer carton,2 pcs/carton.

Unit volume:0.2CBM.

Applied in office,home,bank and government.

High quality,very comfortable and endurable.

You can select the color your like.

We can provide 2 years guarantee and after-sale service.

It's patent chair.  

Main Feature of Office Chair:

Competitive Ergonomic Functional Swivel Chair

More Photo for Office Chair:

Competitive Ergonomic Functional Swivel Chair

Competitive Ergonomic Functional Swivel Chair

Competitive Ergonomic Functional Swivel Chair

Office Mesh Chair Mesh Color Selection:

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height

Office Mesh Packaging deails:

Office Style Mesh Chair with PP Arms and Adjustable Height


Why choose us?

1, Advantage: Directly manufacturing factory with competitive price and quality control, we check all material when we start to bulk productions.

2, Professional advice to help you purchase the products you wanted/

3, Professional export service team servers in the deal.

4, Customization service is available, OEM business is appreciated.

5, We will inspect and test all products material carefully to ensure no damage and lost.

6, The success of our cooperation can be guaranteed for our company is a credible and honest partner.


The advantage of our products.

1. 1-2 years warranty for outside material, 5 years for inside.

2. All of our products reaches European standard. Regular customer like: carrefour, wal-mart, etc. 

3. Material choice and color choice available.

4. Competitive price, the more products you buy,the cheaper price we will quote.

5. Skillfully handwork, modern design.


How about the payment term?

Usually 30%T/T in Advace, the balance before shippment. L/C at sight could also be accept.

Other payment term could be discussed with specific orders.

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Q:How much Yardage is needed for a Wingback / Wing back Chair?
Take , will require more yardage. Measure the welting cord and stripping currently on the chair and add 10-15%.
Q:Was the Electric Chair actually considered an invention and who invented it?
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NavyBrat - I recently re-covered 6 kitchen chairs and 6 dining rom chairs. They are in separate rooms but visible to each other. I chose 2 different patterns with the same color profile. Different textures - the kitchen chairs have a much heavier texture tan the dining room chairs. I did a lot of shopping and found my fabric at a local remnant upholstery shop. I purchased 5 yards of fabric for $35. The original price on the fabric for the kitchen chairs was $30 per yard and the original price for the dining room fabric was $35 per yard. I do believe I got a great deal. 12 chair cushions for $35. Same color profile - different pattern, different texture. Good luck
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Q:How many chairs did the company sell?
Q:Where can I find like funky but comfy room chairs?

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