Communication Fiber Optical cable made in China 4/6/1c2/24/48/96/144 core single mode

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Cat 2

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≥ 10

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Packaging Detail:wooden drum
Delivery Detail:7~15 days or depend on your requirements


1.Traditional Manufacter high quality products 
2.Best-sellers in China for Authority Communication Department 
3. 2/4/6/8/12/24

PVC Sheathed Optical Fiber Wire for Telecommunication

1.Low Voltage Copper Core

2.Black PVC Outer sheath

3.No of Core : 2~144



Product type: GYTA53

Product structure: PBT fiber loose tube, reinforced steel wire center, filling compound for cable, laminated al-polythene inner sheath, longitudinally covered armored with wrinkling steel tape and PE outer sheath

Installation method: direct burial, tube

Apply temperature range: -40°C-+60°C


Product characteristics:

1,The rational design and precise control over the fiber remainder length in the loose tube, make the fiber optic cable possess excellent performance of tension and temperature.

2,Cable core filled ointment to ensure the effect of vertical water blocking.

3,Loose- tube (filled with rope ) strand around the central reinforced SZ member

4, Double coated steel or aluminum tape to block moisture.

5,  Double laminated sheathed improve the effects on the resistance to moisture, side pressure and impact strength more.

 Main Mechanical Characteristics :


 Item no. item Performance demand1(N)Permissible tensile forceshort-term3000Long-term10002(N/100mm)Permissible flatten forceshort-term3000Long-term10003(mm)Minimum bending radius(D: the out diameter of cable)static state12.5Ddynamic25D


Central reinforced member, UC fiber, PBT loose tube, filling compound, filling-rope, filling compound for cable, covering tape, PE inner sheathAL-plastic composite tape, water-proof tape, Steel-plastic composite tape, PE outer sheath


HYA53 : Solid copper core PVC Plastic bonded sheath ,vertical corrugate steel tape armored, inner sheathed PVC local telephone network.


 This products only allow to use for outdoor, Mainly used for telecommunication signal Transmit . If they want to enter indoor, the fire proof action must be adopt.






Item No

GYTY53 68B1


Telecommunication Optical Fiber Cable



Outer Sheath



0.4 M SQ

Business Type




No of Core




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Electromechanical products are usually used to be assembled into parts, multiple parts and then assembled into a single product, the number of products or the number of pieces measured
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Q:How are various wire and cable models named?
Cable type a lot, here to give an example: ZRC-YJV22-0.6 / 1KV3 * 25 +2 * 16 This model specification means: C-class flame retardant (ZRC) XLPE insulated (YJ) PVC jacket 22) steel tape armor (0.6 / 1KV) 0.6 / 1 kV (3 * 25) 3 25 square (+ 1 * 16) plus two 16 square copper conductor flame retardant copper core steel tape armored cross-linked poly Ethylene insulated PVC sheathed low voltage electric power.
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BV1 * 2.5 is a 2.5 square line. 2 * 2.5 is two 2.5 square lines. 3 * 2.5 is three 2.5 square lines. 4 * 2.5 is the 4 2.5 square line lighting wire power cord with 2 * 2.5. Light wire with 1.5 is enough. Socket (pipe) with three 2.5 square lines, you can also use 3 * 2.5 a. 4 * 2.5 for three-phase motors.

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