Common Chain Link Fence

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Fencing, Trellis & Gates
Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Hole Shape:
Model Number:
Frame Material:
Metal Type:
Pressure Treated Wood Type:
Heat Treated
Frame Finishing:
Powder Coated
Easily Assembled,Eco Friendly,FSC,Pressure Treated Timbers,Renewable Sources,Rodent Proof,Rot Proof,Tempered Glass,TFT,Waterproof
Chain link fence
low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, PVC coated wire,
Galvanized and PVC coated chain link fence
Wire dia:
zinc coating:
10-45g/square meter
White,Green,Blue,Black and Special sizes are available upon request

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:woven bags in two edge of rolls
Delivery Detail:15-25days


Chain link fence
1.Material: low carbon steel wire,stainless steel wire, PVC coated wire.
2.Wire dia 0.2mm~5.0mm

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