Commercial Yogurt Maker Simple Operating

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Product Description:

1. Description of Commercial Yogurt Maker Simple Operating

Yogurt maker is a kind of machine to make yogurt. It ensures milk fermented with a constant temperature device, temperature between 35 and 45 degrees, in this environment, probiotics multiplied, lactose into lactic acid in milk, milk into yoghurt.

Yogurt Maker can be divided into three categories:

First, a fully automated, directly heated by electricity, no control circuit, adopt appropriate power heating component to control the temperature.

Second, electronic control type, join a variety of control circuit in the machine, such as temperature and time control, to control the heating circuit on and off. The main difference between the above two type is whether have a control circuit.

Third, is cooling yogurt machine, using semiconductor refrigeration, automatic storage at low temperature.

2. Features of Commercial Yogurt Maker Simple Operating 

2).Capacity:1.0-1.5L,for 2-8 people.
3). Elegant design and fineness of appearance
4).Unique structure for equal heat transmission, maintaining the activation of lactobacillus
5).Transparent top cover and container lid, making the state observable
6).PTC adopted for constant temperature and safe operation, and low power of 15W for cost saving
7).Container design of freshness box-like, preventing the yogurt from pollution before drinking

3. Specification of Commercial Yogurt Maker Simple Operating 

Item size196*196*135mm ETC
Capacity1-1.5 L
ColorOrange/Green/Pink/Purple, color is optional.
Container Stainless steel  bowl,PP, Cups
Normal packing standard

Voltage220-240V 50/60Hz

4. Image of Commercial Yogurt Maker Simple Operating

Commercial Yogurt Maker Simple Operating Commercial Yogurt Maker Simple Operating

Commercial Yogurt Maker Simple Operating

5. FAQ

1) Could I got a sample to test before I place my order?

   Sure, we can provide the sample for your test.

2) Do I need to pay for the sample?

  Yes,we'll charge you for the samples,the amount is depend on the items you want,and will

refound you after the first order.

3) How long will I got the sample?

  It need less than 4-7 days.

4) How long will you deliver the goods after I ordered.

  25-35 days after order and packaging file confirmed .

5) Can you OEM for me?

   Sure,OEM order is acceptable.

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Q:How to choose a suitable fried yogurt machine?
How to choose high quality, cost-effective yogurt machine?. Awesome appliances to teach you: fried yogurt machine all sold online are buyers see dazzling, do not know which machines are good, feel when to buy, when the purchasing power of buyers will choose high price models, I think the price must be good. Of course, some buyers feel that they will pick a good machine at a low price and feel that what they may order is a good quality and inexpensive machine. When buyers at a loss, will be better than three, find a middle price buy, with the same type staggered hundreds of pieces of the case, buyers often choose low prices, because the machine has the same appearance. In fact, these conditions are very normal, because there is a word on the mall: buyers do not sell the essence, do you agree? Distinguish a fried yogurt machine, we must first understand the fried yogurt machine, the following points may be able to help you:
Q:Can you do fermented yogurt machineMade of fermented glutinous rice can be saved?
A little attention, BRANDIED well, against a little cold boiling water and then put the refrigerator two hours after the taste of the most appropriate, warm days after I use this method to do 4 or 5 times, success, saving a lot of effort. Don't believe it, try itRaw material:Glutinous rice ----2 cup (400g), I use a round glutinous rice.Koji ----1/2 teaspoon (2G), I use the angel yeast.Practice:First, the glutinous rice is washed clean, and then soaked for 12 hours, I wash rice at night, good rice soak, put the refrigerator to the second morning.
Q:Can I make wine with yogurt machine?
How to use the machine - yogurt yogurt machine do white glutinous rice wine and rice wine added time: 2010-05-23 04:47 source: unknown on how to use yogurt 985 times 14 hours before the machine to do white glutinous rice wine and rice wine yogurt machine specially do wine (also called wine, fermented glutinous rice, glutinous rice wine) at this time the machine is a function. Thermostat.
Q:Yogurt machine yogurt, part of the frozen room, frozen
When you eat, add honey and mix thoroughly, it will be as thick as the yogurt bought outside, but thick outside thick, who knows whether it is diluted plus thickening agent?.
Q:Can yogurt be made with milk only?
You can eat ~ there is water, the upper half is frozen yogurt because your fermentation time is too long, resulting in isolated milk yogurt, whey is very nutritious, eat yogurt and stir on the line.The use of fermented yogurt, general fermentation 8-10 hours is enough, and more prone to milk clear ~!The use of yogurt on the market to do the introduction of fermentation, generally 6-8 hours is enough ~ ~ more milk will appear ~!Like tofu brain, it shows that the success of fermentation ~ but, after all, is their own yogurt, so the taste will be more acid, and the market selling yogurt taste is not the same ~ ~ after eating habits will be delicious ~!My yogurt confidential manual can cut off the power supply, so I wake up often more than 8 hours, often 10 hours, every time there is milk clear, this is no problem at all, and yogurt fermentation time is longer, more acid ~!If you do not want too much acid, you have a good time to cut off the power supply, the reaction barrel out, and so on, yogurt cold, put in the refrigerator for about 12 hours, so that the yogurt taste is good ~!
Q:Yogurt machine, homemade yogurt, fresh milk need heating?
The trick in making yogurt.Constant temperature fermentation equipment production needs can also be a slow cooker, electric cooker, thermos bottle, oven, microwave oven with grill function, bowl drying machine, disinfection cabinet, electric appliance and so on to replace the insulation plug, I just want you to have the spirit of the first test when making more changes of temperature and fermentation time, fermentation with the decrease of temperature and time will lengthen.The apparatus used in the production of the 1 have to go through boiling water disinfection.The 2 most suitable lactic acid bacteria fermentation temperature is 4345 DEG C, the temperature is too high will kill the bacteria, prolonging the fermentation time and low influence flavor.
Q:HYUNDAI yogurt machine how to make yogurt?
How do the method of making yogurt yogurt machine: 1 on the market to buy fresh milk and yogurt at room temperature according to the ratio of 10:1 or 1 liters of milk and a pack of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt barrel, stir well and then put the lid back cover of yogurt, yogurt barrels into the yogurt machine infrared thermostat, cover the yogurt machine on the cover plug in the power supply.
Q:Yogurt machine milk yogurt when you want to add water?
5, put yogurt machine, constant temperature fermentation for 6-10 hours, to be observed, milk coagulation can.6, good yogurt can be eaten immediately, can also be placed in the refrigerator for several hours, the flavor is better! When you eat, you can also add sugar or other jam to your taste.Matters needing attentionIf the refrigerator is refrigerated, clean, place the greenhouse first, and then add the bacteria, otherwise the fermentation time will be greatly prolonged;Add a few teaspoons of sugar to the milk to make the palate more delicate (depending on your taste);When the weather is cold in winter, please warm the water outside the inner liner of the yogurt machine to enhance heat transfer and reduce the fermentation time.
Q:How can I use milk powder to make yogurt in the yogurt machine?
If you want to make a good yogurt, the raw materials must be fresh, pollution-free, select good strains, and then master the fermentation time.
Q:Rs-g13 yogurt machine need to add water in the middle?
You can also put a towel on it. Because, according to the change of temperature, the indoor temperature is not certain after cold weather. Therefore, the fermentation efficiency can be improved. Save time.

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