Commercial wilton carpet

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100000 m²/month

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100% PP
Cut Pile
Machine made
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China (Mainland)
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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Packed in rolls with PVC bag wrapped.
Delivery Detail:In about 15 days after deposite.


1. Wilton carpet
2. Carpet for hotel
3. Commercial carpet
4. PP


1. Fireproof: Astm D 2859 and Bs 4790,

2. Static Control: Aatcc-134 Under 3.0 Kv

3. Stain resistant

4.Sound proof

5. High level abrasion proof

6. Stability: B S En 986 < 0,2%

7.Structure: cut pile

8. Technology: Tufted carpet.

Detailed Information:

Product: Wilton Carpet

Material: 100% PP or 10% NewZealand Wool, 90% PP

Size: 340x8-8.5mm

Usage: Hotel room wilton carpet, corridor wilton carpet, guestroom wilton carpet, restaurant wilton carpet, ballroom wilton carpet, public space wilton carpet, reception hall wilton carpet .

OEM, ODM accepted

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Q:rugs and saddles?
I bought a saddle from a girl in the local Pony Club for $300. I have had it for three years and will probably have it for many more, it is in good condition. Buy a almost new used saddle and clean and condition it every so often. It will keep the leather soft and supple. And it will keep the saddle in better condition so it will last longer. For rugs, I would get a thick rug in the winter (well, actually, it depends how cold it gets there) and in the summer, you don't even need a rug. You could get a protective shett. It is like a rug that protects them from pests like flies and mosquitos. In the winter, I would just sponge it down and wait for him/her to cool down then put a cooler (a special blanket for a horse that has just worked hard). Later you can put a thicker blanket on, like when he is totally back to normal. In the summer I would do the same thing (put the cooler on) then put on the protective sheet or just nothing. My horse doesn't use a rug int the winter. I hope this helped you.
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1, best every week for acrylic carpets a vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner with pure suction, tapping rod and rotary vacuum cleaner three bristle brush, are applicable to the acrylic carpet pile closely; and Terry acrylic carpets, vacuum cleaner can only use a suction function.2, dry cloth paper to remove stains like coffee, coke or juice beverage caused by such stains, you need to use dry cloth, or it can get tissues absorb moisture; and then, immediately went to the kitchen to get wet with dry cloth wipe shot in vinegar stains, gently and carefully took the swab. This way, stains can be removed.
Q:Bathroom rug stuck to tiles!?
I know exactly what you are saying, if these rugs are left on a wet or humid floor they will stick to it ,and when you wash them they make a mess in the washer, to remove the sticky stuff from the floor spray some white vinegar on it and scraping gently this will take care of it . The next time that you buy a rug , get one with no backing , 100% cotton this will not stick to the floor.
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Q:best spray carpet cleaner?
This Site Might Help You. RE: best spray carpet cleaner? I have a beige carpet that is in need of a good cleaning. I'm looking along the lines of a product that I can spray on, leave vacuum up does a excellent job at eliminating odors/dirt. I am overwhelmed with the amount of products, not to mention I don't want to spend $20 on a product...
Q:Would cheap carpet......?
Wear and tear. Plus, would expands and contracts in hot/cold weather, so overtime that could have an effect.
Q:Where can I buy a good area rug?
Go online with Frontgate or Grandinroad for indoor/outdoor rugs. They are available in all styles from contemporary to traditional, are soft to the touch and just have to be hosed down to clean. They are inexpensive as well. Home Decorators just came out with a similar line but I can't speak to their softness as I have only ordered from Frontgate and Grandinroad. I saw some of these rugs at Home Depot but they weren't soft and they looked cheap. So not all are equal.
Q:What kinds of rugs are the longest wearing?
First off - Rugs/Carpet usually do not Wear out. Matting or crushing is what the consumer perceives to be wear, but it is usually a result of soil build up without proper maintenance. Your rug/carpet must be professionally steam cleaned once a year and the vacuum you use must be checked to see that the bead-er bar is functioning properly to beat at the fibers. Second - price will play a huge part in the size and type. Since this is for an elementary school and they probably do not have rug/carpet in budget, my guess is that you will be paying for it? Suggestion - go to a local carpet store and pick out the least expensive to your taste, have the store order to your size and then have it bound around the edges. You can pickup double side tape and use this to hold carpet flat. This may be your least expensive way. Good Luck.
Q:Is landlord required to change carpet? New jersey.?
From my experience, if the rental agreement says other than 'landlord/owner is responsible for any household cosmetics, outside paint, carpet, lights/bulbs, windows, walls, doors, blah blah.' Other than what you personally destroy, then no. You agreed to move into **** town, they have the right to keep it that way. BUT, you can report it to someone and then get that ball started. AKA, had moved into a apartment close to college but not college dorm. The walls had mold under he wallpaper, carpet has piss stains and mold. I reported it to a health place in town and boy did they take care of it quickly. Owner paid all expenses, and this kicking me out and giving me a 'red flag'. Big whoop, the 'flag' lasted 3 days till my next rental when they Understood the circumstances I was under.

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