Commercial Used Modern Rugs And Carpets

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Product Description:

Commercial Used Modern Rugs And Carpets 

Quick Details

  • Material:80% wool, 20% nylon

  • Style: Jacquard

  • Pattern: Cut Pile

  • Design: Other

  • Technics: Other

  • Use: Commercial, Decorative, Home, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer

  • Size: 3.66m or 4m

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Rolls with PVC anti-water Packing
Delivery Detail:15-25 days

Technical Specifications   

Fiber: It can be 100% Wool, 100% Nylon, 80% Wool 20% Nylon, 100% Polypropylene, 100% Acrylic / Polyester and etc.


Construction: Loop Pile, Cut Pile, Cut / Loop Pile with hand carved.


Color: Max.16 colors. Printed Colors, Solution Dyed.


Thickness: 5-15mm Pile Height to meet different need.


Width/Size: 3.66/4m width in rolls, or 50cmx50cm Size for offices. Or Customized Size.

CNBM International Corporation

(CNBM International) is the most important trading platform of CNBM Group Corporation, a state-owned company under the direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.With the advantages in Cement, Composite Materials, New Building Materials and Engineering, We are enlarging sub-brand. Currently, we have wholly-owned overseas subsidiaries and branches in 5 countries with a view to realize localization. Meanwhile, we have established strategic partnerships with hundreds of domestic manufacturers and sound business relations with clients from over 120 countries. In line with the business, CNBM International launched E-business platform It conformed the best resource and logistics to meet the customers’ request  with 24 hours full-time service.

Our Vision: Initiate new global trading structure; create new value for benefit related partners.

We will do utmost to promote rational use of resources under the new structure, meanwhile, create new value of  “green, environment friendly and sustainable’ for a more prosperous future.


CNBM International Co. Carpet Dept.


At CNBM International Co. Carpet Dept., we design and weave  beautiful carpets of superb durability - with axminster, tufted and wilton carpets to suit all hospitality environments. · There is no size limitation on rug size.  Rugs can be created with a variety of materials from pure wool to woolen silk, from natural fiber to chemical fiber.

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Q:The cost of carpet replacement.?
Not too much if you go mid-grade. Also concider putting flooring down, they have nice linonium that looks like wood or stone nowadays, easy to clean, put area rug ontop. Go to Lowes or a Home Depot, ask questions...they can give you rough estimates.
Q:Disposable kitchen rugs?
I have never seen a rug of any kind that is intended to be disposable. You can, of course, throw any rug away, if you don't mind the expense of buying new rugs all the time.
Q:Would you recommend carpet tile as a carpet solution?
Carpet Tile is great. We did that for our finished basement and it looks just as good as any other carpet. It washable, which makes it easy to maintain. I'm at work, and can't remember the brand name. I'll check when I get home and let you now what it is. It fits together like puzzle pieces. Once you vacuum it you can't see the lines.
Q:Axminster carpet and carpet Wilton what is the difference
The carpets of Muenster and Wilton are woven carpets, which are arranged in the fabric structure as the base of the carpet. Two kinds of carpets in the mode of production of the difference is: Wilton is the cashmere yarn woven into the organization and then cut pile carpet made of cut or uncut ring made of carpet;
Q:possible hard floor over carpet?
Easy, simply build a new floor on top of the carpet but which does not apply pressure on the carpet. Imagine a thin sheet of plywood. Now, what you do is drive a bunch of nails through so they stick out about 1 on the other side. Space the nails an inch apart so the entire sheet of plywood will sit in top of the nails all of which are no further than an inch from an adjacent neighboring nail, as they go through the carpet to the hard subfloor. All you do is poke small holes in the carpet and padding. The same thing happens when a person lies on a bed of nails. The closely spaced, many nails spread the weight over a much larger area transferring the weight through the carpet rather than ON the carpet to the solid wood subfloor. Now, the problem is, how do you keep your weight from simply pushing the plywood down around the nails? Easy again, lay on another sheet of plywood and glue it together. The top sheet (with your hardwood veneer) will sit on top of the nail heads. Use wood screws to clamp the sheets together and you have a durable top floor surface which will sit on pinpoints that go through the carpet harmlessly. Build enough to cover the carpet. You will add 2 or so the the height of the flooring. You will STILL have a problem, avoiding damage to the carpet by water or anything else spilled which will work through the cracks between sheets and end up in the rug and pad. Somehow, you will have to seal the top sheets to each other and to the walls to keep anything and everything from getting to the carpet. And then, you would have to work around the edge where the 2 lip would be at the carpet edge. A lot of factories do this same kind of elevated flooring to hide electrical cables and piping in places like rooms of electronics. The difference is they simply build channels for things since they have no carpet to protect, and they do not care if dirt gets into the channels where the wires and pipes are located. It is going to be VERY expensive!
Q:Direct Rugs USA reviews ?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Direct Rugs USA reviews ? Have anyone bought any rug recently from Direct Rugs USA? wanted to get some reviews of direct rugs usa before buying from them. please share if you have bought rugs from them before. I want to know quality and service.
Q:Is it safe to drive remote control cars on carpet?
Yes, it is alright to drive an R/C car carpet floors, just make sure the carpet isn't too long to get tied into the wheels. its a pain in the butt to get the carpet out of the wheels or unwrapped from the drive shaft because it is wrapped so tight
Q:How can I use a spare piece of carpet for a rug?
Try looking in TheHomeDepot in the carpet department
Q:Jungle Carpet Python caging?
A 20 gallon long WILL NOT work for an adult jungle. You actually have allot of options with a jungle, as they are semi arboreal, you can use space horizontally and vertically. 3'x2'x2' would be a great cage for most adults, though occasionally you see a bigger jungle. You also have to be careful as there are allot of people crossing jungles with larger coastal carpets, and selling them as jungle carpets. Not that there is anything wrong with them, but all size bets are off, you could end up with a 6' - 8' carpet, at which point a 3' cage will be tight. As to whether they need a vertical terrarium, not necessarily, but they do seem to do better with climbing space and perches, so it doesn't need to be vertical, but it should be high enough to provide climbing perches.
Look at Lowe's or Home Depot or google some local carpet stores. By the way, nylon carpet is cheapest, but wool lasts the longest and remains plushy longest. To tell how well the carpet will stand up, bend the sample and look at how close together the loops are. The closer, the better.

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