Combination Wheel Safe Lock

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We are an export various kinds of locks factory, our locks' features is as bellow:

1) Model: AL-807,808,701,421

2) Material: brass ,stainless stell ,zinc alloy material

3) Password: Can be changed incalculably

4) Ideal for all kinds of safety cabinet

5) Color: Various kinds of colors available

6) Productivity: 400, 000PCS/MONTH

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Q:There is a bike lock can not turn after the direction of this lock is what the name of the lock
(Also known as the steering column) and the direction of the shaft tube (also known as the leading tube), deflection in the side of the fixed angle, the direction of the car shaft, So that it can not be free to turn, not to the front.
Q:What type of tongue lock can be divided into?
Turn the tongue lock literally over, that is, cam lock. Turn the tongue lock application is very broad, according to the structure, can be divided into these categories: Related locks Industry Articles: Smart lock technology Now how mechanical lock and other types of password lock difference 1, triangular turn tongue lock: Tongue lock for the solid triangle, a zigzag, the square of their keys are shared, widely used in industrial equipment, mainly for the zinc alloy, a small amount of occasions using stainless steel 2, plum blossom lock: refers to the internal structure of the control lock rotation The nail is a copper ball. This type of lock is large, there are seven marbles, can reach nearly ten thousand kinds of keys, safety should be very good 3, the blade to the tongue lock: refers to the internal structure of the lock control lock for the metal leaves (commonly used copper and stainless steel sheet). This type of tongue lock structure is simple, easy processing. 4, anti-theft tongue lock lock: the lock can be equipped with three-point steel bolt, then connecting rod, to achieve the world lock (connecting rod lock) function. Is a simple installation of the core of the ball to the tongue lock
Q:What brand of bike is locked
It is recommended not to buy that kind of circle lock, in the online store to buy more solid U-shaped steel lock and long chain lock, lock two relative insurance, but palliative, it is best car in people
Q:Smart lock can bring the benefits?
First out of the door and then do not have to rely on the key, and mobile phone network, through the APP can control the door lock, but I am afraid the phone no electricity, so no mobile phone network, direct use of the fingerprint code fingerprint, Handle on the thumb on the handle directly on the handle door directly open, and heard that this is their home patent, it is the only fingerprint lock on the market.
Q:What is the principle of chain lock?
Unlock: two millimeters wide and thin steel piece lock lever insert do not open the tongue or shake the key to the key to the key to pull out the key, because the chain is mostly unlock the state pull out the key. If you do not pull out the key in the lock, the lock cylinder is not homing, will not be able to continue to use, because the lock cylinder dislocation.
Q:What are the valve locks?
Mast did a good product, but the price is very good, the variety is not a lot. Personal recommendations or choose Wenzhou Beidi's valve lock is better, relatively high cost!
Q:How to use it correctly
Performance maintenance 1, in the course of the use of regular (six months or once a year) or in the key plug is not smooth, add some graphite powder in the keyhole (pencil powder) from the lubrication, do not add any liquid oil Material as a lubricant to avoid grease sticks marbles spring, resulting in the lock can not turn and can not open. When the door is closed more laborious, can be wiped in the oblique tongue pencil can be resolved. 2, closing the best holding the handle, the lock into the lock body, close the door and then let go, do not force hit the door, otherwise it will reduce the life of the lock. 3, when the main lock or insurance lock out of the door, do not violent impact, so as not to damage the tongue and the door frame. 4, because the door and the door frame between the installed seal has a stretch effect, so when the lock with a handle or key lock, you can open the door at the same time by hand to push the door or sliding door to overcome the elasticity, do not force the handle or key Open the door to prevent the handle or key from breaking.
Q:What documents do you need to produce a lock?
Production lock itself does not require documents
Q:What are the characteristics of anti-theft lock
If the key lever is dazzle without teeth, this lock is a magnetic lock, in fact the key head of the whole set of a casing, remove the casing can see the above mosaic with three to five small dots. Magnetic lock is very solid, cross lock is very convenient to open. The market can buy special tools for opening magnetic locks and cross locks. With this tool, thieves can open most of the magnetic locks and cross locks in a minute or two. Computer lock complex lock more secure, computer lock is just a professional name, not really use the computer to unlock. Computer lock keys have three to five ranging from the circular groove, the groove is the combination of factory computers out, so called the computer lock. Different manufacturers, the computer used by the program are mostly different, hit out of the groove where the location, size, depth is not the same natural, so its mutual open rate than the cross lock, a word lock much lower. Even unlock the master, open a computer lock time also in ten minutes or so. There is also a more secure anti-theft door lock, that is, composite lock. The so-called composite lock is the combination of two or more different principles of the lock cylinder in the same lock.
Q:What brand of international import hotel room door locks? Must be imported brands.
Onity, ranked third, foreign market share is good, the Chinese market in general, about 10%, the current hackers because of the crack, and now hit the market at low prices, the brand late to wait and see;
Our main markets include Europe (Germany, Holland, Italy), North America (Canada, America) and South America (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Santiago).Our products are manufactured strictly in accordance with International standard. With the development of business, our products, with guaranteed good quality, reasonable price, on-time delivery and good & efficient services have made all of our customers satisfactory.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Year Established 1998
Annual Output Value US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Main Markets North America 25%
South America 25%
Eastern Europe 12%
Southeast Asia 10%
Africa 5%
Oceania 5%
Western Europe 16%
South Asia 2%
Company Certifications ISO9001 Certificate

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Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Ningbo, Shanghai
Export Percentage 61% - 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 3,000-5,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 8
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range Average