Colorful Swivel USB Flash Drive

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Swivel USB Flash Drive

Weight: 15g- 30g
Dimension: 57 X 18 X 9mm
1. Quality: Genuine USB Flash Drive chipset powered.
2. Hot plug and play.
3. High speed USB2.0 compliant, backward compatible with USB1.1.
4. No driver needed for Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux Kernel 2.4, Mac OSX.
5. Data retention: More than 10 years.
6. Certificates: CE and RoHS.
7. Warranty: 5 years.
8. Production Time: 3-5 business day.
9. LED Indicator for atatus display.
10. Writ protection switch Application Software suppoortin Windows OS
11. Security functions with the Application Software
12. Resize(Partition)available with the Application Software.
13. Compliant with USB specification 1.1 / 2.0 USB Stick
14. Common Size is from 64MB-32GB.

Promotional Swivel/Rotating USB Flash Drive Disk Memory
1) Print Customer's logo on USB Flash Drive. Printing Method: Color Print, Silk Print, Laser, Press etc.
2) Make the Customer's design to be USB Flash Drive.
3) Preload Customize's Data and make the Data cannot be deleted.
4) Do Auto-Play. Such as playing your video or open your website while connecting to the Computer.
5) Make Customer's Package and Lanyard.

Inner Package;
PP bag
Outer Package:
Blister package, customized package, retail package, gift box package OR as your requirements.

Colorful Swivel USB Flash Drive (DN-01)

Colorful Swivel USB Flash Drive (DN-01)

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Q:Format memory card EXFAT and FAT What is the difference?
if not installed so much of the file, you can convert ntfs, this is the hard disk problem processing, today is mainly to discuss the U disk, then the popular 0-8g U disk can use this format, space utilization ; 3, exfat format, this format is dedicated to large-capacity U disk and students, a large U disk,
Q:Memory card is written to protect, how to lift the protection?
The fourth case is the memory card itself is a problem with the contact, or the life of the memory card has arrived, so that only buy a new or find a business.
Q:Memory card decryption method?
Method 5: looking for mobile phone maintenance personnel to help you save the card, it is estimated to charge, huh, huh. Method 6: If it is licensed mobile phone, you can directly find NOKIA customer service to solve. Mobile phone memory card card knowledge and password crack one, format a lot of users will say "new to buy the card to be formatted", in fact, this argument is not correct, and some cards can not be used to format.
Q:How does the memory card format
And then open the "My Computer" or "computer" you can see the reader's disk - that is the memory card, right-click the disk in the pop-up menu, select "format" will pop up a window,
Q:What is the memory card root directory
It should be noted that, as the current U disk virus prevalence, into the U disk root directory is best not to double-click, but right-click the U disk icon, and then select "open" into the root directory, or from the address bar select U disk
Q:How the next movie to the memory card
You can first download a software, such as Thunder, the installation is completed after the opening of the Thunder and search on his resources you want to download the movie, select the Thunder after the download can be.
Q:What are the common removable memory cards?
Smart Media card referred to as SM card, also known as smart card, solid state floppy card. , Is the main memory card for portable digital cameras. SM cards are the thinnest and lightest of all removable digital media for digital cameras.
Q:How to download songs on the phone memory card
The phone's memory card into the card reader, the reader into the computer's USB interface
Q:Why does the memory card become read-only?
3, mobile phone and card compatibility issues. This is often seen. Electronic products, there are often some compatibility issues arise. This can be tried with a card reader to solve.
Q:Camera memory card inserted on the computer did not respond
2, your computer card slot is old (computer new, card slot may also be old), it can only identify the SD card (capacity does not exceed 2G), can not identify SDHC card (high capacity SD card, capacity

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