Colorful Polyester Shaggy Carpet

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Product namePolyester Shaggy Carpet
Material100% polyester
Pile weight1500—3300g/m2
Height1.5 CM—3.5 cm
BackingGrey and White Back
Patternflower shape
ColorPink , purple, green, grey, yellow, orange, red
Size4' x 6' , 5' x 8' , 5' x 7' or OEM size
UseHome, hotel, commercial, office, floor
Place of originChina (Mainland)

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Q:can anyone help me find this rug?
its under your feet
Q:best carpet cleaning method?
You need a deep cleaning method. Simple vacuuming won't do. You should consider steam cleaning because they penetrate the deep layers of the carpet and in combination with special carpet cleaning shampoos they can effectively clean your carpet. Shampoos containing benzyl benzoate or tannic acid can reduce the airborne allergens by 64%. I'm not saying you should steam clean your carpet every month. If you keep your carpet fairly clean then a deep cleaning once every 6 months is more than enough.
Q:Is it Okay to Step on Wet Carpet?
Stepping on carpet isn't going to make it mold, Mold can start to grow within 4 hours of carpet getting wet, You need to get some air circulating on that carpet . it should only take a couple of hours to dry, Put some fans blowing on it or any way you can get air movement, Open the windows or do all of these thing It sounds like you saturated the carpet , this is a common mistake people make cleaning there own carpets, good luck
Q:Colourful horse rugs?
I recommend Harrison Howard to you as it has various colours and patterns.You can buy hh on OKorder.
Q:A small red yarn yarn carpet carpet has what different
Small yarn carpet carpet is soft material by adding encryption to static material has dirty disposable nonstick dust features small yarn carpet laying high-grade good resistance to the foot pressure for the living room decoration this flag belongs to a disposable type yarn carpet, usually when you can use a vacuum cleaner, can local dirty rag. After wiping is bright! It's pretty convenient!
Q:What would cause a small rug in my basement to become saturated with water while the rest of the floor is dry?
My guess would be that you DO have a small leak somewhere under that rug. The rug is acting like a sponge and soaking up all of the water, some of which is evaporating. The leak is likely very small, but you should be able to pinpoint it once you take the rug up. If it were a large leak, or a constant one, the water would eventually go beyond the rug once it was saturated. Since this hasn't happened, I believe it may be a very small groundwater leak. Al
Q:How to get rid of burnt carpet?
Well we kinds of had a little mis hap and we accidently got a burning piece of paper on the ground.the paper was burning and want on to the carpet and we cleaned all the ash up and now there is a dirty ashy looking stain on the carpet.
Q:how do remove wax from my carpet?
Place an old towel over it and then run an iron over the towel. It should lift it right out of the carpet. Good luck!
Q:Shampooing Carpets?
I have been in the same situation before! I have used a good sented pine-sol and a cleaner called faboluso. It worked pretty good and the smell was wonderful.
Q:Can you clean a carpet this way?
My favorite method for cleaning carpets involves renting a carpet machine for the weekend, NOT buying the cleaner that they offer, and instead using lemon scented ammonia and plain vinegar with hot water in the cleaning machine. This is a very clean rinsing formula that will cut grime and pet odors without damaging the carpet. New padding is a must but you can clean the carpets and then pull them outside to dry while you replace the padding and mop the underfloor with the sudsy ammonia and vinegar mix. 2 cups ammonia 2 cups vinegar 1 full tank of hot water on the carpet machine Please remember! Keep all bleach and bleaching products away from the ammonia! Once the carpets and floor are dry the ammonia is dispersed and you will not have to worry about a negative chemical reaction in the future.

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