Colorful Polyester Shaggy Carpet

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Product Description:

Product namePolyester Shaggy Carpet
Material100% polyester
Pile weight1500—3300g/m2
Height1.5 CM—3.5 cm
BackingGrey and White Back
Patternflower shape
ColorPink , purple, green, grey, yellow, orange, red
Size4' x 6' , 5' x 8' , 5' x 7' or OEM size
UseHome, hotel, commercial, office, floor
Place of originChina (Mainland)

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Q:Where can you order Chinese carpets fitted to individual measurements?
Carpet retailers that do carpet for hotels can get a certain design made for a carpet, but for the most part you ve to stick with a certain size and have it fitted to the room. Generally this is 12 and 15 ft widths. With the occasional 13' 6 rolls. GL
Q:buring carpet?
Burning carpet and just about any burning material puts off deadly poisonious gases. If caught in a building they may disorient you to the point that you can not escape and you will die.
Q:Is it haram to spray perfume on prayer rug?
Hmm, are you worried your god will be too distracted by the perfume to hear the prayer? Are you afraid he will think you're hitting on him or something? Don't worry, he knows all your feelings.
Q:Whether is the carbon crystal electric heating carpet easy to use?
The common electric heating appliance is almost all use the resistance heating principle of the thermal effect, electromagnetism use magnetism. Special column of hair care has it. Fortunately, I know some about this. In addition, semiconductor fever (PTC) makes use of "par" effect of heating (cooling) and microwave. The benefit of this material is that it can be "printed" on the insulating base materials and is easy to flex and fold, volume can also be done very thin, and you come with results, the electric heating effect. It makes use of carbon resistance heating principle, how to solve this problem hairdressing#47, the material is a kind of material that has resistance characteristics graphite. light, radio frequency and laser light.
Q:How much for carpet and laminate floors?
As (BHK - Uniclic glueless Laminate) Happy shopping!
Q:Shaw carpet, 55 oz .... is this good?
shaw carpet is good carpet 55 oz is great the most important thing is to get the best is a 8lb padding. you can cut cost on carpet but if you use the standard crap padding it wont felt as nice and your carpet will last about half as long as it would using the good padding.
Q:What kind of carpet is good
Has the characteristics of sound absorption, comfortable etc.. Handmade woolen carpets and silk carpets are high-end carpets. The biggest characteristic of nylon carpet is that it has strong abrasion resistance, or chemical fiber carpet, warm, elegant color, corridor or public areas can choose Axminster carpet, you can also use nylon carpet, it won't fade color. Home is usually handmade wool carpets or silk carpets, generally, the hotel room will choose the wool carpet, it's not easy to aging and very beautiful
Q:Can I use any carpet shampoo with my Bissell Proheat?
Rug Doctor shampoo for carpets, contains, I'm told, optical brighteners. This additive may be harmful to the carpet if used over and over again as the carpet may tend to pick up a yellow tint. Optical brighteners can be viewed in the carpet with a black light, while in total darkness. If you have a black (ultra violet) light, you might check out your carpet some time. What ever shampoo you decide to use, be careful as this soap is hard to remove from the carpeting using these toy carpet cleaners. They do not use enough water to get a good rinsing/extraction action. Soap left in the carpet becomes a sticky residue that will attract soil and dirt to the carpet fibers. Professional carpet cleaners use large volumes of softened and treated hot water and super vacuum extraction when they perform residential and commercial carpet cleaning. The pro's water is also treated with citric acid to lower the PH of the carpet and to prevent soap residue from staying in the carpet.
Q:How do I stop my cat from scratching and pooping on the bathroom rug?
Stop the poo- Whenever you see her about to do a poo if you can pick her up and put her in the litterbox. Try doing this as much as you can and when she does it reward her with a little treat. Or if you see her going towards the rug stomp your foot or spray near her with just water which will scare her away for a while. A good thing to help cats used the scratch post- hold her two front paws and gently make a scratching motion with them onto the scratch post. When cats do this it makes their claws come out and produces something that makes them recognize it as a spot for them to scratch. goodluck
Q:How do i stop my rug from sliding?
You can get this mesh stuff that's sort of grippy. You cut it to fit and put it under the rug. They probably have it at Walmart or Lowes. I think it' called non-skid backing.

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