Colorful Faux Sheep Skin Rug

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Product Description:

Specification details:

1. Material: Faux sheepskin fur

2. Color: Natural or dyed as your need

3. Fur Length: 5~8cm or 2-3cm

4. Origin: Australian, NZ, China and so on

5. Features: Smooth, soft and warm

6. Usage: Popular used as home decoration

7. Size specification: 50*80cm/ 60*95cm/ 60*100cm

Product Features:

1.Made by Faux sheep fur

2. Color and size can be OEM

3. Smooth, soft&warm

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Q:Rug smells worse after steam clean?
The first problem is the Rug Doctor. The machine is way too underpowered to extract all the urine from the rug. It's like trying to boil a pot of water with a Bic lighter... same idea of being horribly underpowered to get the desired results, though it has the same basic method. A higher-end truckmounted unit is needed. The second issue is that cleaning alone will not eliminate odor. That's why separate deodorizers are available. Something with natural enzymes may counteract and neutralize certain odors. Also, all areas of contamination must be treated, such as the underneath of the backing of the rug. Another reason is that this kind of cleaning will bring odors up and out into the air (plus any heat will basically help activate odor causing bacteria), so you'll notice them more for a while. If your rug is made of wool, you may be smelling another odor as well. When lanolin (the sheep's body oil) gets wet, it puts off a strong odor... kinda like a wet dog smell. If that's the case, that smell will go away in a day or so. If it was an expensive rug, you may want to foot the bill for a professional cleaning company using the hot-water-extraction method and also have them deodorize it.
Q:How much would it cost to carpet my house?
Carpets can range from 1 to 15 dollars per square foot depending on how luxurious they are. A middle ranged carpet would be for around 5 bucks a square foot.
Q:Carpet cleaning help!!!?
Hey Ya Hire certified,professional carpet cleaner for your problem.The same situation had happened to me.I called Heavenly Touch Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Company.It's Fantastic.They came over, cleaned my couch quickly, and left it looking as good as new. I am very happy, the whole process was simple and effective, and they gave us tips for spot cleaning.Great prices.Contact with these guys,they will definitely resolve your problem.Check out the website for more information Good Luck! Thanks Pretson
Q:How do you clean the grease spots on the carpet?
For oil stains that are not easily removed from carpets, wipe them with carbon tetrachloride solution. Use cotton yarn dipped in high quality gasoline, wipe carpet greasy spots, the best effect
Q:How to take bleach outta carpet.?
Not sure maybe some frebreeze. Or alittle vinegar and water in a bowl, it takes out smoke smells in a room. Or try a box of freezer baking soda, just put a box in your closet for a couple of days. Hope it helps
Q:How to remove mustard from carpet???
There are lots of carpet cleaners that will get the stain out, but the one that I can always rely on is the Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner. It's like a vacuum that sucks up the stains! And not only can you use it on the mustard stain, but you can use it on your whole carpet. It's probably your only hope right now, because mustard dyes carpet for good. You can find one at Home Depot, Lowes, Bloom, or Shoppers Food Warehouse. Satisfaction guaranteed. Best of luck!!! ♥
Q:where can i get little patches of carpet?
I needed small pieces of carpet for my travel trailer to put down when it was wet and muddy. Something cheap I could throw away. I went to carpet stores that sold and installed carpets. They have great buys in pieces of beautiful carpet left over from installations. Anywhere from 1 x 2 to 3 x 5 for twenty five cents to a dollar. Make your own deal. If you don't find what you want in one place, go to another.
Q:Carpet cleaning products?
Rent a Rug Doctor from your local Walmart or grocery store. You don't have to buy the cleaning solution, laundry soap and a *little* bit of bleach will get your carpet clean again.
Q:How do you re-tack carpet edges?
Normally, carpet installers will use a carpet stretcher to stretch the carpet over the tack strips. The lease expensive option is to try to stretch the carpet by hand and then push it down onto the tack strip. Careful not to stick yourself. The tack strip does not need to be replaced as long as it is still securely attached to the floor. You could also use a staple gun and staple the edge of the carpet down (past the tack strip). A more expensive option is to rent a carpet stretcher at home depot or buy a knee kicker ($80) that you can use to stretch the carpet back in place. I dont think it's necessary though.
Q:I need a long term strategy for keeping my cat from scratching the rug?

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