Colorful Faux Sheep Skin Carpet

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Product Description:

Specification details:

1. Material: Faux sheepskin fur

2. Color: Natural or dyed as your need

3. Fur Length: 5~8cm or 2-3cm

4. Origin: Australian, NZ, China and so on

5. Features: Smooth, soft and warm

6. Usage: Popular used as home decoration

7. Size specification: 50*80cm/ 60*95cm/ 60*100cm

Product Features:

1.Made by Faux sheep fur

2. Color and size can be OEM

3. Smooth, soft&warm

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Q:Temporary fix for bleach stains on carpet?
There is a product that can dye the carpet. It's a pain to match the color you have to try a patch test first but try the local hardware store. You could also cut that part of the carpet out replace just the patch. A lot of flooring places will sell remnants cheap.
Q:Dragon Rugs??
Why not design and create it yourself. Rug hooking is simple enough, and their are sites that can give you other ideas for making rugs.
Q:Who has the glue formula for laying the carpet?
Production process:The water is added to the reaction pot, the temperature is raised to 70 DEG C, and then slowly added to the polyvinyl alcohol, and the temperature is increased to 90~95 DEG C, so that the PVA is completely dissolved.Cooling the polyvinyl alcohol solution to 80~85 DEG C, dropping hydrochloric acid, stirring for 20 minutes, adding formaldehyde for condensation, takes about 60 minutes.After cooling and adjusting the pH value, adding urea for amino treatment, after sampling and passing the test, the pH was transferred to neutral, and the temperature was reduced to 40~50 DEG C and the material was discharged.
Q:Please define a "RUG" ?
3. Always refer to a Rug for pieces measuring 5'x8' or less, and a Carpet as 6'x9' and over. Like to get more technical? A rug measuring less than 3 feet in width and over 6 feet in length should be considered a runner. A carpet measuring 3 foot to 4 foot wide and over 7 feet long should be termed as a wide runner. A carpet measuring 4 feet to 5 feet wide and over 10 feet long is considered a Gallery Runner. A round rug is called a round, a square rug is called a square.
Q:Hand made scrap rug?
Hmmm. Not a seamstress, nor do I care to be, but I have one that I enjoy, and has lasted for 3 years, but it was machine made, and as a Rag Rug, was stitched, not knotted. Actually a pretty decent project though, for using scrap fabric, much like a braided oval/round rug. Perhaps you might find in a fabric retailer, a Mesh type, stiff material/substance, similar to that used in small yarn craft kits, but in a larger size? Just my two sense
Q:How to clean carpet better?
1 Mix some powder laundry detergent with some water; use common sense with how much you're mixing. Mix together with a cloth. #2 Vacuum your rug. Once over is good enough, and start from a corner. #3 Wipe down a small area of the carpet with the cloth to make it damp, and collect any lint from the top. #4 Scrub the area gently with the scrub brush until clean. #5 Throw down some old towels or sheets so the carpet doesn't get dirty, and to soak up excess liquid. #6 Replace your soapy water with fresh clear water after finishing the entire area. #7 Go over the cleaned areas with just water and the scrub brush to remove any excess soap, then let it dry. It will dry faster with fans or open windows. #8 When it's done, your carpet will smell like the detergent you used and will be sparkling clean. #9 Try extremely hard to remove all detergent from the carpet, as the excess detergent will pick up soil very quickly. #10 Be sure to vacuum when it's dry to fluff it up.
Q:how to remove real strong cat urine in rugs?
get some spotshot to get it out of the rug.
Q:I'm looking for a moderately priced rug for a large dining room table and need the size to be 8' x 14' ,.
Try I've bought many items on both sites and had great luck. Overstocks has low shipping charges, sometimes free on large items.
Q:Cleaning carpet stains?
I'm no expert on getting rid of stains, but I can offer some help in preventing them. Whenever a liquid is spilled on carpet, instead of pushing it into the carpet by sopping it up, cover the spill with a generous amount of table salt. The salt draws the moisture out and then when it dries it can be vacuumed up. If blood gets on rugs or carpet or most any material (probably not dry clean only) lay ice cubes on the spots. As the ice melts the blood will literally disappear. You may need to keep adding ice as it melts but I have used this several times and it does work. Good Luck!
Q:Carpet Tiles?
check out the carpet stores in the area. if you can't find the tiles, ask about remnants.

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