Colorful Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

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Product Description:


1.Faux fur sheepskin rug,100% acrylic material.
2.Much cheaper price than real one.
3.Various colors for choose


Genuine new natural sheepskin rug are ideal as a wedding gifts, yoga, natural sleeping area for a new baby, you can throw it over a chair, baby-carriage...fake one also with same use


100% acrylic

Pile weight

about 870g/sqm

Pile height

about 6.5cm


Suede fabric backing

Total weight

About 920g/sqm


Max width 200cm, stand size is 60x90cm, 70x120cm, custom size can be made like 50x90cm, 69x115cm, 100x140cm etc


300sqm for white color, 500sqm for dyed colors, 800sqm/order. Stock color can be less quantity.

Lead of time

About 30-40days depend on factory production schedule.


Each piece with polybag, then 25pcs put into one carton, or each piece roll with paper tube, many piece into one carton, also can packed as customer requirement.

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Q:The difference between silk and wool carpets
Actually 2 Concept The making types of carpet refers to the cashmere, usually its height is more than 1 cm (5-10 mm). Due to the cashmere, the density is low. The appearance of cashmere feels thick, soft to step on it, like stepping on the grass. The disadvantage is that there isn't pattern, simple and cheap. The silk wool refers to raw materials, silk plus wool quality, production species than hair. Using hair as silk hair materials is rare. Usually, wool is chemical fiber, belonging to low-end goods. The thickness of manual or mechanism is thin, complex and beautiful patterns. Some simple distinction.
Q:VIP....Stained Carpet..need help!!!!?
First cheapest way. Warm water and white vinegar 50/50 solution. You want to dilute the stain not drown the area 4 beyond the spot. This lifts dirt, grime stains. It will not harm the cheapo carpet. If this is a long time stain from furniture or ink, food, or who knows then you may want to try an Oxy or Resolvebased cleaning product. IMPORTANT. Test the cleaner in a patch of carpet in you closet if it has carpet to see if a big lightening/discoloring of the carpet occurs. The labeling on the can will tell you something like this. The biggest issue that move-er-outers face is spot clean if leaves clean carpet spots that highlight the dirty rest of the carpet. Carpet stains that fail to come out are also highlighted as well like really well! Red stains, furniture stain stains, and ink stain s are toughest to remove. Get FREE estimate of Stanley Steamer carpet guy. Make sure there are no hidden costs involved.
Q:What's on the carpet, dirty, urgent, etc
The first thing I think of is the stitching of foam floors in children's rooms, and it's Waterproof
Q:My Cat won't stop peeing on my rug!?
Put .... This site also explains why cats who once used a litter tray, now wont use it.
Q:Are memory foam rugs good?
Sounds like a bad idea to me -- I presume you mean bathroom rugs. Memory foam is not very durable with heavy use and it would be wierd under a rug since it has such a slow rebound from pressure. The rug would be lumpy all of the time, leaving footprint marks wherever you walked. You also can't machine wash or machine dry foam rugs because they will break down from the heat and rough tumbling. It sounds like you like to keep them clean so that doesn not seem like it would be an acceptable option for you. Don't buy rugs with rubber coating on the back in the first place -- it always breaks down with time. If fading is a problem, stick to rugs made from synthetic fibers like acrylic polyester or olefin fibers instead of cotton or nylon. Those synthetics will retain their dye colors better. Buy good quality thick rugs with a woven fabric back or, better yet, that are reversible. I have had high quality reversible bath rugs in both polyester and in Egyptian cotton -- they have lasted beautifully for years with frequent washing and tumble drying.
Q:How to buy an area rug?
You get what you pay for . A wool rug that was tightly knotted is the most durable longest lasted choice. Most company use cheaper materials to machine make a rug. Polyester , Viscous (bamboo silk) will leave track marks in heavy traffic areas but are less likely to release dust in your home. Feel the back of the rug , if its rough on the back side and coarse its most likely made buy a machine . If the back side and front feel the same it most likely is made by a hand loom or hand knotted.
Q:carpet wrinkles?
I can suggest this. I think the best thing is to dampen it a little . You did´t say how large the carpet is, If it´s a wall to wall carpet , the wrinkles should have come out when it was laid, But if it´s a large centre carpet then with a damp sponge go over it and rub outwards.Or turn it over and stamp on it pushing your feet outward´s. I did this with a rug we had stores in the loft, it had been moved around so many times and never put straight. The wrinkles came
Q:Do Rug Dr's Really Work? What do most Stores charge to Rent them, & How long?
Stanley Steemer is higher than the company I use. There are other carpet cleaning companies, but find a reputable one and let them clean it, if it is as dirty as you say it is. Once you get it cleaned, you can purchase stain and odor remover for pets at Walmart. It works great. I have my carpets cleaned professionally. I'm always leery of rented cleansers breaking down, leaks etc. Professionals will come in, and usually are out of here in 45 mins. to do our carpets. It is worth having them to do it and do a good job. They have cleaners for pets and also can put a scotch guard spray on after wards. Just look around for some better carpet cleaning companies. Stanley Steemer is good, but they do charge more than some. Good luck on finding what you want.
Q:How do you match the carpet colors?
Carpet color choice, we want to achieve a contrast of the whole. Black and white is a classic color match. Black and white collocation is very modern, and it is also the choice of many fashionable people. But if you use the room in black and white, it seems too flashy, and for a long time in this environment, it will make people dazzling, nervous, irritable, and make people confused. In our rooms, the walls are generally white, and if your furniture is black or white, your carpet is best not to choose between black and white.
Q:How to repair my area rug?
no that wont work. things are being made cheaper these days, you get what you pay for. Sorry!

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