Colorful Beiji Rong carpet

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Product Description:

Product name:Beiji Rong carpet

Color,Origin: Tianjin China


、oriange、lilac、blue、silver、coffee etc

Weight: 1.2kg/m2

Feature: Simple pattern, Modern design, Feeling soft and comfort, bring a sweet life

Advantage:Non-slip,Moisture-proof,,Anti-static,Soundproof,Cold insulation,Wear-resistant,Easy clearing,Cost-effective。

Application:sitting room,bedroom,bedside study,Technique:Hand tufted

Pile height: low pile 2-3cm

Size: or customized

Color: natural white、pink,redentryway。

Washing:please make sure to use dedicated carpet cleaner or neuter scour after add water dilute washing. Pay attention to dry in the shade, airing, avoid exposure.

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Q:How much carpet can I afford?
It really depends on the flooring you buy, I've seen floors usually for $1 to $4 per square foot while I was last in the hardware store. I don't know if it's just in my area or what, but either Home Depot or Lowe's (I don't remember) has a $99 whole-house install special that includes padding.
Q:How to wash a shaggy rug/carpet?
ALWAYS contact the manufacturer of your shag carpet before attempting to vacuum it. Ask them specifically what type of vacuum they recommend for your specific carpet. In some cases a vacuum with a beater bar can damage the carpet and/or vacuum. Suction only vacuums can tear the threads right out of the carpet in some cases. b
Q:how to clean the dirty carpet quickly?
If it is wool, be sure to get to the dry cleaners. If it is chemical fiber, brush with agent at home (1) multi-layer structure distribution of carpet stains, dirty carpet stains in the A. level, which makes it easy to bury the stains, dirt. Old stain is not only on the surface, but also deepen into the layer of fiber taxture Lime, sand infiltration,2. three supporting layer becomes the hidden dirt, continuing to damage the carpet fiber. The carpet was constantly rubbing, stains, dirt will be buried more deeply . B. carpet stains, dirt classification: A. water and dry stains, dirt and stains are mostly water-based and dry substances, including dust, sand, starch, soft drinks, tea, fruit juice stains accounted for about 80%-85% of all dirt, especially fine dust, cast of life and work, mostly adhere to the carpet surface. The larger particles of dirt will slide on the supporting layer. B. oil based stains, dirt (including animal and plant oil, cosmetics, shoe polish, pen oil etc.). If it is wool, be sure to get to the dry cleaners.
Q:Where can I find reasonably priced Persian rugs?
Q:need help with the rug!!!!?
I often use a middleweight rug if it extremely is stormy, heavy rain/hail and a chilly wind blowing. i could use a heavyweight in snow temperature. It relies upon on the pony nevertheless. I even have a Cob and he or she would not sweat in a heavyweight rug at 3-4 tiers celsius. some horses sense the warmth some do not. My sister additionally has a very bushy Cob and he or she wears a easy rug without fill in freezing situations. in case you have a horse i could advise putting on the load rug you think of your horse could desire to placed on, verify later, if the pony is sweating meaning it extremely is too heat, if he/she is chilly on the backside of the ear meaning he/she is basically too chilly and additionally you decide on something warmer. solid success.
Q:How do I get the marks off of the wood floors that the rug leaves??
I would remove the rugs entirely and not use them on the wood. I would use Murphy's Oil Soap to clean it up. Just put it on a rag and test it in one spot before dong it all over. It should clean it up good. If you have to use the rugs, put down a padding especially for under area rugs. They sell them at most of the carpet stores, and maybe the large box stores. Good luck.
Q:Best way to clean carpets?
Like the first person said, rent a cleaner from the grocery store(Krogers where I live rent them out)....You can also sprinkle baking soda on your carpets, let it sit for a few to pick up some odor, and then vacuum....that option is super cheap.
Q:Is there a way to bleach/dye carpet?
Yes, carpet can be bleached and dyed. I managed an apartment complex in Houston and we would have carpet dyed if a tenant stained the carpet beyond cleaning. Contact a carpet cleaning company and if they can't do it, they should be able to recommend someone that can.
Q:What do you call this type of rug?
I suggest you contact a rug professional and describe the rug the way you described it here. I'm pretty sure they'll know what you're talking about. Try out the link below:
Q:How long should a carpet be changed and washed? How to do if there are lice on carpet?
It would be better to wash it half a year. You can use the vacuum cleaner to wash off the dust at usual. If the carpet is stained, you can sprinkle large grain of salt on the stains, then stains can fade away.

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